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How to Really Understand Attraction

We have published a lot of content about how to understand the signs of attraction.

This post is a collection of the most frequent questions we have received so far about understanding the signs someone likes us and the respective answers.

Let’s get to it!

How to Understand Attraction

First of all, make sure you have read our most important posts about this topic.

Once you have read these posts, you can go through the following questions that cover more specific situations.

How to know if someone likes you but is hiding it?

If someone likes you but is hiding it, they will do things like consistently pointing their chest and feet towards you, looking at you when you’re not watching them, talking to anyone but you, getting nervous in your presence, or blushing, sweating and stuttering when they’re talking to you.

When someone secretly likes you, they will also do things like talking to you only online – and not when you’re physically in the same place – or saving your phone number from a WhatsApp group – instead of asking you directly – to contact you.

See, many people are simply shy and don’t send you the signals of attraction you may expect. In fact, these people tend to hide the fact that they like you. The fact that you feel ignored doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like you back.

How do you know if someone likes you at work?

When someone likes you at work, they may do things like: going to the kitchen when you’re there; involuntarily staring at you (a lot) when you’re not watching; befriending your coworkers – so that he can get closer to you; asking your coworkers about you; asking you out (outside working hours); taking a break when you do (and consistently doing it); going to the bathroom when you do (and doing it often); sending you emails or instant messages more than they do with other coworkers.

How do you know if someone likes you through text?

If someone genuinely likes you, they will send you detailed texts – not short or quick replies – they will reply quickly, and you will feel an effort from their part to keep the conversation going.

Always. They will very often initiate contact and you will feel like they can’t get enough of your conversations over text.

How do you tell if someone doesn’t like you anymore?

If someone has lost interest in you, you will notice a shift in their behavior. For example, instead of texting you every day at the same time, they may stop initiating contact and invent excuses.

They will suddenly become too busy or tired to text you. Instead of looking happy and enthusiastic to see you, they will seem bored – or even annoyed.

Also, focus on their body language.

For example, if their feet consistently point away from you, they have a closed body language – eg: their arms are crossed or they distance themselves from you – and they avoid eye contact while they used to make eye contact with you before, they probably don’t like you anymore.

Photo by Anastasia Sklyar on Unsplash

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