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How to Manifest Someone in Your Life

To manifest something is to turn what you want into your reality. It’s not as easy as making a wish and waiting. It takes real work.

Manifestation might seem like pseudoscience, but it’s got real science to back it up. According to an article in Psychology Today by Dr. Tchiki Davis, there are many scientific explanations for how and why manifestation is possible. Your attitude toward the future could result in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In other words, whether you think all your dreams will come true or they won’t, you’ll be right.

Your expectation will impact the decisions that create your reality. Dr. Davis also points out that happiness and optimism about the future could make you more creative — and more likely to see opportunities for your desires to be fulfilled.

The science is clear. Manifestation works. Here are 7 ways to manifest someone in your life.

7 Ways to Manifest Someone in Your Life

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Journal About What You Want

Do you really know what you want? Not just in relationships. What vision do you have for your life? Remove all obstacles and decide what you would like your life to look like if it could be anything you want. Now, journal it.

Don’t just conceptualize moments of success. What would the day-to-day look like for your life, career, family, and relationships? Journaling can bring you clarity about what’s really important to you.

Don’t just be general here. Be specific. Describe what “living the dream” actually looks like.

Describe what you most value in relationships. The act of writing down your desires is a powerful way to manifest them.

Visualize Who You Want, Generally

Visualization is a powerful technique. Skip the lottery fantasies and just decide what a wonderful life might look like on a daily basis. Imagine a perfect day. As you do, you’ll have a better idea of how to bring these concepts into your daily life.

Certain changes are easy. If you want to drink more water, there are many apps that can remind you, and you can make a conscious decision to hydrate throughout the day.

But if you want to bring someone into your life, you need to have an idea of what kind of life you and this person would be sharing.

Being able to imagine this is more powerful than you think. It will help you challenge your assumptions of what’s possible and allow you to see your dreams as achievable. If you want to bring a partner into your life, have a general idea of who you want. What would he be like? What would he add to your life?

It’s easy to look at a past dating history and decide what we don’t want. But deciding what we do can be a little more challenging. Everyone is flawed. There are no perfect people or perfect partners.

Decide what flaws you could live with and which ones fall into a dealbreaker category for you. It will help you adjust your standards to look for the kind of person you want to invite into your life.

Address Your Issues to Clear Your Vibe

If you’re walking around with unresolved grief and unhealed hurt, you’re getting in your own way. Your vibrational energy is going to project what you’re experiencing internally, and it will impact your perception of others. A giant chip on your shoulder isn’t going to be attractive to healthy potential partners.

Instead, begin addressing your issues in order to clear your vibe. Deal with any pain you experienced in past relationships.

See a trauma therapist to deal with issues from relationships or childhood. Do your best to be self-aware and to make real strides to being a healthier you.

This isn’t about improving yourself to be worthy of a partner. You’re worthy already. It’s intrinsic. But if you have unhealthy habits and poor boundaries, you’re more likely to attract partners at that level.

Taking the steps to heal isn’t just to attract better partners; it’s meant to help you live a healthier, happier life. Do it for you and enjoy the side benefit of not only attracting better quality partners but also being able to better intuit when potential partners aren’t a good fit.

Stop Negative Self-Talk in Its Tracks

In order to manifest someone in your life, stop telling yourself it’s impossible. Stop repeating an internal mantra that you’re destined to be forever single. Stop imagining that the last love was your last chance or that all the good ones are taken.

When you stop the negative self-talk, you can replace it with more positive affirmations. You can begin to tell yourself a new story — the one where the right person comes along at the right time, and you’re simply free to enjoy your life without worry about what’s ahead.

Believe that it’s possible for you to bring someone good into your life who will see you, know you, and love you. Believe it’s already happening in small machinations behind the scenes. Your belief is a part of making this a reality.

If you keep telling yourself there’s no good in men (or other genders), you’re more likely to see negativity in every interaction and less likely to be open to the positives.

You’ll also be very likely to project your feelings in a way that will send good partners running and attract ones who are equally unhealthy in their perspectives.

Don’t Get Distracted

It can be tempting to distract ourselves with short-term, meaningless relationships. There’s nothing wrong with having satisfying sexual encounters or dating around to see what’s out there. Just don’t get hung up on someone who isn’t a good fit because you got tired of waiting.

While being open and available to date might be part of bringing the right person across your path, don’t allow yourself to start compromising on your values for validation, companionship, or even sexual fulfillment.

Stay committed to your journey and be honest with others about what you’re looking for at this point in your life. If you want to have casual relationships until then, just make sure you don’t turn a fling into an official relationship because you don’t believe the right person is ever coming.

Practice Self-Love

As you manifest someone in your life, don’t neglect a self-love and self-care practice. Eat well. Get more sleep. Move your body. Don’t get so caught up in your dreams of tomorrow that you forget about being present in the life you’re already living.

Love yourself even when your life doesn’t — yet — look the way you want it to look. Love yourself through the process of realizing your flaws and working on them. Practice self-love on the days when you’re discouraged and on the days you feel fabulous. Show the world how to love you through a strong self-care practice.

You don’t have to completely love yourself in order to find love. However, the more you love yourself, the less you’ll settle for partners who are so much less than what you really want and need.

You’ll stop chasing people who want to run and start investing in people who are investing in you. Your self-love will define your standards.

Self-love, for most of us, is a lifelong process filled with steps forward and setbacks. We do our best to love ourselves in a society that tells us that we are inadequate as we are in order to sell us something. It’s an uphill battle to truly love yourself — but one that is worth it in the end. a

Trust the Process

Above all else, trust the process. You can’t force someone to come into your life on your timing. You just have to trust that if you’re doing everything you can, it’s enough. Learn to trust the perfect timing of the Universe.

This means that you can let go and enjoy your life. You can enjoy your interests and cultivate stronger friendships. You can build a powerful life, and you don’t need anyone else to come along to do it.

When you trust the process, you don’t have to worry or wonder about what’s going to happen. Instead, you can accept what is with hope of what’s to come. You can relax with the full confidence that what you desire will find you.

Your manifestation practice could look like daily affirmations, meditations, or visualization exercises, or it could just be a natural unfolding of your growth mindset and self-love.

However you bring someone into your life, know that the right person always comes to you at the right time. The wrong person can show up any old time, but dealing with your issues and practicing self-awareness can help you weed them out to focus on better potential partners for you.

Science backs up manifestation. It works. The only question that remains is this, Do you believe it works?

Be honest with yourself. Do you really believe it? How is that showing up in your life? Does the life you’re living align with the life you want to live?

Your answer could just determine if you begin to live the life of your dreams or if you continue to live in a wish-fulfillment mentality with little to back it up.

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