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Aries and Aquarius Relationship Compatibility Revealed

In today’s post we are going to discuss the compatibility between Aries and Aquarius.

Zodiac compatibility is a fascinating subject. Astrology isn’t used to predict the future. Rather, it’s a useful tool to help us better understand ourselves and others. When it comes to compatibility, understanding the natural tendencies of our star sign and how these traits complement others can help us identify our strengths in relationships. It can also help identify challenges that may arise.

While free-spirited air sign Aquarius might not seem like the most natural match for impulsive fire sign Aries, these two have much to respect and admire in one another. 

What an Aquarius Likes in an Aries

Before we delve into relationship compatibility, let’s talk about what each sign admires in the other to get a better idea of how these two work. 


Assertiveness is one of the key qualities that Aquarius admires in Aries. The ability to think critically and move forward decisively appeals to Aquarius’s natural ambition. While some people might find Aries’ directness off-putting when it comes to asserting an opinion, Aquarius finds the honesty refreshing even if it’s not always voiced with the greatest of tact.

Free-spirited Aquarius doesn’t mind that Aries tends to take charge. In fact, it can be an appealing difference for the Water-Bearer who spends more time thinking through decisions. Although these two are likely to butt heads from time-to-time, the Aquarius likes that Aries has opinions and a willingness to voice them.


Aquarians also tend to enjoy the natural enthusiasm of Aries. Aries see the world with fresh eyes and never truly get jaded. They’re eternal optimists who infuse everything they do with passion, which purposeful Aquarians appreciate. 

Aquarius appreciates this zest for life and fresh take on each day. It appeals to their natural open-mindedness. It can also help ignite Aquarius’s own passions. 

Sense of Adventure

Both Aquarius and Aries share a sense of adventure. These two aren’t usually happy sitting at home all day every day. Instead, they would rather be out exploring the world and enjoying novel experiences. Aquarius loves that Aries is just as happy to get out and socialize or try something new. 

Aquarius could even appreciate the impulsiveness of an Aries adventure. While Aquarius carefully plans out adventures, Aries likes to jump in and do things on a whim. This can take Aquarius out of their comfort zone — but in a good way. It can help them embrace a little spontaneity in life.  


Aries, like Aquarius, speaks fluent sarcasm. These two share a sharper sense of humor, and Aquarius absolutely loves it. These two can share banter, tease each other, or build hilarious inside jokes because they both look at the world with humor. Even difficult times can bring out a dark sense of humor that they both can appreciate.

While these two can have a more serious side, this relationship is strongest when laughter is a regular feature. Although both signs can, at times, be tactless, they likely won’t offend each other. Because they share this trait, they’ll likely find the most outrageous comments to be the most hilarious. 


Aquarius appreciates the wisdom Aries brings to the table. While the Water-Bearer leans more on intuition, the Ram’s old soul is wise and knowing. These two would do well to listen to one another. 


Because Aquarius is a purpose-driven sign who looks for meaning in life, they are often drawn to strong ambition. Aries’s natural leadership and desire for advancement can appeal to Aquarius. These two are made to rule, and while Aquarius usually goes a more non-traditional route than Aries, they both appreciate the other’s goal-oriented nature.


Aquarius sees Aries as being fearless. It’s a quality that they admire. They like that Aries doesn’t shrink from telling the truth even if it hurts. They love that the Ram will be the first to stand up for others. And they appreciate that an Aries will wake up every day and take on life even when it’s hard. The fearlessness of Aries is a main aspect of the attraction of an Aquarius.

What an Aries Likes in an Aquarius

Admiration for Aries by Aquarius isn’t a one-way street. This is more of a mutual admiration society. There are a number of Aquarius traits that Aries ardently appreciates. 


Aries loves the boldness of Aquarius. It appeals to their can-do, assertive nature. They enjoy the fact that Aquarius isn’t bothered by what other people think of them — even Aries. In fact, Aquarius can easily stand up to Aries’ bossier nature, which you might think would bother Aries. The Ram actually appreciates the challenge presented by the Water Bearer.


Aries also loves Aquarius’s vision. While Aries has plenty of ambition, Aquarius has a bigger picture vision of the future. They lead purpose-driven lives that complement Aries’s assertive nature. 

