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When Strength Meets Compassion: 10 Traits of the Alpha Empath

The most powerful people are often sensitive and strong, but sometimes we see only one side of them. We see their strength and forget their vulnerability, or we see their sensitivity and dismiss them as weak.

When we do that, when we compartmentalize human beings, we fail to take into account their full power. Don’t make this mistake with the alpha empath.

What is an Alpha Empath?

To understand the alpha empath, we must first break down the definitions of an alpha and an empath. The alpha is seen as the leader of the pack of socio-sexual hierarchy, or core personalities.

Usually, the hierarchy is as follows: alpha, sigma, beta, delta, gamma, and omega. Each personality type represents a particular set of characteristics.

The empath is seen as someone who isn’t just sensitive to others but can experience the feelings of others as their own.

There are many types of empaths including but not limited to sigma empaths, super empaths, intuitive empaths, dark empaths, and heyoka empaths. Each empathic type is associated with particular sensitivities.

The alpha empath is a person who has the strength and assertiveness of the alpha with the sensitivity and compassion of the empath.

The Hidden Secrets of an Alpha Empath

The alpha empath possesses many powerful traits that can make them strong leaders and powerful lovers. They combine the strength-based mentality of the alpha with the empath’s ability to delve into the psyche of others. Here are the hidden traits of the alpha empath.

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1. They Are Sensitive But Powerful Lovers

One of the primary traits of an alpha empath in relationships is that they are sensitive but powerful lovers. They are capable of strong leadership but don’t discount the views and feelings of their partners. In fact, while alphas are often thought of as striving to be the boss, many alphas are happy to partner other strong leaders to share that power.

In truth, alphas often have strong empathy, but that comes with a heavy burden of stress. A powerful alpha empath often looks to partner with someone who can help carry that load as one half of a powerful team. They still have all the assertiveness and confidence of a leader without the power-hungry aspect that can challenge some alphas in relationships.

Happily, their sensitivity also translates to the bedroom where the alpha empath is happy to show assertiveness, strength, and sensitivity. Because they care so much about the feelings of others, they are particularly in tune as lovers. They’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when their partners are fully satisfied.

2. They Know How to Compromise

The alpha empath can be as stubborn as anyone else, but their innate compassion makes them open to compromise. In relationships in particular, the alpha empath is unlikely to throw away a good partner just to prove a point. When they love, they are loyal and will want to do whatever it takes to make the relationship work — within reason, of course.

The alpha empath uses their courage to address issues and to suggest compromises. This doesn’t mean it’s always easy for them, but it does mean that they are likely to try — and unlikely to give up. They are successful in many things, and relationships are no exception.

3. They Have Strong Self-Esteem

While the alpha empath is more than capable of compromise, they won’t sacrifice themselves just to please someone else. They possess healthy self-esteem and know the value they bring to relationships. They aren’t doormats, and their relationships tend to be centered in strong boundaries and positive self-worth.

The alpha empath can be just as unhealthy as anyone else. They aren’t super-human. They do, however, tend toward strong self-esteem. Also, they have the confidence that attracts partners, and they have the sensitivity that makes them want to do right by them. It’s a particularly powerful, and attractive, combination.

4. They Are Keen Dreamers

The alpha empath has another hidden trait that not everyone may see. They are as goal oriented as any other alpha, but their empathic tendency is to dream. The driven alpha side pairs well with the empath who believes that they are capable of doing great things if only they try.

The alpha empath won’t just daydream either. They’ll position themselves to reach their goals. They tend to partner people capable of supporting them and will often feel isolated from those who don’t understand or support their dreams. They need people who believe in their capabilities, not ones who only offer criticism.

In point of fact, the alpha empath is likely to end relationships with people who are too critical. Their sensitivity will make them particularly aware of rejection, but they also have the alpha’s decisiveness that will help them make the hard choice to remove relationships that only bring them down.

5. They Can Read the Room

A desirable trait of the alpha empath is that they can read a room like no other. They’re capable of sensing when their lover’s mood shifts — and adjusting accordingly.

While this can also bring about anxiety, it can also help them acknowledge relationship changes and make repairs as needed to maintain connection and intimacy with their partner.

The alpha empath knows just what to say and when to say it, but they aren’t doing it to manipulate or gaslight. They read the room from a place of deep sensitivity and out of a desire for a healthy relationship.

