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When Your Twin Flame Is Thinking of You: 11 Signs

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In this article we will talk about some signs your twin flame is thinking of you.

If you’ve ever experienced a twin flame connection, you know that it’s a feeling like no other. The twin flame is said to be the same soul split in two.

While soulmates are drawn together and perfectly complement one another, the twin flame connection is an intense attraction of two like-minded souls.

Even though there is a feeling of magnetism, twin flames are often too alike, sparking discord.

The twin flame connection serves the purpose of elevating you both as your deeper issues rise to the surface, forcing you to deal with them.

That may sound unpleasant, and these relationships are often turbulent. Yet, they also inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

However, these relationships aren’t always meant to last. Sometimes, they just come into your life to help you be the person you were always meant to become. Other times, there’s a difficult separation followed by a meaningful reunion.

It can be difficult to separate from a twin flame. Severing the relationship doesn’t sever the connection. Here are some common signs your twin flame is thinking of you.

11 Signs Your Twin Flame is Thinking of You

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What follows are a few signs your twin flame may be thinking of you.

Why listen to me? I’m Crystal Jackson and I was a master’s level licensed therapist. I worked with couples and individuals and specialized in trauma recovery and empowerment. I now write content about relationships, self-improvement, and psychology. My work has been featured in large publications such as Elite Daily, Your Tango, Positively Positive, and Mamamia.

1. You Dream of Them

If your twin flame keeps appearing in your dreams, chances are good they’re thinking of you. Dreams can be powerful.

When your twin flame keeps playing a starring role, your subconscious could be nudging you toward greater healing.

  • Is there a level of growth you haven’t yet reached?
  • Is there something unhealed about the connection that needs your attention?
  • Do you have the sense that they’re just sending you love from afar?

This doesn’t mean a reunion is on the horizon, although it could certainly portend that. It likely means there’s some part of the relationship that feels unfinished to you.

While you might be tempted to reach out for closure, it’s often best to find that closure within yourself.

2. You Sense Their Emotions

Do you suddenly experience emotions that don’t feel like your own? You may be sensing theirs. It’s an uncanny feeling when it happens, but you just might be experiencing the twin flame connection’s heightened sensitivity.

Do you suddenly feel worried about them? If you feel a surge of strange emotion, breathe through it. If your twin flame is still in your life, this could be a good time to reach out.

And if they are not in your life for any reason, you could take a moment to send love, peace, or comfort their way in hopes that it eases their distress.

Of course, it may not be distress that you feel. You might also feel their happiness or relief. If it doesn’t feel like it’s coming from you, it could be a sign that your twin flame is thinking of you.

3. Other People Mention Them in Conversation

This is one of the most common signs your twin flame is thinking of you.

Do people keep bringing up your twin flame out of the blue? This can happen when they’re thinking of you. Suddenly, they pop up as a topic of conversation, and you’re not the one doing it.

It could seem random, but it could also be confirmation that your twin flame is thinking of you.

You could decide it’s a coincidence, or you could feel comforted that you meant as much to them as they meant to you.

4. You Feel a Sense of Peace and Protection

If you’ve ever suddenly felt a sense of peace and protection, you might have attributed it to angels, guardians, ancestors, or even that mysterious but intense twin flame connection.

No matter how you choose to look at it, it’s an amazing feeling.

The sudden sense of peace could convey that you are being held in the protective thoughts of your twin flame.

Even if the ending was toxic, you can rest in the knowledge that they still wish you well in your new life. You could even return that sense of peace to them if you feel so inclined.

5. You Feel Suddenly Exhausted

Suddenly, all your energy just disappears, and you feel overcome with exhaustion. Perhaps you explain it away by a long work week or ongoing stress.

Perhaps even a health problem could justify the way you’re feeling — and certainly don’t neglect to consider this option.

However, you might also be experiencing the twin flame connection.

If they’re having a tough day, a mental health crisis, or even an emergency situation, you might feel their exhaustion as keenly as if it were your own.

At least, that’s the spiritual theory. Life is hard, and there are plenty of other explanations. But it’s possible your twin flame is thinking of you at a moment of some urgency. It could also mean that they are thinking of you in anger.

6. Smiling Suddenly

Do you find yourself smiling for no reason? This is another sign that you twin flame is thinking of you. More importantly, it’s a sign that they are thinking well of you.

