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6 Telltale Signs He Secretly Loves You

If you’re deeply in love with your guy and looking for some signs he secretly loves you, then you’re in the right place.

Do you have feeling for him but are not sure if he feels the same? Well, understanding what’s inside a guy’s mind can be difficult, but not impossible.

If he loves you, there might be a chance he’s trying to hide it. 

However, there are some clear signs that could help you understand if he’s into you. 

This is what happened when I started to hang out with Advit. I’d love to spend time with him but was never sure if he felt the same. 

I’d be very eager to understand what was in his mind, and then some signs helped me understand he actually had feelings for me.

In this article, I’ll tell you the most important signs that indicate that a guy loves you but is trying to keep his feelings under wraps. The points are all backed by expert opinions and real-life examples.

I met Advit during my first job, and we became great colleagues over time. We would hang out often on the weekends or catch up in a nearby cafe after work. 

I started to realize I loved spending time with him, that there was a special connection bewteen us, and was keen to understand if he felt the same. I reached out to my best friend Emmie to discuss the same. 

She suggested to pay attention to some specific signs, which could indicate that Advit had feelings for me too but was trying to hide it.

Signs He Secretly Loves You

If you’re wondering if he has feelings for you, look for the following signs he secretly loves you. It could indicate that he is in love with you, even if he hasn’t said I love you yet.

1. He Craves Quality Time With You

This is probably one of the main signs he secretly loves you.

A guy who feels emotionally attached to you, will always find a way to talk to you, and, most importatly, to spend time with you

He may not say he loves you (yet), but you will clearly see and feel he craves spending quality time with you.

This is exactly what happened to Advit when he fell in love with me. 

He would initiate a conversation using random ice breakers. For example, he would ask for movie and series recommendations, talk to me about various cafes and food hubs, and often ask me for my weekend plans. And we ended up spending two hours together.

I noticed this sign soon after my discussion with Emmie.

Studies suggest that when a guy looks for ways to talk with you or to be with you, it clearly indicates he has feelings for you.

You should try to notice how he’s initiating conversations with you and about what:

  • He’ll talk about his childhood or might open up more about his problems with friends or relatives. This might indicate he values your opinion, or simply that he trusts you and feels emotionally connected to you.
  • He may ask you to spend more time together, probably finding an excuse to hide his romantic interest in you. This is a clear indication of him falling for you.
  • If he’s into you, he’ll try to be more refined and polite around you, unlike how he behaves with his friends or brothers.

2. He Can’t Stop Staring At You

No matter how desperately he’s trying to hide it, a guy’s body language says a lot about his interest in you.

If he’s into you, you’ll often find him staring at you or trying to lock eyes with you. 

This was something that happened a lot with Advit, as I’d often catch him staring at me. I enjoyed his gaze and would often smile back at him. He was initially successful at hiding his interest — but in the end…I got him! 

There could be several reasons why he likes staring at you:

  • He just likes you physically;
  • He loves to admire your eyes and wants to get lost in them;
  • He likes you not only physically but also has a person;
  • He’s in love with you as a whole and can’t take his eyes off you.
  • He wishes to see how you’d respond to his stare.

Relationship blogger Sylvia Smith says, if you receive deep, consistent eye contact from a man, he might be emotionally attracted to you.

You might often get prolonged eye contact or catch him staring at you frequently — but not as a player would do with any other woman. In this case the look is more intense, more serious, as if you bewitched him.

Do you often find him staring at you, or does he like to give you long gazes? If so, it could indicate that he loves you secretly — and trying not to make it obvious.

3. He Remembers the Tiniest Details About You

Another primary indicator he secretly loves you is he remembers even the smallest details about you. 

Let me give you an example. During a lunch break at the office, I was having fun with all my coworkers, including Advit.

While discussing something about our diet plans, I casually mentioned I don’t like sunflower seeds in salad.

A few days later, I went to a cafe with Advit, and to my surprise, he asked the waiter not to add sunflower seeds in my salad. 

When I asked him, “How do you know that?” He replied, “I remember you mentioning this during a lunch break at the office.”

