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When a Woman is Genuinely in Love, She Displays These Behaviors

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If you’re in love with a woman and are looking for signs she loves you too, this article will help you find some answers.

Love is fascinating. It’s a noun and a verb. It’s something we both feel and do. We can fall in love with someone, but then to stay that way, we have to wake up each day and choose to love them.

We choose how we say it and show it, and we look for the signs that our sentiments are shared.

Love is both simple and complicated. There are people who look good on paper that we don’t love no matter how good of a match they seem to be, and there are people we love despite differences or obstacles.

While we might not be able to predict it, we know it when we feel it.

While there are many types of love, I’m going to focus on the romantic variety. As a former therapist and a person who has experienced the power of love, I’ll share with you some signs she genuinely loves you.

How to Tell if She Genuinely Loves You

Sometimes, when we’re deeply in love, it can be hard to feel confident and secure in another person’s love for us.

Add in any past childhood or relational trauma, and it can be difficult to trust that someone we love truly loves us back. We’re left looking for the signs.

1. She Embraces Who You Are

The woman who is in love with you embraces who you truly are — the real you with all your flaws. She doesn’t love you in spite of them. She loves you because of them. She sees exactly who you are, and she’s not trying to change you.

This doesn’t mean she doesn’t hold you accountable. She just accepts that you’re not perfect and doesn’t expect you to be. She loves the person you are, and she isn’t someone who is going to criticize you for being yourself.

You might mistakenly believe that she doesn’t see your flaws and that she couldn’t possibly love you if she did. This is the voice of trauma, not reason. If you’ve been honest with her about who you are, you should trust that she sees all the things that you fear make you unlovable.

She sees them, accepts them, and loves you through them.

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2. She Remembers the Small Things

The woman in love will catalog the things you tell her. She remembers the small things you mention because she cares about anything that matters to you.

She’s constantly adding to the treasure trove of information about you were, who you are, and who you want to be.

Love will have you treasuring another person’s childhood memory as if it were your own. It can have you angry at a stranger who did your partner wrong long before they were even your partner. Love can have you integrating parts of what they love into your life because it’s meaningful to you.

Love can be your shower gel in her bathroom because she wants you to feel at home but also wants to think of you when you’re not there.

Love is coffee made the way you like it best, which is no small thing to a coffee lover. Love looks like tiny details caught and saved in her mind because you cared enough to share them.

3. She Includes You in Future Plans

A woman in love sees the future, and you’re in it. She may not have a life plan that outlines precisely where she’ll be in 10 years, but she knows you’re in it.

At least, she hopes you are. A woman who genuinely loves you has factored you into her future.

It’s not just about a dinner next week or a holiday later in the year. She assumes that you’ll be there for future dinners and holidays. It’s not that she takes you for granted.

She is just hopeful that you’ll share a life together. When she sees the future, you’re there with her because she loves you.

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Woman genuinely in love

4. She Shows Up for You

A woman in love will show up for you. She answers your texts and returns calls. If she says she’ll be there, she will. She doesn’t leave you hanging, and you know you can count on her.

Someone who loves you isn’t going to play mind games unless that person is both immature and unhealthy. If she genuinely loves you, the last thing she wants is to let you down.

5. She’s Your Best Friend

A woman who loves you will see you as her best friend. She enjoys spending time with you and knows she can tell you anything.

The relationship is built on a strong friendship even if it started out with romantic intentions. You know this person would be your friend even if you weren’t in a relationship.

You’re the first person she wants to reach out to when something good or bad happens. You’re her go-to person. She’s your lover, but she’s also a faithful friend who is happy just to be in your company.

6. She Misses You When You’re Not Around

If she genuinely loves you, she’ll miss you when you’re not around. She might show this with a text to let you know she’s thinking of you, or she might spend the time apart sleeping in the hoodie she “borrowed” and isn’t planning to return.

If her feelings are genuine, she’s going to miss you.

This isn’t about absence making the heart grow fonder, and you shouldn’t use absence to test her feelings.

Instead, pay attention to the times when you are separated and the little hints that she’s missed you while you were away. This is often a sign that she genuinely loves you.

7. She’s Your #1 Fan

A woman who loves you is going to be your number one fan. She’s going to believe in you and support your dreams.

