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How Does a Capricorn Man Test a Woman?

How does a Capricorn man test a woman?

In this article we will give you a detailed answer to this question.

The Capricorn man is often considered to be one of the best partners of the Zodiac. He’s self-reliant, loyal, successful, and loves hard. He has many fine qualities that make him an excellent choice for a life partner.

He also has a few … shall we say, quirks that could be a test for women.

Even if you’re skeptical of astrology, you have to admit that Zodiac personality descriptions can be uncanny.

You may have even declared certain signs off-limits after dating more than one of them and noticing key similarities that just weren’t your cup of tea.

16 Ways Capricorn Men Will Test a Woman

If you’re dating a Capricorn man, buckle up. Here are the 16 ways he might be testing you.

1. He Will Test If You’re Interested

You might have noticed that Capricorn men usually try to get to know someone before they start flirting. They might be slow to warm up, but that’s because they’re slow to trust other people.

They want to test the connection and interest level before showing their own interest.

You might even assume that he’s just not into you at first. After all, he plays it pretty close to the chest.

But if you show your interest, he’ll gradually show more of his until he’s flirting so shamelessly you wonder how you ever thought he might not be interested.

2. He Will Test Your Patience

Before any Capricorn men get offended, I am writing this as a Capricorn myself. This is true. We, the Capricorns, will test your patience.

Capricorns have a reputation for being stubborn — a well-earned reputation, I might add.

There are many ways a Capricorn man might do this. He might refuse to admit that he’s wrong and take forever to apologize.

He could get laser-focused on work and keep you waiting. And he might even make you wait to get a text back because he was busy climbing the corporate ladder.

You’ll want an extra dose of patience to partner him — but he’s worth waiting for.

3. He Will Test Your Independence

One of the most common ways a Capricorn man will test a woman is this.

A Capricorn man values independence and self-reliance. He wants a partner who is equally self-sufficient.

Clingy partners who show signs of codependency will likely send the Cap man running for the hills. He doesn’t want to rescue the damsel in distress. He wants someone perfectly capable of saving themselves.

This is one of the most attractive qualities of the Capricorn man. He sees his partner as equal to him, and he expects that anyone he dates is perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.

It’s not that he won’t spoil you a bit if you’re in a relationship, but he has no desire to give up his independent identity in exchange for a coupled one.

He knows the best relationships successfully manage being individuals who share couple goals.

4. He Will Test Your Financial Security

If the Capricorn man asks you nosy financial questions, it’s because he’s trying to determine how you manage your money.

Depending on his social skills, he might slide these questions in or bluntly ask without considering that it could be offensive.

He wants to test if you’re financially secure or on your way to being financially secure.

The Capricorn man likely won’t be happy with someone who can’t manage their money. Someone who runs up debt, has a poor work ethic, or lives outside their means will just stress him out.

The Capricorn man isn’t trying to be materialistic when he makes these observations. He just wants a partner who shares similar financial values.

You’ll find that steady Caps tend to save more than spend and can range from clever and thrifty to downright stingy.

5. He Will Test Your Ambition

The Capricorn man will most certainly try to find out if you have ambition. It’s so integral to his own life that he wants someone who can take on the world by his side.

He won’t typically be satisfied with someone who is unmotivated or outright lazy.

He may even try to assess if your goals have a plan or if they’re just a pretty dream you have no intention of making happen.

For the Capricorn man, this could drive him crazy. Even Cap’s dreams have dreams, and he just won’t be interested in a partner who doesn’t have that same drive and enthusiasm.

While opposites can sometimes attract, Cap knows that the way he lives could leave a less motivated person behind.

6. He Will Test Your Loyalty

As a cardinal earth sign, Capricorns are steadfast and loyal. They don’t love change that they don’t carefully initiate. If you choose to date a Capricorn man, he will, at some point, test your loyalty.

Loyalty is one of Cap’s greatest gifts, and he wants to make sure that you aren’t the kind of person who would betray him.

He might subtly probe to make sure you’ve got his back when he needs you, but loyalty tests can come in many other forms.

He may see if you check out other men when you’re out together, or he might question the relationship you still have with your ex and how boundaries are maintained.

7. He Will Test Your Commitment

As we mentioned, the Capricorn man will always test the woman he likes; in particular, he’ll always try to test her level of commitment.

Capricorn men aren’t big fans of casual relationships. They are often serial monogamists.

He won’t waste his time with anyone who isn’t serious about a long-term committed relationship. If you want to keep playing the field, he’s likely to bow out and let you go your own way.

You may notice he slowly levels up the relationship, testing you at each stage. Are you happy to come to dinner with his family, or do you try to get out of it?

Can you be his plus-one to that boring work event and put your best foot forward to make the night interesting? He’s trying to assess if you’ll fit into the lofty future he’s planning before taking the relationship any further into the end game.

8. He Will Test Your Reliability

Capricorns have many lovely qualities. We’re determined, loyal, and reliable. We’re also inflexible much of the time.

The Capricorn man is going to test you to see if you’re reliable. He hates, loathes, and despises being let down. He wants to know he can count on you.

Don’t be surprised if he tests out your reliability rather than trusting in your self-report. He may ask you to do something around the house and then see how responsive you are to the request.

Did you follow through, or did you disregard how he felt about it? He doesn’t mind predictability and often prefers it. He wants to know that you’ll be there when he needs you.

9. He Will Test Your Level of Support

The Capricorn man will likely test a woman to see how supportive she is of his vision for the future.

