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2 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Partner

In this article we are going to talk about some of the best 2 year anniversary gift ideas for your partner.

Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links, at no additional cost for you.

Celebrating a 2-year anniversary is an important milestone in a relationship. To make the day even more special, you can surprise your loved one with a meaningful or practical gift. 

If you are unsure what you are supposed to give your partner on your special day, here are our recommendations.

We present you with 2 year anniversary gift ideas to choose from based on their liking, style, and their personality.

Best 2 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

1. Custom map print

If you are an adventurous couple who enjoys traveling, now you can celebrate all the places you have both visited so far with this custom map print.

The map print may look excellent in every corner of the house and remind her of all of the special memories you have created together.

2. The sigma woman mug

If your lady is a sigma woman – that is, she’s confident, emotionally intelligent and independent – this is the perfect gift for her.

You can also combine this gift with something like flowers and a nice necklace.

Sigma Woman Mug

3. Set of makeup brushes

A nice set of makeup brushes is an excellent gift for every makeup lover.

You can opt for a set with a blending sponge, a highlighter brush, a bronzer blush, an eyeshadow crease brush, an eyebrow brush, and more.

This is a gift that she can use a lot while getting ready for various occasions – like birthday parties, work events, or a romantic dinner with you.

4. Clay jewelry dish

If she has a lot of jewelry, a clay dish can look stylish and be the perfect item for storing her jewelry.

These types of dishes come in a variety of designs, including marble and a flowery design, and they are also available in different shapes as well. 

5. Silk bedding sheet set

A high-quality silk sheet bedding set not only makes the room look luxurious but is also very soft and comfortable and can provide a deep and healthy sleep.

These aesthetic silk sheets are available in different colors, including champagne, grey, black, blue, green, and more. Silk bedding can also be very gentle for the skin and the hair and prevent tangles and frizz. 

Sheet Set

6. Knit blanket

Surprise your loved one with a hand-knitted chunky knit blanket.

These blankets are warm and durable, making them suitable for staying cozy and comfortable during chilly nights.

The knitted blankets come in different colors, and they can match well with different home decor themes. You can opt for a knitted blanket from bamboo fleece or go for wool material. 

7. Crossbody bag

Surprise her with a stylish go-to bag that goes well with every outfit. There are plenty of options when it comes to colors, so select one based on what your loved one likes.

She can use this bag to store her phone, keys, wallet, makeup, accessories, and much more. 

8. Bathtub caddy tray

If is is a bath lover, you can surprise her with a spa treatment at home by gifting her an expandable wooden bathtub tray.

The bathtub caddy tray has a spot for anything she needs, including a book, tablet, candle, soap, and a wine glass for an enjoyable, relaxing experience. 

9. Personalized cuff bracelet

Customize this elegant piece of jewelry with your initials or a romantic message for a sentimental touch.

The cuff bracelets are very elegant as well as adjustable, so you can ensure that it perfectly fits your significant other.

The cuff bracelets are available in brass, copper, gold, rose gold, or silver, so choose something that will go well with her jewelry collection. 

10. Custom line drawing

Transform one of your favorite photos into a custom line drawing that will compliment the aesthetic of the living space.

This is a simple but also thoughtful gift that has a minimalistic design. This present can remind her how much you care about her every time she looks at the custom drawing. 

11. Phone stand for a desk 

A phone stand for a desk is a very practical gift that is ideal for people who like practical gadgets and home decor. The adjustable phone stand ensures that her phone is there and easily obtainable.

It is designed to sit on a hard surface such as a table or desk, allowing her to watch videos, scroll through pics, and keep her phone clean as well as safe.

12. The self-love t-shirt

If she loves to take care of herself and has a healthy lifestyle, the self-love t-shirt is the perfect gift for her. It comes in two colors, black and heather forest, and nine different sizes.

You can also combine it with the self-love black mug.

2 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

1. The Bucket List book

The Bucket List book is a travel guide for adventurous couples. This gift shows your partner that you are serious about your future, as it contains many once-in-a-lifetime activities you can do and places you can visit together. This book can also inspire him to reach his goals, making it an excellent present option.

2. An enamel camping coffee mug

The enamel camping coffee mug is lightweight and durable and a gift that your partner can make a lot of use of. These mugs are very versatile, so he can drink his favorite hot beverages any time he wants.

They are also eco-friendly and great for outdoor activities, and they make a good camping experience.

3. Minimalist wallet

If you want to surprise him with something practical, a minimalist wallet will be a gift he’ll probably love – unless he already has it.

Most guys prefer a thin wallet they can easily put in their pocket, so if your partner is one of them, the minimalist wallet may be what they need.

4. A wooden watch with a custom message

The wooden watches are handcrafted from natural wood and made with a leather band which makes them modern and elegant.

This timeless gift can remind him to treasure every moment he spends with you.

Also, you can get him a custom wooden watch engraved with your initials or a special romantic message.

5. Valet tray

The valet tray is a very thoughtful and practical gift.

This type of tray is designed with different size compartments for storing a phone, keys, money, glasses, jewelry, and other accessories. The tray also has a built-in wireless charging pad, making this gift even more convenient for usage. 

6. Bluetooth beanie 

The Bluetooth beanie is not only stylish but can provide an enhanced music experience.

This Bluetooth beanie is very versatile, as your partner can connect wirelessly to his phone or other devices, listen to music, and make hands-free calls without wearing earbuds or headphones.

7. Flannel jacket with hood

This classic piece can keep your partner warm during cold weather.

These jackets come in a plaid pattern but are available in many different colors and are the perfect outer layer on windy as well as cold days. They usually come with two front pockets for storing items. 

8. Sock subscription

If your partner likes to have fun with his wardrobe, a sock subscription can also help him elevate his style.

Surprise your partner with different pairs of socks every month that he can wear with both casual outfits and suits. The socks come in various colors and designs, helping him to get creative with his style.

9. Elegant glassware

Elegant glassware is excellent for romantic dates but also for many other occasions. You can opt for wine glasses, modern glasses for champagne, glasses for sipping water, juice, and more.

There is an abundance of options to choose from, but you should go for ones that they might like or which will go well with the rest of their glassware set.

10. Mobile gaming controller

This is a great 2 year anniversary gift for a gamer. These mobile gaming controllers can make playing games much easier, and they support many modern shooting games.

This is a present he can use while relaxing during his free time and playing his favorite video games.

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