Chaeli Barbaro, says that when a man remembers even the tiniest details about you, it’s a genuine indication of his romantic interest in you.

If he’s emotionally into you, he’ll consistently remember what you shared with him, even the small stuff.

Do you have someone who cares to remember every detail you share with them even though you forgot it? If yes, it could be a sign he’s secretly in love with you.

4. He Always Tries to Impress You

One of the signs he secretly loves you, is he often tries to impress you. 

He might try hard not to make his feelings obvious, he might not want to say he actually loves you — but then he’ll never miss out on an opportunity to impress you. 

Advit would always do it. He would show up on dates wearing my favorite color, take me to my favorite spots, and be the best version of himself in front of me.

Some of the ways a guy might try to impress you are:

  • Mentioning his latest achievements at work or school;
  • Wearing your favorite perfume;
  • Asking for hairstyle recommendations and then changing his hair for you;
  • He might ask you your favorite color, and then wearing the same the next time you see him;
  • He’d be extremely polite with you and not show any gross attitude.

Studies show a guy who is into you would always look for ways to impress you with his gestures rather than express his interest out loud. He would often discuss things he’s good at or talk about his success stories to make you feel better about him.

Do you often find him trying to impress you in several ways? Does he always try to be super polite around you and like to take you on dates? If so, chances are that he has started to feel emotionally attracted to you, even if he doesn’t say it. 

5. He Barely Uses His Phone While Around You

When a guy is emotionally into you, he always tries to make you feel good when you’re in his company. 

He will barely use his phone around you and have his complete focus on what you are saying or discussing. 

Advit would never use his cellphone while with me; instead, he would give me his undivided attention. 

He would always disconnect some of his calls — unless it was an emergency, of course.

When a guy is into you, he might avoid his cell phone while with you for the following reasons:

  • He doesn’t want to keep you waiting while he takes his calls;
  • He wants to focus on you while being together and wants to listen to what you say;
  • Or he’s simply so focused on you that he forgets he even has a phone in his pocket.

Research confirms that nothing damages a romantic date faster than excessive smartphone engagement. 

If you’re with someone and you’re constantly busy on your phone, it indicates you‘re prioritizing something else over them in that moment. 

So, if the guy you’re dating or have a relationship with consistently avoids his phone when he’s around you, it might indicate his romantic interest in you, even if he hasn’t said he loves you (yet).

6. He Includes You in His Future Plans, Always

This is probably one of the most importat signs he secretly loves you – if not the most important one.

If he simply likes you physically or sees you as a casual date, you will notice a simple, temporaneous interest in you.

But if he loves you, he will want you in his life. And he won’t be able to imagine his life and his future without you. Even if he hasn’t said I love you yet.

So he will often mention the future – your future together, as a couple.

He will make plans with you, and you’ll never feel excluded from his life.

Quick Summary

Here’s a quick recap of what we discussed in this article. Look out for these signs to know if he secretly loves you.

  1. He finds reasons to spend more time with you: He’ll never run out of reasons to talk to you. He’ll try to initiate a conversation with you just to spend more time with you, to see where it leads and try to know you better.
  2. He likes to have prolonged eye-lock with you: He’ll give you long stares and try to compliment your eyes constantly. He will try not to make it evident in front of others, but you’ll often find him staring at you even in a room full of people.
  3. He tries to impress you: Instead of hitting on you desperately, he’d take it soft and slow. He will always be gentle with you and try to dress up according to your choice. He would also talk about his good habits to make you feel unique to him.
  4. He remembers every detail about you: When a guy loves you, he will remember every detail you share. Even if he tries to keep his feelings a secret, he will probably remember even the tiniest detail about you.
  5. He barely uses his phone while with you: The guy might try to hide the fact he secretly loves you and play it cool. But if you consistently see him forgetting about his phone around you, it’s a good sign. He’d try to make you feel like you belong and would like to listen to whatever you’re saying. Hence. He’d never drop a red flag that might disinterest you.
  6. He will include you in his future plans: if he loves you, he can’t imagine a life without you, so he’ll incude you in his plans.

Featured Image: Vows on the Move on Unsplash

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