6. They Are Strong Nurturers

It comes as no surprise that the alpha empath often chooses helping professions. They often gravitate toward caretaking roles. Even if they choose strong, independent partners, they are likely to show up in relationships as supportive nurturers.

They’re happiest when they have the opportunity to champion their partners whether that’s standing on the sidelines of a marathon with a sign or just giving them a back rub after a long day.

7. They are Fierce Defenders

The alpha empath may be sensitive, but they are fiercely loyal, too. They might prefer peace, but they’ll go to war for the people they care about the most. It can make them powerful partners.

These aren’t the partners who will let their family walk all over a partner and not say anything. They won’t sit back and let anyone disrespect them. They strongly believe in justice. When it comes to standing up for others, their innate courage serves them well.

8. They Resist Manipulation

The alpha empath has high standards in relationships, but they aren’t unreasonable. They expect honesty from their partners, and any hint of deception is taken seriously. They see lies, including infidelity, as the ultimate betrayal.

It’s also unwise to try to gaslight an alpha empath. They’ll see right through the attempt. Their empath gifts will stop them from retaliating most of the time, but they’re still likely to end relationships with toxic partners and never look back. Forget sending a “u up” message at a later date. As far as the alpha empath is concerned, the relationship is dead and buried after a betrayal.

9. They Don’t Play Games

Don’t get me wrong. The alpha empath is capable of playing games but often chooses not to do so. They prefer to speak directly and to align their words and actions. An alpha empath is unlikely to lead someone on. They feel too keenly the emotions of others to play around with them that way.

In relationships, the alpha empath prizes an open line of communication. They will lose interest in partners who attempt to keep them guessing. They might have an initial interest in the chase, but that will fade if the relationship adds stress to their life.

10. They Go After What They Want

The alpha empath truly follows the old adage “follow your heart”. They are strong, decisive, organized, and goal oriented. When they feel romantic interest, they apply their passion to communicating their feelings and wooing their partners. They go after what they want, and they won’t quit easily. With that being said, a healthy alpha empath still respects boundaries.

Thoughts About Partnering with an Alpha Empath

Alpha empaths are often strong partners capable of healthy relationships. They’re assertive, kind, and compassionate. They combine the analytical aspects of alpha leadership with the sensitive power of the empath.

In relationships, they know what (and who) they want. They aren’t looking for greener pastures elsewhere. They know how to love the one they’re with and to do it well. We’d expect nothing less of an alpha empath.

Partners of an alpha empath will need to keep in mind that they often carry a larger load of stress than the average alpha. They often have the stress of leadership roles in the workplace along with an enhanced to the feelings of family members, colleagues, and partners.

While they are strong and capable of carrying these burdens, they shouldn’t be taken for granted. Treating your alpha empath partner with respect, honesty, and appreciation will strengthen your relationship.

The Controversy of the Alpha Archetype

Because social hierarchies are considered pseudoscience, there are no peer-reviewed studies to support the existence of alpha archetypes or alpha empath archetypes.

In fact, researchers found that the term “alpha” first appeared in 1921, and it was related to behavior in chickens. Later studies on wolves reinforced the idea of an “alpha male” asserting dominance as leader of the pack.

Surprisingly enough, this was later disproven. Wolf packs are often led by a male and female who have become parents. There’s no evidence that the alpha male of the wolf pack exists outside of packs held in captivity.

However, some primate research has yielded evidence that alpha traits exist. Whether or not this research applies to humans has yet to be proven. So, the question remains, why do we have social archetypes at all?

Social archetypes

Social archetypes and other forms of pseudoscience exist to help people better understand themselves. It can also help us understand social dynamics. Some people are leaders. Some prefer to forego the limelight to follow.

Others fall somewhere in between. Whether we’re born that way or simply make those choices based on life experiences, it can be helpful to understand how social hierarchies impact our perception and how those perceptions impact our lives.

With alpha empaths, they possess the ability to lead with sensitivity. Although there may not be empirical evidence available to definitively tell us if we meet the criteria, understanding our tendencies can help us better navigate the world around us.

The alpha empath is often a powerful partner — one who can see to the heart of the one they love and who will always, unfailingly, follow their own heart where it leads.

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