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18 Signs a Capricorn Man Truly Likes You

I’ve always found Zodiac signs to be a fascinating way to understand myself and others. It doesn’t deal in predictions, merely possibilities based on common traits shared among the celestial star signs.

You might know your personality profile based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and it doesn’t define you. Why should your sun sign be any different?

For today’s purposes, we’ll focus on the Capricorn man. Capricorn is one of 12 Zodiac signs.

The Capricorn man is a cardinal earth sign, and his sign is ruled by the planet Saturn. If your man has a Capricorn sun sign, he was born between December 22nd and January 20th. 

How to Tell if a Capricorn Man Likes You: 18 Signs

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Photo by Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash

The Capricorn man is reserved and can be hard to read. It might actually be difficult at first to determine if he likes you.

You’ll want to watch for the following signs that indicate you have his interest and affections. 

1. He Makes Time for You in His Busy Schedule

Capricorns tend to be workaholics. A Capricorn man will likely have a busy schedule both at work and at home. If he makes time for you in that schedule, it’s a pretty significant clue that he likes you.

He won’t clear his schedule for just anyone, and he’s not a fan of wasting his own time. It’s very likely that he has romantic interest in you and values the time you spend together.

He’ll never be too busy for you — not if he’s truly interested. 

2. He Tries to Make You Laugh

While the Capricorn man may seem serious and reserved to the outside world, he’ll show off his sense of humor with you. He’ll even get downright silly if it draws out your laughter.

Just because he isn’t known first for his playfulness doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any. If a Capricorn man likes you, he’ll want to make you laugh. Just getting a smile out of you will make his day. 

3. He Looks for Ways to Impress You

Capricorn men tend to be focused on work and achievement. They set goals and systematically work to reach them. When he’s got a crush, he’s going to try to be even more impressive than usual.

He’ll want to show off his best traits and impress you with all his success.

If your values are different than his, this could present as conceited when he’s just trying to show you that he can be a strong partner. He’s eager for your approval, and he’ll work just as hard to get it as he does anything else. 

4. He Wants to Take Care of You When You’re Sick

One of the main signs a Capricorn man likes you is that he wants to take care of you when you’re not feeling well.

While some signs might run for the hills and stay far, far away from you when you’re ill, the celestial Goat will want to stick around and make sure you’re okay.

He’ll check in on you throughout the day, and he’s exactly the type of person who will send you flowers or soup to cheer you up. 

He’s never encountered a problem he can’t solve, and if you’re struck down by illness, he’ll be busy trying to figure out what will help you feel better faster.

Don’t be surprised if he shows up armed with flowers, soup, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins all in an attempt to help you get well.

Even if he doesn’t roll out the contents of the local pharmacy, you’ll know he likes you when he keeps checking to see how you feel and if there’s anything he can do to help. 

5. He Gets Jealous of Other Men in Your Life

The green-eyed monster isn’t a huge problem for most Capricorn men. They don’t necessarily get jealous of work colleagues. They trust in their own skills on their path to success.

Yet, the one time a Cap man will truly struggle with jealousy is when he likes someone. 

If he’s not sure of your feelings, he’ll likely feel jealous of any man in your life as he tries to figure out if they’re just friends or something more.

Once he’s secure in the relationship, he’s not really the jealous type, but until he has that sense of safety, he can be a bit possessive.

If he seems jealous of the men you spend time with, he might be unwittingly displaying the fact that he has a big crush. 

6. He Initiates Contact Often

A Capricorn man won’t sit around and wait for you to call or text. He has no problem being the one to reach out and initiate contact.

In fact, when he likes you, he’ll do this often just to check in on you and see how you’re doing. It’s a clear sign that he’s thinking of you, and if he’s thinking of you often, it’s because he really likes you. 

7. He Asks for Your Opinion

A Capricorn man who asks for your opinion might as well hire a sky writer to say how much he likes you. It’s kind of a big deal.

The fact that he cares about what you think and values your opinion is a sign that he respects you, but it also indicates that he likes you. This isn’t a man who goes around soliciting a lot of outside opinions. If yours is one he seeks out, it’s a strong indication that he’s into you.

8. He Plans Thoughtful Date Nights

One of the many benefits of dating a Capricorn man is that he will plan thoughtful date nights. This isn’t a man who will simply default to a drink, dinner, or a movie.

Instead, he’ll consider your interests and plan something specific to you. If you love an exciting adventure, he might schedule a date for indoor skydiving.

If you love animals, you might be surprised when he arranges for a visit to a nearby animal sanctuary or petting zoo. And if you’re a bigtime foodie, he might book a culinary tour for two.

Do you ghost hunt in your spare time? He might find a haunted house where you can scare yourself to your heart’s content. 

Whatever dates he plans will be with you in mind. Even if they aren’t grand gesture type dates, you’ll see his thoughtfulness in the planning.

