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20 Best One Month Anniversary Gift Ideas

In this article you will find 20 nice one month anniversary gift ideas you can get for your partner for your special day.

Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links, at no additional cost for you.

One month anniversaries always feel like milestones.

When you celebrate your first month anniversary with someone, it feels like passing the flirtatious stage into the more serious phase of the relationship.

You wake up to “good morning” messages, always want to be with them, and you start thinking, “How’d I get so lucky to end up with you?”

No matter how big your crush, finding a one month anniversary gift might be difficult because you may not know the person that well yet.

But don’t worry, we got your back.

Here are some one-month-anniversary gifts for each hobby type that you can get for your significant other. If you know what they like, there’s no chance for you to fail.

One Month Anniversary Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

People tend to think books are the easiest gift idea. Just grab any novel from the shelf, and you’re good to go.

But purchasing a random book that doesn’t appeal to your partner’s taste just looks unthoughtful.

I love reading and experimenting with different genres, but if my girlfriend were to buy me Fifty Shades of Grey, I’d throw it back––aimed at her head, for good measure (unless it’d been a lesbian erotica).

Here are anniverasry gift ideas for book-lovers.

1. Favorite Book

If you’ve been dating a bookworm for a month, you must have already talked about what your favorite genres are. Reading your partner’s favorite book is a sneak-peek into their mind, so give them a look into yours.

If you want to present your partner a book but don’t know which one to get, go with your favorite novel. If they like you, they’ll be excited and probably read it within days.

As an idea, you can check out my girlfriend’s favorite novel (which I inevitably became obsessed with after reading it).

2. Notebook

If you’re dating a bookworm, you’re probably dating a person who loves taking notes while reading. Consider buying them a notebook for all their notes and musings.

I like Legami: they have cute pastel colors and different sizes, note book types, and soft pages that make writing more fun. But there are many similar products from dozens of different brands.

Here’s an example.

3. Cute Sticky Notes

Aside from notebooks, cute sticky notes are my to-go book accessory. There are days I forget my notebook at home, so I always place sticky notes as a bookmark on the pages I want to remember. 

You can go with the classic and choose something from Post It.

Or you can scroll through AliExpress and find varieties. I love these color palettes.

4. Book Tote Bag

I prefer reading outdoors, at coffee shops or parks. When I go out I need to carry my book, notebook, and pens (for highlighting and taking notes). I also need my wallet, keys, phone, and earphones.

A tote bag is a great idea for bookworms. There are several options you can either find online or at a local store. Here are a few ideas:

If they like art, you can get them one of these Van Gogh-related tote bags as well:

You can also find a tote bag with their favorite band (or you can even get it printed). Whatever you choose, it’ll surely be a very thoughtful gift.

5. Reading Lamp

Throughout my study, I always shared rooms with other people. My life-saver when I shared a room with three other people?

My reading lamp.

If your partner is a night-reader, getting a reading lamp – basically, that small book light for reading in bed – as a gift is a great idea.

You never realize how useful it is until you start using it. So, give it a chance and your partner might just end up obsessed with it. 

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One Month Anniversary Gift Ideas for Beauty Lovers

Everyone has a skincare or make-up routine. Getting a beauty product for your partner is a great way to celebrate your one month anniversary.

Beauty gifts are always chic ideas, which will make them appreciate your company even more.

6. Eyeshadow Palette

If you want to get them a make-up product but don’t know which one to get (I know, there are a lot!), you can get a eyeshadow palette.

You’ll find a palette in any make-up brand, but my favorite brand is Fenty.

You can try this one: Rihanna Fenty Eyeshadow Palette

fenty eyeshadow palette

7. Perfume

Perfumes are a great gift idea for both men and women.

People love having a signature scent, so it’s very personal and thoughtful. If you already know your partner’s taste in fragrance, you can go to the store and choose one easily.

If not, you can try buying these perfumes sets which are quite popular and among the ones with best reviews on Amazon. You wouldn’t go wrong with them:

8. Skincare Products or Lotion

Many people have (sacred) skincare routines.

Skin types vary from person to person, but if you know the brand your partner uses, you can get them a product from that brand. If not, Kiehl’s is a great brand to get a moisturizer set for your partner.

My favorite ones:

For women

For men  

9. Makeup Fridge

Makeup fridges have become so popular since their release. So many dermatologists recommend cold skin care routines (see Gigi Hadid’s ice bath for her face).

This fridge will not only take their skincare routine to the next level, it’s also makes for cute decoration. Definitely worth giving a shot.

