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An Overview of Libra and Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

Before we dive right into Libra and Aquarius compatibility, let’s break down what we know upfront about these two very different sun signs. Libra is the seventh sign of the 12 Zodiac signs, and Aquarius is the eleventh.

The sign of Libra encompasses the dates of September 23rd to October 23rd, and Aquarians claim the dates of January 20th to February 18th.

Libra is ruled by Venus and represented by the Scales of justice while Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and is symbolized with the Water-Bearer. Libra is a cardinal air sign, and Aquarius is a fixed air sign. 

While they share the same element, Libra and Aquarius are more different than they are alike, which makes compatibility profiles interesting.

Before we talk about this pairing as friends and lovers, we’ll discuss what each sign likes in the other. These traits often form the spark at the beginning of a Libra-Aquarius relationship. 

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What a Libra Likes in an Aquarius

Libra finds much to admire in an Aquarius. Some of their traits are very complementary. This is one match-up where opposites really do attract. 

Libra is Attracted to the Aquarian Charm

Libra is a social butterfly who finds the Aquarian charm very attractive. As an admirer of love and beauty, Libra is naturally drawn to Aquarius’s easy way with other people and willingness to stand out in a crowd.

Although Libras have plenty of charm of their own to dish out, they love this quality in others and will happily engage in banter all night if given the chance. 

Libra Likes Aquarius’s Decisiveness

Libras are notoriously indecisive, and they’ll find the Aquarius decisiveness very attractive in contrast. To be fair, the initial draw of this quality might later grate on the relationship, but it’s certainly a mark in the plus column at the beginning.

Libra is forever considering all the options, and it can be a relief to find a partner who is quick, discerning, and decisive. 

Libra Appreciates Aquarius’s Open-Mindedness

Keep in mind that Libra’s have a mindset that’s consumed with justice and what’s fair. For this reason, Aquarius’s open-mindedness will appeal to their sense of fair play.

They’ll love that Aquarius is rarely judgmental and is willing to embrace differences.

Although this can trip them up if they find themselves on opposite sides in an argument about values, the Aquarius open-mindedness typically pairs well with Libra’s fairmindedness. 

Libra Likes Aquarius’s Leadership Skills

Libra finds Aquarius’s leadership skills very attractive. Libra is more comfortable finding balance and beauty than being the one in charge of making all the decisions.

What Libra brings to relationships is valuable, but they are happiest when paired up with someone who doesn’t mind taking the lead. 

Libra Admires Aquarius’s Passion for Justice

Libra often falls in love with Aquarius’s passion for justice. This is a quality they share. Aquarius is the idealist of the Zodiac signs, and Libra is all about balance and fairness.

Together, these two can be a powerful team united in their fight for justice.

These two can bond over their shared passions — both personal and political — and even team up for protests, rallies, vigils, and any other place where there’s a need for justice. 

Libra Likes the Aquarius Intelligence

Libra really thinks the Aquarian intelligence is hot. It’s one of the first things they’ll usually find attractive in the Water-Bearer.

The fact that Aquarius is deeply interested in the world and always learning will appeal to Libra’s own intelligence and love of learning. These two can small talk with the best of them, but they really love being able to dive deep into the rabbit holes of their thoughts and enjoy deeper connections. 

Libra Enjoys Aquarius’s Unique Take on the World

Libra is endlessly fascinated by Aquarius’s unique take on the world. Libras truly love that Aquarius thinks so far outside the box that there doesn’t seem to be a box at all.

This will spark Libra’s imagination and even help them learn to be more open to the unusual. This trait of seeing things differently and walking on the wild side will appeal to Libra’s innate creativity. 

What an Aquarius Likes in a Libra

This is far from one-sided admiration. There’s much that Aquarius likes about Libra. These two are often instantly attracted — drawn to all the qualities that complement each other. 

Aquarius Likes Libra’s Diplomacy

Aquarius really loves Libra’s sense of diplomacy. Aquarius can, at times, be brash and outspoken because they are driven by passion and idealism.

Aquarius admires that Libra shares that passion but has the ability to proceed with tact and diplomacy. This quality is part of their attraction to Libra in the first place. Aquarius likes how Libra can spend time talking to anyone and manage to find a connection with their skilled diplomatic energy. 

Aquarius Appreciates Libra’s Loyalty

Aquarius appreciates much about Libra, but one of their favorite qualities is their loyalty. Libra is known for being a loyal lover and friend.

Aquarius despises dishonesty and loves that they can trust Libra absolutely — with their secrets and with their heart. 