It’s not that she thinks you can do no wrong; rather, she is there to make sure you know that she’s got your back no matter what happens.

Whether you succeed or fail, she’s not going anywhere.

As your biggest fan, she can be fierce in your defense. If someone is critical of you or treats you poorly, she’ll be the first to step up and speak up for you. She’s going to be your strongest cheerleader and advocate.

In a healthy relationship, you’ll be hers, too.

8. She’ll Fight to Save the Relationship

A woman in love doesn’t just leave when life gets hard. She’ll fight for the relationship in her own way. She might suggest counseling or let you know she’s open to it.

She’ll plan date nights or try to fix things that have become a problem in the relationship. In short, she’ll make an effort to nurture the relationship even when you hit the inevitable rocky times.

She cannot save the relationship alone. If she’s fighting to save it, she’s going to need you to roll up your metaphorical sleeves and help.

But she’s not just leaving because you had a bad day or she did. She loves you enough to try to repair the relationship if it’s in her power to do so.

9. She Brags to Family and Friends About You

She hasn’t just told family and friends about you; she’s also endlessly bragged about you to them. She’s hyped you up, so that the people in her life are already inclined to love you.

A woman in love isn’t going to spend her time talking about every single flaw you have and every mistake you made. Instead, she’s going to emphasize your strengths and give you a leg up with the other people in her life.

She’s not exaggerating either. She really thinks you’re that great. A woman in love will see you for who you are and love you, and she’ll want the people she loves to see what she sees, too.

10. She Appreciates You

A woman who is genuinely in love with you is going to appreciate you. It’s more than just saying thank you, although that’s one part of it.

She’s not going to take you for granted. She sees your contributions to the relationship and to her life, and she lets you know it.

11. She Makes Time for You

A woman in love is never too busy for you. Even with the busiest of schedules, she’ll make time for you.

She does this because (a) you’re a priority for her, and (b) she sincerely wants to spend that time with you. You don’t feel like an obligation to her because you’re not one.

12. She Says It — And Shows It

A woman in love will tell you she loves you, but she’ll show it, too. Her actions will match her words and affirm them. Some women will say it more and others will show it more, but both elements should exist when the feelings are genuine.

She won’t make you read her mind and guess how she feels about you. She’ll open up and tell you because loving you isn’t something she can keep a secret. It’s in her eyes every single time she looks at you.

13. She Lets You Go if You Want to Leave

Interestingly enough, one of the biggest signs that she truly loves you happens when the relationship is over.

A woman who is genuinely in love with you will let you go if you truly want to leave. She might want desperately to convince you to stay.

She might hope you’ll change your mind. But when push comes to shove, a woman who loves you just wants you to be happy — even if it’s not with her. If you want to leave, she’ll let you go.

Don’t think she doesn’t love you because she’s not fighting for you to stay. There’s a level of love that is so deep that she’ll accept your decision because she’s still your biggest fan.

If what you want most is to not be with her anymore, it will break her heart, but she’ll let you go and wish you well in the process. Her love is generous enough for that.

While I don’t recommend testing out this particular theory, you might be able to look back at past relationships and see that some loves were real even if the relationships didn’t last. How someone leaves you can tell you a lot about how they feel about you.

While some people might rage when someone they love leaves, there are those of us who will let go because our love is unconditional. It continues even when the relationship doesn’t.

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Final Thoughts

Love often lasts even when relationships fall apart. Love isn’t a guarantee, but it is one of the things that make life worth living. I’ve had a broken heart many times in my life, and I can tell you that love is worth it every time.

Love doesn’t look like constant criticism and mind games. It’s not trying to make your partner jealous or testing their loyalty.

Love is showing up for the person you like best. It’s seeing them for their faults and still choosing to adore them. It’s working through the hard times and appreciating each other no matter what’s happening.

Love is tough. It endures. Sometimes, it’s the loud declaration, the outlandish gesture, or the words boldly declared.

Sometimes, it’s in the small actions we might easily overlook if we’re not paying attention. But it’s there, and if you look around, you might easily see the signs that you are loved even on the days when you don’t feel lovable.

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Crystal Jackson is a former mental health therapist turned writer. She’s the author of the Heart of Madison contemporary romance series.

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