10. Gift Card

If your partner’s already a beauty-pro or you’re scared of getting the wrong gift, you can always get them a gift card from their favorite store, such as Sephora or MAC Cosmetics.

One Month Anniversary Gift Ideas for Cocktail or Coffee Lovers

The best thing about having a partner who loves cocktails and/or coffee is that they’re probably obsessed with making them at home.

So, any gift from this category will make them happy.

Here are a few one month anniversary gifts for drink lovers.

11. Coffee Beans of a Different Origin

Coffee beans are endless.

You can try a bean from Peru, then Guatemala and see how much the taste differs. So, for your first month anniversary, you can get your partner coffee beans from a different origin and help them have the best morning. 

For this gift, I suggest you go to a local coffee shop and get freshly brewed and grinded coffee beans, so the taste will be more intense.

12. Espresso or Cappuccino Cups

If your partner is obsessed with coffee, they’ll know the taste will be different if they drink espresso from a cappuccino mug (these things are sensitive).

Find out their to-go coffee and get them a mug set for that specific drink.

My girlfriend got me a beautiful set of espresso cups with a note that read: “These will be our first cups in our kitchen when we finally move in together.” It was the most thoughtful thing ever.

Here’s an idea for you: Set of Espresso Cups Yhosseun

13. Cocktail Shaker

If they’re more of a cocktail person, a cocktail shaker will be an amazing gift.

Do they order Mojito or Margarita every time you go out? Here is one of the best shakers you can give them: Sanlan Cocktail Shaker Max.

It’s among the cheapest ones on Amazon and with the best reviews.

It looks so cute in the kitchen that they’ll probably love this gift. It’s also a great idea to start experimenting with different types of cocktails.

14. Cocktail Set/Book

Is your partner already a pro at making Mojitos and Margaritas?

Then take it to the next level and get them an entire cocktail set or a cocktail book. There are thousands of cocktail recipes around the world they can taste. You can have fun date nights while you try to choose which cocktail to make.

Cocktail set

Cocktail book

15. Favorite Wine

Everyone who’s passionate about alcohol usually has a favorite wine type. My favorite wine is Chianti from Toscana in Italy.

Try to search for a local or online wine store that imports different wine types from other countries.

Once you get them their favorite wine, they’ll try to protect and age it with so much care. Likewise for your relationship.

One Month Anniversary Gift Ideas for Art and Music Lovers

If you’re dating an art lover or someone who can’t live without music, we have some gift ideas for you, too. Getting an anniversary gift for a creative person can be daunting, but these gift ideas would make any artsy person happy.

16. Merch with Their Favorite Painting

Getting a t-shirt, bag, or socks for your partner is always a nice idea. If they love art, they’ll love to carry their favorite paintings on themselves. Here are some ideas:

17. Pen

You may be wondering what kind of a gift a pen would be (as my girlfriend did).

But I assure you there are some cute pens that would make an amazing one month anniversary gift.

Fountain pens are a great idea if you don’t know which brand or type to choose. I use Lamy Safari for writing, which makes my writing always a fun process.

Lamy is very aesthetic and has so many cute color options (I chose my favorite color, mint), and it feels so personal to carry it around.

Your partner will start looking for opportunities to sign papers.

Lamy Safari.

If you want to choose a ballpoint, Lamy has it covered as well.

18. Museum Ticket

A museum ticket is one of the cutest gift ideas for artsy people.

You can get a ticket for a museum in your hometown or organize a road trip to another city and bring them to a museum they have never been to.

It’s a perfect gift and date idea to celebrate the first month of your relationship.

19. Concert Ticket

If your partner likes music more than paintings, a concert is the key.

Of course, it’s not possible to find a concert in any month, but it is even better. You can check the coming concerts in your city and get two tickets for a concert you think they’d like.

In that case, you’d give them a sign that you’re making future plans for them and want this relationship to last.

20. Spotify List

Making a playlist has been one of the best gift ideas for decades. Our parents would prepare CDs for each other, and we can create a Spotify playlist.

You can add your favorite songs or the songs you’ve listened to or bumped into together.

Every time they miss you, they can listen to the playlist and cherish the moments you’ve had together.

Whatever you get for your partner, it’ll be as special as the first month you’ll celebrate together. Always be present with them and remind them how much they mean to you.

Go to a wine bar or watch a movie, nd you can end the night with one of these meaningful gifts.

Photo by Edgar Soto on Unsplash

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