Aquarius Likes Libra’s Keen Sense of Balance

Libra’s keen sense of balance is one of their most well-known traits, and it’s one that Aquarius likes very much.

Aquarius can be a bit extreme at times and want to go all-in on an idea. They like that Libra provides a much-needed balance to any enterprise. This is just another area where their differences act as a perfect complement. 

Aquarius Appreciates Libra’s Love of Romance

Aquarius truly admires Libra’s love of romance. Aquarius enjoys that Libra brings affection, romance, and beauty into their life.

This allows space for Aquarius to freely express affection, but it also allows Libra the opportunity to make romantic gestures with someone who will sincerely appreciate the thought, time, effort, and emotion that went into them. This is often a couple who gives the rest of us relationship goals. 

Aquarius Likes Libra’s Patience

Aquarius appreciates that Libra is patient. It’s not a quality Aquarius has in any great quantity, which makes it even more precious that Libra has so much of it.

While this can be a point of contention at times in the relationship, deep down, Aquarius really loves that Libra doesn’t rush into things and carefully considers their options. This patience can bring balance to Aquarius’s more impulsive nature. 

Aquarius Appreciates Libra’s Passion for Justice

Aquarius is unfailingly impressed by Libra’s passion for justice. It is, after all, one they share. These two can really bond over the causes that speak to their hearts.

Even if they don’t share the same passion projects, they’ll likely be willing to support each other’s with the fervor they show their own cause. These two can be an unstoppable force for good. 

Aquarius Admires Libra’s Vivacity and Charm

Aquarius is drawn to Libra for many reasons, but one of the things they like most about Libra is the vivacity and charm they show.

These two are both natural charmers, but Libra lights up any room they’re in. Aquarius is used to standing out, so they might be curious about and attracted to someone else who makes waves just by walking into a room.

Libra does it with abundant amounts of sparkle and charm, and Aquarius often stands out with a unique sense of style and charming personality. These two are often drawn together even in a crowded room. 

Celestial Compatibility: Libra and Aquarius

Just as a reminder, celestial compatibility is not absolute. All relationships take work. Without that work, even the most compatible can fall apart. Yet, understanding Zodiac compatibility can help even the strongest couples learn to navigate innate personality differences. 

Libra and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Libra and Aquarius are a near-perfect match. Let’s face it: no match is entirely perfect because human beings aren’t perfect. But this pairing comes close. Libra and Aquarius have some differences. Aquarius is always pushing the envelope, and Libra is busy trying to find balance.

These two can have their fair share of disagreements, but most of their personal differences act as complements. If they can both look at the relationship this way, they’ll likely be more prone to compromising than to resenting the other person’s way of seeing the world.

These two can be a strong match. They both share a sense of justice, and they’re both equally loyal. They’re not generally shy about their affections, although Libra may find themselves clinging to a sometimes-aloof Aquarius.

When this happens, Libra’s patience can serve them well as they navigate their differing needs for space and affection. This is easily one of the stronger Zodiac matches, particularly if their values line up. 

Libra and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

When it comes to physical compatibility, watch out! This can be a spicy pairing. Libra’s patience and sense of fair play can be a hot feature in the bedroom, and Aquarius’s love of pushing the envelope can make their love affair exciting and adventurous.

These two don’t just share passion outside of the bedroom. They also have a strong spark inside of it. These two can enjoy a fulfilling sex life as long as they both appreciate it and don’t take it for granted. 

Libra and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

When it comes to friendship compatibility, Libra and Aquarius are fast friends who vibe at the same level. These two balance each other and never run out of things to talk about.

Their differences only enhance their connection, and these two have what it takes to be besties for life. 

This doesn’t mean they never have problems. Libra will often put Aquarius in the driver’s seat of making decisions, which can at times wear on Aquarius’s nerves.

Libra can enjoy Aquarius’s spontaneity and willingness to embrace the weird — up to a point, but Libra will always choose beauty over oddities.

Whatever differences they find won’t be the kind that can break the relationship. Mostly, these two just get stronger from arguing it out and then making their peace again.

They’ve both got enough charm to turn any disagreement into a hilarious inside joke they’ll tell later. 


Libra and Aquarius can be a wonderful relationship pairing. These two have just enough in common to build a life together — and just enough differences to make that life fascinating.

While every relationship takes work, Libra and Aquarius have what it takes to go the distance. As long as they find themselves on the same wavelength when it comes to personal values, they’ll be ideally positioned to become an example of lasting love for the rest of us. 

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