Perhaps they just had a memory of the two of you that made them smile. You felt it and smiled, too. Isn’t that wonderful?

Sharing that intense connection can be challenging, but it can also be beautiful.

7. They Reach Out

This is the one of the most obvious signs your twin flame is thinking of you.

They reach out and tell you. It could come out of the blue, or it could come right at the moment that you are thinking of them.

It can be a strange feeling to have them reach out right at the moment that they are on your mind. It’s a chicken-and-the-egg problem.

Did your thought summon them, or did theirs summon you?

Or is it that you both simply felt the connection at the exact same time?

You could decide to ignore the message if it was a toxic relationship. If it was a healthy relationship that just didn’t work out, this could be an opportunity for the twin flame reunion.

The reunion could be a continuation of the relationship, or it could simply be the timely closure that you needed to feel that the relationship and its role in your life is complete.

8. Your Tarot Reading Confirms It

A tarot reading could also confirm that your twin flame has you on their mind. If you pull The Lovers card, it could be considered confirmation that your twin flame has you on their mind.

It is the ultimate tarot card for twin flames.

Here are the other cards that could signal your twin flame is thinking of you.

  • Two of Cups — This could signal that your twin flame is thinking well of you.
  • Two of Wands — This is definite confirmation that you’re having the same thought at the same time as your twin flame.
  • Four of Wands — This is considered the 11:11 connection card that indicates a twin flame reunion. They’re thinking of you because they want to resume the relationship.
  • The Devil — This could be an indicator that the twin flame relationship is toxic or that your twin flame is thinking of you, but not in a good way.
  • The Tower — This is another potential warning that the thoughts they’re having of you could be negative.
  • The World — This is a sign that your twin flame isn’t just thinking of you. For you, they are the world, the one person who just makes everything feel like it falls into place.

Are you still feeling uncertain? Cleanse your deck, mix the cards, and then look for The Lovers card in the stack. The cards on either side of The Lovers could give you additional insight.

9. You Get Chills or Goosebumps

If you suddenly get chills or goosebumps for no discernible reason, it could be that your twin flame’s thoughts just brushed against your own.

They’ve got you on the mind, and your connection is so strong that you instantly feel it.

While there are plenty of other, more logical explanations, if you’re thinking of them at that moment, they might be thinking of you, too.

10. The Universe Keeps Reminding You

Does the Universe keep them at the forefront of your mind? Do you walk into a restaurant and hear “your” song? Do you walk into the library only to find their favorite book front and center on the display table?

The Universe might be nudging you. It could be an indication that your twin flame has you on their mind. It can be a disconcerting feeling.

Or, it could be a clue that you need to reach out, but it just might be an indicator that you need to make peace with the relationship’s end.

Heed the reminders or ignore them, but if there is something you need to address, the Universe will likely keep sending signs until you deal with it.

11. You Can’t Stop Thinking of Them

Do you find that your twin flame is always on your mind lately? Do you find thoughts of them just keep popping up long after you feel they should have stopped?

It’s possible you’re obsessed and just need to make peace with reality. That’s one conclusion you could draw from this.

It could also be that they’re on your mind because you’re on theirs.

Take heart: they might be equally annoyed or frustrated by it depending on how the relationship ended. Or perhaps they’re just trying to let you know that they think well of you, despite everything.

You get to choose how to interpret this sign. Let your interpretation bring you peace.

Final Thoughts

The twin flame connection is strong. Sometimes, it can feel irresistible. If it was toxic, please continue to resist and know that it was only meant to elevate you. It wasn’t meant to last.

Take the lessons, send love in their direction, and keep it moving.

Sometimes, the twin flame connections bring all our issues to the surface. It makes us do the deep shadow work we often avoid. And it sends us challenges.

It usually breaks the relationship down in the process as both people struggle with their inner demons. But this is where it gets interesting.

For the twin flame connection that manages to elevate each other, there is hope for a reunion.

Once both parties do their shadow work and focus on their healing, it’s possible for them to reunite from a stronger, healthier place.

If the love is there and the issues that broke the relationship down are no longer present, it’s possible that a return to the relationship is possible.

These twin flames have what it takes to go the distance — but only if both of them have worked and will continue to work on the relationship.

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