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8 Things That Make Virgo Women Irresistible to Men

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Virgo woman

Born between August 23rd and September 22nd, the Virgo woman is an Earth sign of the Zodiac ruled by Mercury.

Famous Virgo women include Beyoncé, Zendaya, Melissa McCarthy, Shania Twain, Cameron Diaz, Keke Palmer, Blake Lively, Jennifer Coolidge, Taraji P. Henson, Pink, Padma Lakshmi, and Amy Winehouse.

That might not impress you much, but it’s clear that the answer to “who run the world?” is … girls — the Virgo variety.

When we consider these celebrity names, certain things may come to mind. Talent, certainly. Humor, absolutely. Success? Undoubtably.

But there are so many factors that make Virgo women absolutely irresistible to men — and quite frankly, to all of us. Here’s what I’m talking about.

1. They Are Perfectionists

Ask anyone who knows a Virgo woman. Perfectionism is sure to come up as one of this star sign’s most notable traits. While it can certainly cause them problems at times, it’s also part of the attraction.

The perfectionism shows off in everything — how they present themselves, how they keep their homes, how they do their work, and even how they are in relationships. They aim for perfection — and they usually come pretty close.

Needing things to be “just so” might just drive us a little crazy at times, but it’s just a part of their character.

They see the potential in everything — and everyone. It’s one of their endearing — and yes, sometimes frustrating — qualities. The Virgo woman clearly has her shit together, which can make her irresistible to men.

2. They’re Strong and Independent

Since Virgo women are perfectionists, it makes sense that they also tend to be strong and independent. It can give them workaholic tendencies at times, but it’s mostly because they know that a job done right is one that they did themselves.

They have a vision for how things should be and a drive to execute that vision. It’s no wonder there are so many successful, famous Virgo women in the world. This Zodiac sign has much to recommend them.

The strength and independence they radiate is an attractive trait to men. Strong men, struggling men — they all see the benefits of having a Virgo woman by their side.

Whether they’re looking for an equal partner or hoping her success rubs off on them, they see her as a desirable plus-one. Plus, her fierce independence makes her seem like a challenge, which will certainly stimulate certain types of men to try to win her affections.

3. They’re Capable of Deep, Meaningful Conversation

One of the wonderful and attractive qualities of Virgo women include their ability to have deep, meaningful conversations. They have a tendency to be assertive and to hold strong opinions, so they won’t back down from a debate.

What really appeals to them is the kind of conversation that just keeps going deeper. They have deep thoughts and great sensitivity, and there’s little more attractive to them than the ability to skip the small talk and really get into more engaging topics.

This quality is considered irresistible to men because it makes them feel seen and heard by the Virgo woman. It deepens the attraction and interest they feel for her. This is especially true for the star signs that equally value deeper connections and hate skimming the surface of the workday and weather.

4. They Have Creative Flair

It’s undeniable that Virgo women have creative flair and an eye for all things beautiful. They have great style, and this attracts men who find it compelling.

This creativity tends to come out in their work, in their homes, and even in how they dress. They just have an innate sense of how things should be, and their perfectionism makes them want to bring that vision to life.

It’s a fairly impressive trait, and one that can easily be seen in Virgo women. They don’t just do things well. They add that special sparkle to everything. While they might be known for being critical at times and having unrealistic expectations, these factors make the creativity possible.

They want to make the world better. They want it to be more efficient, organized, and beautiful — and they have the vision to make it happen.

5. They’re Trustworthy

Another irresistible trait of the Virgo woman is her trustworthiness. She hates dishonesty, and she’s more likely to hurt your feelings than lie to make you feel better.

While more sensitive partners might not love this about her, most men will find it refreshing. They’ll see it as the advantage that it is. She won’t lie, and she won’t cheat. She has far too much integrity.

This also plays into her assertiveness. Because she says what she means and means what she says, there’s no wondering where one stands with her. She’ll make it clear. It makes it easier to trust her.

6. They Are Incredibly Patient

Virgo women have the patience of saints. Don’t get me wrong — they aren’t saints, and they aren’t perfect (don’t tell them I said so). But they do have plenty of patience.

Maybe it’s the Earth sign in their Zodiac, or maybe it’s just because they see it as a natural part of aiming toward perfection. What I do know is that it’s seen as irresistible to men.

They apply their patience to all parts of life, and their relationships are no exception. This can be a soothing quality that attracts many men to Virgo women.

Her ability to wait for things to unfold gives them the space and freedom to take the relationship at their own pace. What’s funny is that sometimes men might find themselves being the ones to rush into the relationship because she seems so unbothered by the timing.

7. They’re Natural Problem-Solvers

One of my favorite traits of Virgo women is how naturally they problem solve. They just think in solutions — usually creative ones. They aren’t the kind of people who sit back and complain about a problem without considering what to do about it. This makes them great friends — and desirable partners, too.

This innate ability to find solutions makes them an asset in any relationship. They don’t give up easily. They’re happy to put the work into a relationship and to compromise when necessary.

At times, they might seem like they have fixed ideas that just won’t budge, but eventually, their desire to solve the problem just might override their tendency toward stubbornness.

While it depends entirely on the situation, of course, the Virgo woman usually prefers things to be tied up neatly and not left hanging. If she has to bend a little to make it happen, it’s certainly something she’ll consider.

8. They Live with Passion and Purpose

My favorite trait of Virgo women — and one of their most irresistible — is that they live with passion and purpose. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Virgo who’s just coasting through life with no direction or enthusiasm.

The Virgo women I’ve known all infuse passion in everything they do — from careers to family to romantic partnerships. That passion is certainly an aphrodisiac for many men.

It’s not just the passion though. They also have purpose and lead purpose-driven lives. They tend to have strong ideas about ways they can improve their lives or the world at large, and everything they do is in service to these ideas.

They are invested in the lives they’re living, and it shows. While it can make them critical at times and hard on themselves, it also drives them to live passionate, meaningful lives. Who wouldn’t want to be along for that ride?

Virgo women are seen as desirable partners for plenty of good reasons. They aren’t just successful women out their running the world and doing it with style and flair. They are loving partners who can be counted on and who won’t turn and run at the first sign of trouble.

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