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If You Recognize These Traits, You May Be a Sigma Empath

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You have probably heard of the empath, and you’ve probably heard of the sigma personality. But have you ever heard of the sigma empath?

Personality hierarchies are a social construct that help us learn more about ourselves and how we fit into the world around us.

The most commonly known personality types are the alpha leaders and beta followers — but those are hardly the only types in existence. There’s an entire spectrum of personality and a perceived pecking order in social groups.

The sigma empath sees the hierarchy — and discards it. They understand that hierarchies form from cultural norms, past traditions, and inequitable power structures.

The sigma empath doesn’t allow the hierarchy to define them — and, perhaps because of this, quietly rules them all. 

What Is a Sigma Empath?

To better define what it is to be a sigma empath, let’s break down both terms.

A sigma personality type describes a person who is sociable and charming but prefers their own company, a leader who doesn’t seek out leadership, and a rebel who goes their own way not because it’s cool but because they have a deep sense of themselves and follow their heart and intuition even if it goes against the flow of society.

You can read more about the sigma female and the sigma male here. 

An empath is a person who senses and feels the feelings of others deeply. They are able to read a room quickly because they are highly attuned to emotional vibrations. Their ability to sense what isn’t being said is uncanny.

When you combine the interesting sigma personality with the intuitive gift of the empath, you get the sigma empath. 

9 Traits of a Sigma Empath

Are you a sigma empath? Do you have a sigma empath in your life? Find out below.

1. Powerful Without Seeking Power

The sigma empath is powerful — without seeking power. They are unlikely to seek out leadership roles for the sake of being in control.

If they choose to lead, it will be because they are driven to create lasting, impactful, positive changes. Otherwise, they tend to lead without having to be a leader. 

Unlike the more toxic alpha personality, the sigma isn’t naturally competitive. If they compete with anyone or anything, it’s themselves. They are more interested in doing their own personal best than trying to outdo anyone else.

For this reason, they may lose leadership positions to the more aggressive and striving alphas, but they’ll tend to lead nonetheless — without needing the title or the accolades that come with it. 

2. Deeply Connected to Nature

The sigma empath is also deeply connected to the natural world.

They’re the animal whisperers in our lives, the gardeners with the green thumb, and the one in the group most likely to sense a coming storm long before the rest of us. They’re simply in tune with nature and can feel any disturbances.

This is also why sigma empaths often choose hobbies and interests that bring them into contact with nature. Hiking, gardening, or being out on the water could all help ground and balance the sigma empath.

This deep sense of the natural world also helps them connect to their fellow human beings and to sense simmering social dynamics even when they’re happening beneath the surface.

woman walking in a garden with flowers near a river
Image by Sira Mas

3. Senses Auras and Vibrations

One of the most powerful traits of the sigma empath is their ability to see auras and sense vibrations. While some sigma empaths have psychic abilities, many have other extrasensory gifts.

They may see the energy of other people in the form of colorful auras, or they may sense energy vibrations in social interactions.

This gift helps the sigma empath smoothly step in to diffuse conflict when it’s brewing — often without anyone else realizing they’ve done it. 

These gifts could make the sigma empath the resident oddball, but they don’t really care what other people think of them. They aren’t oblivious to judgement from others — far from it!

They simply prioritize their own needs, values, and intuition above any social constructs or norms. 

4. The Vivid Dreamer

young woman in the woods
Young woman walking in the woods

Another powerful trait of the sigma empath is their ability to have vivid dreams.

Some sigma empaths may even be lucid dreamers — able to harness the power of dreams and manipulate the subconscious direction of them.

For instance, the sigma empath can take the beginning of a nightmare and change it into a story of heroism and overcoming obstacles. They are powerful even in the land of dreams.

They are also vivid dreamers in life.

While alphas are busy trying to wrestle control from anyone else and betas are happily following their lead, the sigma empath comes along and envisions a better world.

They tend to be idealistic and dream big — far beyond what other people might consider realistic. 

The sigma empath is powerful not because they ignore reality but because they understand that the only true failure is failing to try.

Instead of imposing outside limitations on themselves, they reach further and higher — and often end up achieving exactly what they dreamed that they could. 

5. Natural Lie Detector

One of the most powerful characteristics of the sigma empath is their ability to sense deception. They are natural lie detectors.

They don’t just interpret what is being said, they also sense what lies beneath the surface of conversations.

