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An Interview With Rich Smith, the Love Letter Guy

Rich Smith is a love coach who ghost-writes personalized love letters for guys who want to surprise their partner.

In particular, he writes personalized letters for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and special occasions.

The following is an interview with Rich.

1. Tell us about yourself (your background, what you do, what makes you stand out as a coach).

I write personalized love letters on behalf of guys who don’t know how to use words to make their sweetheart swoon. I also coach them so that they can write love letters on their own or to become irresistible to whomever they’re in love with.

Check out this profile story about me in Business Insider:

2. What do you think about dating apps?

They’re not as effective as a dating landing page because, with dating apps, you’re at the mercy of the algorithm—but, with a dating landing page, you ARE the algorithm. Here’s my own VERY successful dating landing page:

My page works because it’s fun, enticing, and preemptively addresses objections a woman is likely to have to my shortcomings.

3. What are some tips you would give to someone who has to go on a first date?

For guys, be upfront about the fact that you’re an asshole. Even if you don’t think of yourself as an asshole, trust me, you are one—so the sooner you admit it to your date, the more respect your date will have for you and the stronger your relationship will be going forward.

4. What are some great conversation starters for a first date? Why?

Here’s what I tell guys to do. Assuming your first date begins in a restaurant or a bar, you should immediately upon taking your seats look around and pick out an individual,  couple, or group and then invite your date to help you construct a story about them.

The weirder and/or wilder the story the two of you can make up, the better. The reason this is a great conversation starter is it gets you away from the boring ritual of exchanging resume information (Where do you work? How many siblings do you have?) and puts you in the realm of the imagination (which is where many people love to be). This earns you lots of points by letting you early in the date showcase your creativity, playfulness, and willingness to be bold and unconventional.

5. What are some great texts someone can send after a first date? Why?

“Hey, had a great time last night—and was SOOOOO happy to not wake up this morning in an abandoned farmhouse with one of my kidneys missing. Now that I know you’re not into organ harvesting, would you care to join me for dinner later this week?” This is a great text to send after a first date because it helps reinforce what you hopefully demonstrated during the date—namely, your sense of humor and self-confidence. It also communicates your interest in having a second date and signals that more fun and excitement await.

6. What are some original date ideas?

Invite your date to help you give back to the community by, for example, together planting a tree, helping serve meals to the homeless in a soup kitchen, or participating in a neighborhood trash-pickup event. Giving back to community is something that makes a lot of people feel good—and making one’s date feel good on the first date is key to there being a second date and then a third and so on.

7. How long should someone wait before entering a more serious relationship with someone?

Long enough for that someone to drop their perfect-behavior mask (usually, that happens right around the sixth-month mark). When the mask comes off, you then get to see the real person. Only then will you be in a position to determine if this is someone you can or should get serious with.

8. What are some personality traits men find irresistible in women?

Great sense of humor, great conversationalist, great listener, down-to-earth friendliness, humility, honesty, loyalty, kindness, and caring.

9. What are some personality traits women find irresistible in men?

Fearlessness, self-confidence, emotional strength (i.e. having one’s shit together), ability to roll with the punches, great sense of humor, intelligence, drive, perseverance, and loyalty.

10. How can people find you?

Email me at or text me at (209) 245-8619.

11. Do you have a book/online course/app you would like our readers to know about?

Visit my coaching page at

Thank you for your time Rich, it was a pleasure to interview you.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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