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3 Month Anniversary Gift: 22 Best Ideas

Looking for a 3 month anniversary gift ideas? In this post we will give you some meaningful and practical ideas to surprise your partner during this special occasion. 

Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links, at no additional cost for you.

Gifts are a beautiful way to celebrate a relationship anniversary.

That said, choosing what gift to give your romantic partner can be challenging, especially at the early stage of a relationship. 

Here are some 3 month anniversary gift ideas to surprise your partner and show how much you care about them. 

3 Months Anniversary Gift Ideas: 22 Best Ideas

1. An original coffee mug

A coffee mug is a thoughtful gift that will remind your partner of you every time they drink coffee or start their day at home or work. 

You can buy them a funny mug, a motivational mug, or a mug about something they identify themselves with.

Here are a few ideas your partner may like.

2. Romantic messages in a personalized jar

A cute and romantic way to showcase your love is to write love notes and put them in a decorated jar. And it’s something great when combined with another present.

In the notes, you can tell your partner how much they mean to you, what you like about them, how they make you happy, how you feel, and more. 

You can even include some inside jokes.

A drawing on the jar will also make the gift visually appealing.

This gift will make your significant other feel special, as they can re-open the messages any time they want.

3. Personalized keychains

Personalized keychains can make a perfect anniversary gift.

The keychains are a great gift as you can carry them wherever you go and they’re stylish and affordable. 

On the keychains, you can engrave the date you met or go a step further and engrave a Spotify song that reminds you of your love story.

You can also opt for a puzzle keychain or a personalized leather keychain that is durable and flexible. 

4. Scented candle

If you are going on a romantic dinner, a scented candle with a label can be an excellent 3 month anniversary gift idea.

You can find a scent they like with a color you know they love. 

There are plenty of scented candles to choose from, and you can choose one that means something to your partner.

5. Couples games

Playing couples games is not only a very fun experience, but also an excellent opportunity to bond and learn more about each other.

You can go for a ‘couple drinking game’, ‘talk, flirt and dare’ game, or a fun conversation game, or make a selection from a wide range of board games. 

Here’s a game designed by a US psychologist to help couple connect and get to know each other:

6. Personalized print

If you are on the hunt for a thoughtful yet simple gift, a personalized print can be an incredible choice.

You can get an actual print of a picture/drawing that reminds you of your relationship or select a digital file to print that goes with their aesthetic to match the style of their home. 

You can also get a personalized print on a wood plaque like this one.

7. Matching bracelets

If you and your partner love jewelry, matching bracelets are an amazing gift for the start of a relationship. You can get colorful bracelets or opt for elegant ones that will go with every outfit. 

Additionally, you can choose between ‘pinky promise’ bracelets, bracelets with name tags, bracelets that connect together, etc.

8. Perfume 

You can never go wrong with a fragrance that your partner will enjoy.

A certain perfume can create a scent memory and remind us of good times, so every time your partner wears it, they will be reminded of the beautiful moments you spent together. 

There are many options to choose from depending on whether they likes fruity, floral, woody, oceanic, or spicy notes. 

9. Box of date ideas

A year’s supply of date ideas is an excellent choice for a 3 month anniversary gift. You simply need to open a card to pick your next adventure together.

This way, you will create memories by doing various activities, from simply going on a coffee date or brunch to planning a day trip and spending quality time together. 

10. LED music plaque

If you are a couple with their ‘song’, a custom LED music plaque can be the perfect anniversary gift for your significant other.

Certain online shops turn every track into a custom plaque together with a custom picture of your choice. 

The plaque has a custom QR code your partner can scan and immediately play your song.

The plaque comes in a LED light stand that illuminates in several different colors, making it an excellent addition to a nightstand.

Custom Spotify music plaque

11. Initials pendant necklace

Jewelry is a classic gift for an anniversary, but adding personalization makes it even better.

A stylish heart-shaped necklace with both of your initials is a thoughtful gift that will complement their outfit. 

12. Comfy pajamas

What is more delightful than spending quality time with your favorite person?

A comfy set of pajamas will keep your partner cozy during the cold evening nights while you are lounging and binge-watching your favorite movies and TV shows. 

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13. Moon 3D lamp

A 3D Moon Lamp is a unique gift that will enhance the aesthetic of their room.

The romantic moon lamp brightens up the space and often comes with a special and romantic message.

Most moon 3D lamps illuminate in a white and yellow warm color. 

14. A personalized notebook

A personalized notebook is a very useful gift that your significant other can use as a work diary or a wellness journal in which she writes her thoughts, desires, and aspirations.

You can tailor the notebook according to her style and liking, from choosing the print on the notebook to the inside pages.

15. Teddy bear

The old good teddy bear is an adorable way to show your partner how much you like them.

The bear can also hold a romantic or a funny message, which makes the gift even better.

Plush gifts can be a cute decoration in the room and reminisce your loved one about how special they are to you.

16. Custom ornament

If you are celebrating your anniversary during the holidays, a unique present would be a custom ornament. 

You can create a personalized ornament for the Christmas tree with you as a couple and let your significant other know how important she is to you.

This type of gift will bring joy to your loved one for years to come and bring warmth and the holiday spirit to their home. 

17. A book

If your partner is a book enthusiast, you can’t do wrong with getting a book from an author they love and a genre they enjoy reading.

This thoughtful gift will be an excellent addition to their book collection.

A book as a gift can convey a sentiment, and they last for a lifetime. You can also opt for a coffee table book for a casual reading that will work as a decoration. 

If they are into self-improvement, here are some book ideas:

18. Custom phone case

Nowadays, everyone is using their mobile phones on a daily basis; hence, a custom phone case is a very practical gift.

The phone case can have a romantic or a funny message with a beautiful font or a picture of you as a couple, your partner’s pets, or something she likes.

19. The starry sky lamp

Who doesn’t enjoy looking at a starry night sky?

A starry sky lantern is a great gift idea when it comes to a charming and unique anniversary present. 

Here’s an example of this type of gift that you can find on Uncommon Goods.

Starry Sky Lantern

20. Greeting card chocolate bar

If you are searching for a small but special gift, then a delicious chocolate bar with a heartfelt note may be just what you need.

The beautifully presented sweet chocolate bars are full of deliciousness, and they come in a heartfelt message cart that is aesthetically pleasing.

21. A resilience hoodie

Something that is trending a lot lately are those products like t-shirts, mugs and hoodies with the definitions of meaningful words on them.

An example is the resilience definition hoodie, which is the perfect gift for a 3 month anniversary:

22. The self-love crop top

If you’re looking for an original gift idea for your girlfriend, this is the perfect gift: the self-love organic crop top.

This is also an excellent idea if your girlfriend cares about sustainability and often buys eco products.

self-love crop top
The self-love organic crop top

Photo by Ekaterina Shevchenko on Unsplash

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