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6 Month Anniversary Gift Ideas: 15 Ideas Anyone Would Love

Choosing the right gift for your partner when you are about to celebrate the six months together is not an easy task. We have come up with 6 month anniversary gift ideas to help you surprise your partner and celebrate your special day the right way. 

6-Month Anniversary Original Gift Ideas

What follows are a few unique gift ideas for your 6 month anniversary to help you delight your significant one.

1. Classic picnic basket

Photo by Mariah Hewines on Unsplash

A picnic basket is an excellent idea for romantic outdoor dates.

Not to mention, it usually comes equipped with a picnic service for two, including porcelain plates, utensils, napkins, a bottle opener, and cups.

This is a thoughtful and unique gift to make use of for any type of celebration. 

You can find some great baskets on both Amazon and Target.

2. Pottery starter kit

Photo: Nam Quach on Unsplash

This is a present for artistic couples who enjoy being creative and try new things. These kits usually contain everything you need to get started, so you can create personalized cups, mugs, bowls, vases, and more.

With this pottery kit, your significant other can also sculpt, carve and paint plant pots, candle holders, and more.

There are some good and affordable options on Etsy. And by the way, if you like Kintsugy, they even have a starter kit for that.

3. Couple portrait

Surprise your partner with a custom couple portrait in a gorgeous watercolor technique. This is a creative yet meaningful gift that your loved one can also hang on the wall.

A couple portrait can make your partner feel special during this important date, and it is a gift they can place in any room in their house.

There are some great options on Etsy and on Paint Your Life – we just checked this websites and they have not just some pretty good reviews but also a beautiful portfolio.

4. A custom night light

A custom night light is a unique way to brighten up your partner’s space. To give you some ideas, you can get them a heart-shaped romantic light with your names, a picture of you as a couple, or their pet.

Or you can choose any shape that reminds them of something they love, like a cat or a dog, for example.

If you’re wondering where you can find this type of product, there are some great options both on Amazon and on Etsy.

Personally, I prefer the options available on Etsy. I feel the quality is a bit higher and you have more personalization options.

However, on Amazon you can also find the Spotify custom night light, which includes a song you choose and a personalized engraved photo.

5. Aromatherapy candles

Photo: Dmitry Novikov on Unsplash

These candles will not only make your partner’s space cozier but also leave a pleasant scent in their house. And they are among our favorite 6 month anniversary gift ideas.

What we recommend is to choose candles that have not just a good scent but also a unique design. We have don some research for you and we saw some pretty good options on Etsy, Walmart and Neom Organics.

The last brand we mentioned, Neom, is a bit more expensive, but they create their candles with natural wax and their products don’t contain paraffin, harsh chemicals or artificial colors.

6. Custom handwriting bracelet

A custom handwriting bracelet is a simple yet thoughtful gift. This type of jewelry looks very sophisticated and can complement every outfit.

Write down a meaningful phrase and give your special person a custom bracelet in silver, gold, or a rose gold variant. You can also come up with a love note or a special signature; the choice is yours.

If you’re looking for some original and not too expensive ideas, you can find some good options on Etsy, Amazon and

8. Personalized planner 

A personalized planner also secured a spot on our list for 6 month anniversary gifts. This is a gift that can help your significant other stay organized.

Especially if they’re the type of person who like to write everything down and efficiently manage their time.

The planners are available in various different styles and are popular in any age group.

This product is also a great tool for tracking schedules at work, but the receiver can also use them for self-improvement, managing daily tasks, and much more.

You can usually find this type of product on Etsy both in digital and physical format.

9. Stainless steel water bottle

Staying hydrated is very important, so getting your partner a custom stainless steel water bottle is a gift to show them how much you care about them and their wellness.

This type of product is not only durable compared to a normal bottle of water but also great to carry around. And your partner can make use of their custom bottle while hiking, working out or running errands. 

You can find some great custom stainless water bottles not just on Amazon, but also on platforms like Vistaprint and Etsy.

10. Personalized bookmark

This is a simple gift that is perfect for a book lover.

If your partner enjoys reading physical books, you can give them a personalized bookmark where you can engrave one of their favorite quotes or a heartfelt note that will remind them of how much you appreciate them.

A website where you can create and order your custom bookmark – or a set of five or more bookmarks – is Vistaprint. The prices start at $1.80 per unit.

11. Knitted loungewear 

A cozy set of loungewear is also one of our favorite gift ideas. It’s very comfortable and a great option when binge-watching series or chilling at home.

Brands like H&M have plenty of designs and colors to choose from, so that you can easily make a selection based on what your partner likes.

12. Neck massager with heat

With this present, your partner can enjoy a relaxing massage anytime and anywhere. The neck massager with heat can help them relax their tired neck and may also help relieve tension and pain.

In particular, we have tried, and recommend, the Viktor Jurgen back and neck massager, which costs less than $40.

13. Headphones 

This is another great 6 month anniversary gift idea for all the music and podcast lovers out there. You can surprise your partner with a set of headphones they can easily carry everywhere.

A good and economic option may also be Bluetooth headphones, as they are very convenient to use and don’t require cables to connect them to your phone or laptop.

14. Card game for couples

What is more fun than playing a couple of card games during a date? This present makes for a great bonding experience.

This “Couple Connect” card game was designed by a US psychologist to help you get to know each other better.

So, we couldn’t exclude it from our list of 6 month anniversary gifts.

15. A specialized cookbook 

If your partner loves to cook, or if you are a couple that likes to cook together at home, a specialized cookbook is an excellent and original gift idea.

For example, if they mentioned they would like to learn some Japanese recipes, you could go for a sushi cookbook. And if they want to learn some original Italian recipes, you could opt for a pizza cookbook.

A cookbook won’t simply make preparing meals much easier, but it will also give your partner some new delicious ideas.

Note: As you may have noticed, this article doesn’t contain affiliate links, which means these recomendations are based on our research and experience and are totally unbiased.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

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