Aries enjoys Aquarius’s view of the world and appreciation of multiple viewpoints. While these two might not always agree, there’s a sense of respect in how the other views life. Aries is usually focused on the next task and loves how Aquarius’s vision can help direct them toward a higher purpose and bigger picture thinking. 


One quality that Aries loves in Aquarius is their natural intuition. While Aries’s own wisdom is well-established, they appreciate how Aquarius has a more intuitive grasp on nuance in any situation. An Aquarius can walk in and read a room immediately. 

Aries knows that they can trust Aquarius’s judgment because it’s so finely tuned to the world around them. If Aquarius declares a situation as having bad vibes, Aries is wise enough to trust that feeling even if everything seems okay on the surface.

While they don’t always understand each other, these two know that they can trust each other’s advice.

Intellectual Stimulation

Aries can get bored easily, which is one reason they enjoy the intellectual stimulation offered by Aquarius. Aquarians won’t simply agree with Aries. Instead, they’ll challenge and debate a point. These two don’t mind arguing, and Aries will actually appreciate someone who can hash out a thought on the same level. 

This pairing rarely runs out of things to say. They both provide the other with insights into the world. While they often disagree on viewpoints, they find these discussions to be stimulating. 


Aries loves that Aquarius is never offended by their sense of humor. They’re both equally sarcastic with a sometimes-dark twist to their humor. Even though Aries possesses great ambition, the Ram enjoys being able to kick back and laugh with Aquarius. Seeing the humor in the everyday is something they can both appreciate in the other. 


The Aries sense of wonder thrills at Aquarius’s originality. Aquarians tend to be the wonderful weirdos of the Zodiac, and Aries loves it. They don’t get bored talking things out with the Water-Bearer, and they are in constant admiration of Aquarius’s wacky and rebellious nature. 

Impulsive Aries can understand acting on a whim, but it’s the total originality of Aquarius that really fascinates and attracts them. They understand that it’s good to have people around you who challenge the status quo and think for themselves.

While others might be intimidated or judgmental when it comes to Aquarian quirks, Aries would readily list them as a few of their favorite things.


Aries possesses a sense of wonder and optimism bordering on naivete and can appreciate the open mind of an Aquarius. The Ram loves that Aquarius doesn’t judge other people. They even appreciate that the Water-Bearer is capable of forming new opinions when new information arrives. Aquarius’s flexible, open mind is unlikely the more traditional Aries way of thinking, but it provides a useful perspective for the Ram. 

Aquarius and Aries Relationship Compatibility

When it comes to relationships, Aquarius and Aries can complement one another even though they often argue. Let’s take a look at their love, sexuality, and friendship compatibility.

Love Compatibility

Let’s face it: These two don’t always see eye-to-eye. They argue — a lot. But they also respect and appreciate one another. If they can resolve each conflict as it arises rather than nursing resentment, they actually have a decent chance of going the distance.

A word of warning, however. Aquarius is a bit more free-spirited than Aries and requires more space. While they’re both independent, Aries tends to need more stability in relationships than Aquarius desires. For Aries, it could seem like the air sign keeps one foot out the door of the relationship.

For Aquarius, they could see the fire sign as being needier than they like and could begin to feel tied down. If they can navigate this challenge in particular, this couple could be a strong match.

Sexual Compatibility

When it comes to physical intimacy, both Aries and Aquarius are passionate lovers. Aries is happy to initiate, and Aquarius will likely bring fun, fresh ideas to the bedroom. These two will likely experience a strong sexual connection that never gets boring or falls into a routine. 

Friendship Compatibility

Aquarius and Aries might think differently, but they can truly be the best of friends. They both love to laugh and go on adventures. Aquarius can teach Aries how to be more intuitive, and Aries can lead Aquarius their innate wisdom.

Aries’s impulsiveness and Aquarius’s tendency to rebel can be a dynamic and dangerous combination, but they can also balance each other out if they develop their maturity.

Aries and Aquarius Compatibility in Summary

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this is a match made in Heaven, but Aries and Aquarius certainly have enough complementary qualities to build a strong relationship. This couple is likely to argue often, but they’ll also probably enjoy the fierce debate and how it challenges their thinking.

They’re never bored with each other and always up for a new adventure. The path ahead won’t be without challenges, but they just might be stubborn enough to overcome anything that gets in their way.

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