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12 Signs a Pisces Man Loves You

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Understanding astrology can help us learn more about ourselves. It can also shine a light into our relationship with others. As a Capricorn, I don’t identify with every single Capricorn trait, but it’s not a stretch to see how easily the others fit my personality.

I might not plan my day by checking my daily horoscope, but I do find that learning more about my star sign and the Zodiac signs of others can be entertaining and informative. 

The Pisces man is born between February 19th and March 20th. This mutable water sign tends to be the sensitive dreamer of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. He is often successful in whatever career he’s chosen, but it’s unsurprising that the Pisces man often has an artistic side even if his work is in business. 

How to Tell if a Pisces Man Loves You: 12 Signs

The Pisces man in love is a thing to see. Some of his signs are subtle. Some of the signs he’s in love with you are anything but. When he’s into you, all you really have to do is pay attention to confirm it. 

1. He Makes Time for You

The first thing a Pisces man does is make time for you. This might seem like a normal part of anyone’s crush but let me be clear: The Pisces man covets his alone time.

It’s an essential way that he recharges. When he’s willing to give that time to you, know that it’s a precious commodity that he’s gifting to you because of his affections.

Normally, he would want this time to himself. He’d use it for his own personal hobbies or interests. But when a Pisces man is in love with you, he’s going to want to spend as much time with you as he can.

He’ll want to share his hobbies and interests and include you in his down time. He’ll see you as a priority in his life, not an option.

2. He Shares His Art and Talent

Pisces men are usually artistically talented in some way. They might be painters, writers, musicians, or craftsmen, but they likely have some talent.

When the Pisces man shares that talent with you rather than keeping it private, it’s a subtle sign that he’s in love with you. He doesn’t just let anyone in.

He’s not sharing his gifts with the world — and even if that is, in fact, his job, he’ll share his gifts with you first. It’s important to him to include you, but it’s equally important that he feels like you truly understand him. 

3. He Wants Your Input

The Pisces man is typically independent, but he’ll want your input. He’ll want to hear your thoughts and ideas. Not only can you influence the way he thinks about the world, but you’ll know that he respects you at a deeper level if he asks for your advice and opinions.

He’s not the kind of person who usually cares what other people think. If he’s asking for your input, it’s a big deal — and it’s another indication that he loves you.

4. He’s Your Biggest Cheerleader

The Pisces man is loyal and supportive, and he will be your biggest cheerleader when he loves you. He won’t just sit back and passively encourage your dreams. He’ll do whatever it takes to help you get there.

He believes in you absolutely, and he’s ready and willing to roll up his sleeves to do what needs to be done. He just cares that much. 

5. He Puts You First

Perhaps one of the downsides of the Pisces man in love is that he is often self-sacrificing. He’ll have to work on this in the relationship to keep it healthy, but it’s a fact that the Pisces man in love will have a tendency to put you, his person, first.

He’ll even do it to his detriment. It’s his most natural impulse, and some people take advantage of it. 

If you’re a healthy partner with a Pisces, you might want to make sure that his desire to put you first doesn’t start chipping away at his needs.

While this is his particular problem to manage, if you love him back, you won’t take advantage of his sensitive, sacrificing heart. Rather, you’ll encourage him to have better boundaries while showing that you appreciate his loyalthy and generosity.

6. He Idealizes You

Another potential downside of the Pisces man may not seem like a downside at all. He will idealize the person he loves. He can’t help it.

He’s a dreamer, and if you’re his soul mate, he will think the best of you and give you the benefit of the doubt at all times. It’s really a sweet trait, but it can get him in trouble sometimes. 

He’s such an idealist that he can forget that normal human beings make mistakes. If he idealizes you, know that he does it out of love. You might just have to remind him that you’re not perfect but that you appreciate that you might be perfect for each other. He means well, really.

7. He’s All In

The Pisces man has plenty of patience but doesn’t exactly take relationships slow. When he loves you, he’s all in. He wants to know that you’re all in, too.

It’s important to him that you know that he’s investing in the relationship at his full capacity. You’ll always know where you stand because he will loudly and proudly tell you.

8. He Shares His Hopes and Dreams

The Pisces man is such a beautiful dreamer. Know that the Pisces man in love will share with you all his hopes and dreams — even the ones he knows might be ridiculous. If he’s always dreamed of owning a pony, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

He tells you about his dreams in confidence because he trusts that you won’t mock him. He hopes you’ll believe in him just like he believes in you.

He’s offering a piece of himself when he shares these hopes because he wants you to know him. He also wants to build new dreams with you.

9. He Talks to You About Spirituality

The Pisces man tends to think about spiritual matters. He’s all about in-depth conversations. Honestly, he’s not a huge fan of small talk. He would rather delve into the topics that really matter. He wants to hear what you think and to share his thoughts in return.

Don’t be surprised if the topics range from the existence of aliens to the human soul. He’s a deep thinker, and when he loves you, he’ll want to explore those thoughts with you.

10. He Wants to Know All About You

When a Pisces man loves you, one sign you’ll notice is that he wants to know your whole life story. No detail is too small. The pet goldfish you had in class in the third grade is a detail he’ll appreciate. He just wants to know you better.

To know what makes you laugh and what makes you cry. He’s not interested in your facade. He just wants to know who you are as deeply as he wants to be known by you. This is how a Pisces man loves. 

11. He Includes You in His Future

The Pisces man, as I’ve mentioned, goes all in. That includes involving you in his future plans. He’s going to ask about your goals for the future, but he’ll also begin to talk about a future with you. He assumes you’re going to be around in a year, ten years, and forever.

He’s not trying to take you for granted. Rather, he’s trying to show you that he’s invested in your relationship. He’s letting you know that he sees you playing a major role in his future, and he’ll want to know if you want that, too. 

12. He’s Sensitive to Your Emotions

The Pisces man is practially a walking thermometer. He’s constantly taking your temperature. He’s naturally sensitive, so he can tell immediately when the vibes are off.

If you’re upset, he’ll know it before you say it. If something is weighing on your mind, you can be sure he’ll ask about it.

The Pisces man in love might seem like he knows you better than you know you, but it’s because he’s paying close attention. He wants to be there for you if you’ll let him. 

The Pisces Man in Love

A Pisces man loves hard. It’s just one of his many charms. He’s not a simple person, even if it seems that way at first glance. He’s got big feelings and even bigger dreams. When he loves, he loves with his whole soul. It’s a beautiful thing to witness and — if he loves you — a beautiful thing to experience. Lucky you!

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