If you’re not a night owl, he’ll make sure you’re home and in bed to get your beauty sleep by planning an earlier date.

If you’ve got food allergies or a special diet, he won’t take you to a restaurant without first investigating the menu to make sure you have some good options. He’s a sweetheart like that because he genuinely likes you and wants to make you happy.

9. He Introduces You to His Family and Friends

A Capricorn man doesn’t open up his inner circle to just anyone. You practically need a VIP invitation to get in.

If he introduces you to his friends and/or family, it’s because he really likes you. It’s kind of a big deal even if he acts like it isn’t.

He wants to give the people in his life a chance to get to know you. He won’t be outright seeking their approval, but he will take their opinions into consideration. 

10. He Wants to Meet the People You Love

The Capricorn man will also want to meet your inner circle. He’ll want to have a chance to get to know the people in your life.

He does this because he really likes you, and he hopes the people you care about will really like him.

He’ll make an effort to be charming and thoughtful to the people you love best, and he’ll work extra hard to make a good impression.

He’s already envisioning a future where you can both hang out with each other’s inner circle and fit right into the mix. 

11. He Opens Up to You

While a Capricorn man is reserved with many, he will open up and get vulnerable with you. He’ll share the secrets he doesn’t tell anyone.

You’ll get a glimpse of his past — including his past relationships. He wants you to know him at a deeper level because he likes you so much. If he’s letting down his guard, it’s because he trusts you to handle his secrets, and his heart, with care. 

12. He Shares His Future Plans and Asks About Yours

A Capricorn man is always planning. When he’s into you, he’s going to tell you about his future plans and ask about yours. He’ll want to see if your future goals align. It’s very important to him.

When he opens the door to talking about a potential shared future, you know he has feelings for you. 

13. He Shows Up for You

Another endearing trait of the Capricorn man is that he shows up for the people he genuinely cares about. He’s dependable, and he’ll be there for you if it’s at all possible.

In fact, he’ll go out of his way to show up if you need him. He’s the one you call when you have a flat tire or get bad news in the dead of night. He cares enough about you that he never wants to let you down. 

14. He Lets You Be the Boss

The Capricorn man might be a CEO, CFO, or have some other important title, but he’ll let you be the boss in the relationship.

He trusts your judgment and values your opinions enough to let you take the reigns and make the bigger decisions. It’s not that he opts out of the decision-making process.

He just doesn’t have any desire to control you or boss you around. He sees you as an equal partner, and he’s happy to defer to your leadership whenever possible.

When he lets you make those decisions, you know you’ve got him wrapped around your little finger. 

15. He Slowly Shows You More Affection

In the beginning, the Capricorn man will likely be shy around you. As he warms up, he’ll slowly start to show you more affection. He might even be into public displays of affection, or PDAs, with you.

You might think he’s a bit standoffish at first, but once he warms up to you and gets to know you better, he’s basically one big cuddly teddy bear of a guy.

He’ll want an arm around you or to hold your hand as much as he can. Yes, he likes you that much.

16. He Showers You with Considerate Gifts

Don’t be surprised if the Capricorn man showers you with thoughtful little gifts when it’s not even your birthday or a special occasion. He’s just sweet like that.

It shows that he’s thinking of you, and it’s a strong indicator that he really likes you. They might not all be expensive gifts. They might not even seem like a big deal on the surface.

However, if he keeps bringing you little things to make you smile, you know he’s into you. 

17. He Shows His Secret, Softer Side to You

You already know that the Capricorn man can be a bit buttoned up around most people. He comes across as reserved and all about work. Yet, with you, he shows a secret, softer side.

He lets you see the other sides to him — his silly side and his vulnerable side and all his little guilty pleasures. He trusts you enough to see every side of him, and it’s a sure sign he likes you.

18. He Remembers Important Dates

After all you’ve learned about the Capricorn man, it’s unsurprising that he remembers the little things as well as the big-deal dates.

He isn’t likely to forget an anniversary or to send you a thoughtful gift on a date that he knows has meaning to you.

He listens to what you say and remembers to make a big deal out of the things that are important to you. If that doesn’t clue you in to the fact that he really likes you, nothing will. 

When a Capricorn Likes You

Keep in mind that a Capricorn man isn’t perfect — even if it seems that way on the surface. He’s stubborn and opinionated, and he can get really intense about his goals.

He’s driven and ambitious, and he can be downright obstinate when he thinks he’s right (which is most of the time).

But there are so many good qualities about the Capricorn man that you just might be happy to deal with his less-than-ideal traits. You might even learn to appreciate them. 

If he likes you, it might not be obvious at first. But if you truly pay attention, you’ll begin seeing the undeniable signs that he makes time for you and shows you the side of him that most of us simply won’t ever see.

Treat him well, and you just might have a loyal partner for life.

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