He’s ambitious, and he needs a partner who is supportive. His preference is to have an ambitious partner and for both of you to enthusiastically support each other.

If he runs that marathon in record time, the Capricorn man wants to see the woman in his life holding up a sign and cheering for him at the finish line — or better still, running it with him and encouraging him all the way.

He wants to know that you won’t make him choose between the relationship and the dreams that give his life meaning. He’s a bit of a workaholic — can you handle that?

10. He Will Test Your Trust

Can you keep a secret? The Capricorn man wants to know. If he’s vulnerable with you, he isn’t going to like it if you use that information against him later or tell all your friends.

He doesn’t open up to just anyone.

At first, it may feel like you’re prying information out of him. He’s offering little trust tests along the way to see if you can keep his secrets and respect the relationship. If you pass, he’ll open up more. If you fail, he won’t bother.

11. He Will Test Your Memory

The Capricorn man talks when he has something to say, and he wants to know that his partner is a good listener. Don’t be surprised if there’s a pop quiz after a conversation where you seemed a bit distracted.

He’s not trying to annoy you. He wants to make sure he’s not misunderstood, and he wants to know that you care enough to listen.

There’s another way the Cap man will test you. He’ll want to see if you remember special occasions. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries — they’re all meaningful to him.

He likes the routine of them, and he wants to know that his important days are important days to you, too. He might even wait to tell you Happy First Kissiversary to see if you remembered first.

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12. He Will Test Your Coping Skills

The Capricorn man wants to know that you can cope well with stress. It’s an important life quality in a significant other, isn’t it?

Because he’s good in a crisis, he wants his partner to be capable of taking care of business, too. He needs a strong zombie apocalypse partner, not a person who will fall apart at the first sign of trouble.

He’s not likely going to put you in a life-or-death situation to test your skillset. He just watches and learns.

Do you completely lose your mind every time the littlest thing goes wrong? Do you snap when you’re just the slightest bit inconvenienced?

He might not pick up a pen, but you can be sure he’s taking notes and judging your level of coping.

13. He Will Test Your Level of Investment

This is one of the most common ways a Capricorn man can test a woman he’s interested in.

Because the Capricorn man is all about long-term commitment, he is certainly going to be testing your level of investment in the relationship.

Just like with his finances, he’s balancing the relationship budget to see how much you put into it versus how much you get back out.

If he’s the only one making deposits of time, energy, attention, and affection into the relationship while you bask in his adoration and give nothing back, he’ll lose interest fast. Who wouldn’t?

He’s not committing to someone who just wants their ego stroked but doesn’t reciprocate. He needs a life partner who is willing to put in the hard work that comes with relationships.

Caps are no stranger to hard work and see obstacles as opportunities. He wants to know that you can overcome those obstacles together.

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14. He Will Test Your Lifestyle Compatibility

The Capricorn man secretly hopes every relationship is “The One” but won’t believe it without more evidence.

He’s constantly testing and assessing your lifestyle compatibility. If he’s asking questions about where you want to live and where you see yourself in 5, 10, or 20 years, he might be trying to decide if what you say aligns with what he wants.

Is there room for compromise, or do you want vastly different things?

That’s what he’s trying to figure out when he’s playing 20 questions and analyzing your future vision.

He wants to make sure the person he chooses has shared interests and values. In short, he wants to know you’re on the same page sooner rather than later. The Capricorn man isn’t a big fan of having his valuable time wasted.

15. He Will Test Your Work Ethic

If you’d rather be flat broke than hustle for a little breathing room, you might not be the best match for a Capricorn man. He will test your work ethic early on to make sure you have one.

If you’re busy quietly quitting your job without a backup plan, he’s going to lose interest. He knows that the lack of effort at work could translate into a lack of effort in other areas.

This may seem judgmental, but that’s what we do, right? We judge if the other person is right for us or not. It’s not a value judgment of their worthiness for love.

It’s a simple assessment to determine if they’re the one we want to partner or a poor fit for our lives. It might sound cold and clinical, but the practicality of it will appeal to the Capricorn man.

The good thing is that if you’re not his cup of tea, he likely won’t string you along. He’ll let you go find what you need so he can keep it moving toward his own relationship goals.

16. He Will Test Your Vulnerabilities

The Capricorn man isn’t known to be cruel, but he will test your vulnerabilities.

If your partnership is only as strong as the weakest link, he’ll want to know where the flaws are located and what can of deficiency they might create.

This doesn’t mean he’ll count up your flaws and dismiss you. It just means he wants to be prepared.

Maybe you tend to be impatient in traffic. That’s fine. He’s patient enough for both of you and may not really care.

He’s looking to see how you’ll handle long-term ups and downs, unexpected life events, and even the much-anticipated zombie apocalypse. He knows you’re not perfect, and he’s not either.

He just wants to know if you’d be a strong team — or if you’d be stronger apart.

A Reminder About the Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man may not sweep you off your feet and rush toward commitment. He’s a bit more methodical than that. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a softer, more romantic side.

While he’s practical and good with a budget, he can be surprisingly generous. He’s a considerate partner who might drive you crazy sometimes with his tenacity, but there’s a comfort in knowing that he’ll fight so hard because it means he’ll fight for your relationship, too.

He might be testing you, but it’s not to see you fail. He’s likely hoping you’ll pass with flying colors because you’ve piqued this clever, successful man’s interest and that’s not easy.

He’s hoping you’re the kind of person who can rule the world by his side. He may take his time testing you, but if you’re right for him, you won’t mind. You already know he’s worth the wait.

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