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Socio-sexual archetypes are a theoretical framework used to categorize men and women according to their typical behaviors, attitudes, and roles in social and relationships dynamics.

These archetypes attempt to classify men and women based on how they assert themselves hierarchically and interact with others, particularly in the context of attraction and dating.

The most commonly referenced archetypes include:

  • the “alpha,” who is typically seen as confident, leader-like, and dominant;
  • the “beta,” who is often perceived as more submissive, agreeable, and cooperative;
  • the “gamma,” who may be viewed as intellectual and idealistic, yet socially awkward;
  • the “delta,” who is the standard, reliable, but often unremarkable man;
  • the “omega,” characterized as the outsider or the lowest-ranking;
  • and the “sigma,” who is seen as a lone wolf with alpha-like qualities but without the need for social hierarchy or affirmation.

Below, you are going to find several interesting articles that will help you better understand all these archetypes. These include:


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