You can’t even lie to a sigma empath by text. They’ll naturally sense vibrational undercurrents that tell them you’re not being truthful.

The sigma empath values authenticity, and it’s a natural extension that they also value truth. They would much prefer a harsh truth to a well-intended lie.

They trust what they feel over what they hear, and it makes them powerful. 

6. The Therapist and Healer

The sigma empath is a natural healer and may even be the unofficial therapist of your group. They have the best advice because they see all the nuances of any given situation.

They won’t sugarcoat it for you, but they will tell you exactly what you need to hear; they aren’t just the “therapist” for the group.

The sigma empath is the kind of person other people feel comfortable disclosing their deepest secrets and fears. Even strangers feel compelled to share their true selves with the quietly powerful sigma empath.

One of the more powerful traits of the sigma empath is their soothing presence and healing gifts. Many will choose healing careers or hobbies.

They tend to seek out ways to help — whether that’s being a good friend or volunteering at organizations where they can contribute to their communities. 

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Photo by Hamid Tajik on Unsplash

7. Driven by Justice

Another powerful trait of the sigma empath is that they are driven by justice. They tend to be aware of power imbalances and will be the first to stand up for those who are disadvantaged or oppressed.

Their sense of honor, integrity, and loyalty are defining characteristics that drive them to do what they can. 

A sigma empath is a force to be reckoned with — a powerful personality who can see the truth of the world and still imagine its possibilities.

They maintain a sense of optimism because they are confident that they can create a good life even with life’s challenges.

This is why they’re the first to stand up for other people; they believe that one person has the ability to change the world one small act at a time.

8. Unattached to Public Opinion

One of the strongest traits of the sigma empath is their sense of self and imperviousness to peer pressure. They simply don’t care if they are tried and convicted in the court of public opinion. They care more about what is true, right, and authentic. 

Let’s be clear: the sigma empath isn’t trying to be different. They aren’t the rebel without a cause who is seeking the status and perceived luster of the rebel.

They legitimately don’t care what other people think. They are free from societal constraints, but they don’t typically work outside the law. Their guiding force is their sense of justice and ethics.

9. Supporters, Not Competitors

Another strong trait of the sigma empath is that they are strong supporters of others. As previously mentioned, they aren’t competitive.

Instead, they use their position and power to help mentor and encourage others.

Sigma empaths don’t covet power, so they don’t have a problem helping other people reach their goals. They aren’t threatened by the success of others.

This is part of the power of the sigma empath. They are confident enough to support other people wholly and enthusiastically.

They are quick to share what they know and encourage others to reach their full potential. The sigma empath empowers and inspires — simply by being true to themselves. 

Life as a Sigma Empath

Sigma empaths usually blaze a trail through life. Yet, that doesn’t mean they don’t have struggles. Here are some tips for managing life as a sigma empath.

Prioritize Self-Care

For the sigma empath, overstimulation is likely. When you’re deeply in tune with the world around you, you can experience overwhelm.

Prioritizing self-care can help you stay grounded, balanced, and calm no matter what energy comes your way. It can also help you avoid becoming overstimulated by taking preventative measures to restore yourself.

Maintain Quality Friendships

Sigma empaths needs to keep their inner circle small. Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to protecting your energy.

People who don’t value truth, justice, and personal growth are not a good fit for your closest friendships as they will likely drain your energetic resources.

Finding friends who share your vibration can help support your energy. 

Create Strong Boundaries

It’s also important for sigma empaths to create strong boundaries. When the world around you treats you as their own personal therapist, it can become overwhelming.

Cultivating strong boundaries can help protect your gifts. You don’t have to always be the hero for others; sometimes, you have to save yourself. 

Seek Healing

Even though the sigma empath has great power, it’s important that they seek out greater healing. This could be in the form of massage, reiki energy work, meditation, yoga, mental health therapy, or other therapeutic methods.

Absorbing energy from the world around you requires intentional healing. Your own healing abilities are a gift to the world, but you need healing, too. 

In the social hierarchy, the alpha flexes at the top while the sigma quietly leads without expectation or fanfare.

They ignore the societal structure and treat everyone in it as if they have equal value — because they do.

They don’t bow and scrape to the alpha or ignore the beta; they don’t dismiss the gamma, delta, or omega types. And they ignore the labels and treat everyone with respect and consideration.

The sigma empath’s power is all the more powerful because they don’t seek it. They live their lives with integrity — rebels without a need for rebellion, leaders without needing followers. 

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