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8 Signs Your Twin Flame Misses You

beautiful couple in love and spiritually connected
Beautiful twin flame couple in love

The difficult truth about twin flames is that they usually aren’t meant to stay in our lives forever. The connection can be so immediate and intense that we want them to be our forever person. It’s hard to embrace the fact that twin flames are simply meant to come teach us lessons before they leave.

While soulmates enhance our lives and stay in them, the twin flame can bring out the absolute best and worst in us — all at the same time. They bring our shadow selves to the surface. They challenge us to fulfill our potential. They show us who we are and who we could be.

At first, we might mistake them for a soulmate. It’s only later that we realize that they were meant to encounter and change us — not to stay with us.

That instant connection and familiarity might seem like they’re destined for a lifetime with us, but the truth about twin flames is that we’re far too alike to ever truly complement one another. Instead, we reflect our truest selves back to each other.

We challenge each other and bring hidden things to the surface. We’re better for knowing each other, but it’s not always the easiest or most peaceful of relationships. We’re growing too much for that to ever be true.

Twin flames feel so familiar to us it’s like we’ve known them before, perhaps in another life. When they’re gone, it’s natural to miss them — and for them to miss us, too.

In fact, there are some spiritual signs that they might be missing us. While these aren’t backed by scientific research, they are some commonly known spiritual signs that someone is thinking about us and missing us.

1. You Dream of Them

Dreams of a twin flame could happen because we’re missing them, but it’s also possible that they’re missing us. A connection that immediate and intense doesn’t just go away. It lingers. We feel the connection, and our dreaming selves just might hear the truth of their hearts.

Skeptics just might call it wishful thinking — and maybe it is. But it’s also possible that our dreaming selves know what our waking selves can’t. If their feelings are strong enough, we might feel just enough of a psychic connection that it infiltrates our dreams.

2. Reminders of Them Keep Showing Up

One of the most interesting signs happens when reminders of them keep showing up everywhere. We can call it coincidence all we want, but there’s something about it that just keeps drawing our thoughts to that twin flame connection no matter how long ago it occurred.

We turn on the radio, and it’s on a song that’s meaningful to that relationship. We hear a stranger say a phrase we’ve only ever heard from that person.

We keep seeing reminders of them, and we want to believe it’s just because we’re missing them. But maybe they’re missing us as well. This series of reminders is often a sign we’re on their minds.

One mention might be pure coincidence, but we have to wonder when these reminders keep showing up in different ways.

3. They Ask Mutual Friends About You

If we’re looking for a signier sign, try this one: They ask mutual friends about us. We know that they’re missing us because they want to know how we’re doing. While it could be idle curiosity, it’s unlikely when it comes to the twin flame connection.

It doesn’t matter how much time goes by. We don’t just forget someone who changed our whole lives just from knowing them. And they don’t forget us either. Remember: we changed their lives just as much. It’s natural they would miss us and ask about us to mutual friends.

4. They Engage on Your Social Media

A more obvious sign is when they start engaging with our social media. At first, this might not seem like a big deal if we’re still connected there. However, it’s truly an indicator that we are missed if the interactions break their existing pattern.

The cynic in me wants to say that this just happens when the twin flame is lonely and dwelling on the past, but I think there are some relationships we just don’t easily get over. The twin flame is one of them. It’s so significant that we might find it irresistible to look back every once in a while.

5. They Reach Out to Get in Touch

When they reach out to get in touch, it’s hard to deny that they miss us. This is the most obvious of the signs. They’re clearly missing us, or they wouldn’t reach out.

Some twin flame relationships are capable of staying friends, but some of them burn out too bright and fast for that to happen. It’s sad to admit that sometimes the twin flame connection can create damage to the relationship.

We love, and we learn, but when it’s over, we find ourselves needing to sever the tie if we ever want to truly heal. A twin flame reaching out might mean that they miss us, but it doesn’t mean we’re required to reach back if we think it would be unhealthy for us.

6. You Have a Strong Gut Feeling

After covering some of the most obvious signs, I’d like to mention a more subtle one. Sometimes, we just have a strong gut feeling that they’re missing us. It feels almost mystical. While it, too, could be wishful thinking, it’s possible that we are so deeply connected with that person that we can experience flashes of their feelings.

Sometimes, I have a strong gut feeling that something is going on with him. I’m never sure what it is, and I always question the feeling. But it’s there. It’s strong, and I know it’s connected to that twin flame relationship.

I’ve stopped trying to overthink it, and I’ve just started sending out love and gratitude when I feel that overwhelming sense of him. I thank him for what he taught me. I wish him love, peace, and happiness.

I stopped trying to make a connection in real life a long time ago. Now, I just hope that sending it out in the Universe is enough. I hope he feels it even if he doesn’t know it’s from me.

beautiful nice couple in love
Twin flame couple in love

7. You Can’t Stop Thinking of Them

As strange as it may seem, sometimes the fact that we can’t stop thinking about them means that they are out there missing us. There’s no study that can prove it. This isn’t scientific to be sure.

But it makes a certain kind of sense that someone we connected with at the deepest level can still have an impact on us even when they are no longer in our lives.

The fact that we’re dwelling on the relationship can also mean that there are still lessons they’re trying to teach us. My twin flame relationship taught me many things, but one of the biggest lessons was that sometimes loving well means letting go.

I didn’t enjoy learning that one, but it was necessary for my growth. I learned how to love without attachment, and I learned that the truest, most unconditional love is the kind that allows us both to be free.

If we can’t stop thinking about them, it’s often a sign they’re missing us. It’s equally a sign that we’re not done with the lessons they’ve come to teach us even if we never see or hear from them again.

8. You See Them in Other People

One of the strangest signs that a twin flame is missing us is when we think we see them only to discover a stranger instead. This can feel uncanny. It’s natural to run into a former flame if we live in the same town or cross the same paths.

Seeing them isn’t necessarily noteworthy in that case. But when we think we see them, and it keeps turning out to be other people, it could be their soul communicating with our own.

It can be strange when this happens. I don’t live in the same town as any of my exes, so when I think I see my twin flame in person, it is a true jolt. I often think I’ll never see him again in real life, and it can be a powerful experience to think — even for a moment — that he’s in front of me.

Even when it turns out to be a stranger who might share similar features, it certainly brings up reminders of the past — and what it taught me.

Twin flames have so much to teach us before they go. Sometimes, we’re still learning the lessons long after the relationship ends. They leave a mark on us, and we leave a mark on them.

We can move on with our lives and find happiness with ourselves or with a soulmate, but it’s natural if we have moments where we miss each other.

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