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What an Aquarius Man Needs in a Woman: 14 Traits He Looks For

In this post we will talk about what an Aquarius man needs in a woman.

Born January 20th to February 18th, the Aquarius man is a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn and Uranus. The symbol representing Aquarius is the Water Bearer. If you’re familiar with astrology, you know that Aquarius is just one of 12 Zodiac signs in modern astrology.

While astrology cannot predict our choices or dictate our decisions, it can be useful in providing insight into ourselves and other people.

What an Aquarius Man Needs

The Aquarius man is the modern rebel with a cause. He’s not looking for an “opposites attract” romantic situation. Instead, he’s looking for a romantic partnership that is complementary to his nature. Differences are acceptable, but too many differences are likely to cause the Aquarius man to lose interest and move on to more compatible options.

The following traits we’ll discuss are general categories that apply to this particular celestial sign, but individual Aquarians may have other characteristics in mind that are more specific. While everyone is different, there are 14 typical traits that an Aquarius man looks for in a partner.

14 Things the Aquarius Man Looks for in a Woman

1. A Best Friend

The Aquarius man brings best friend energy to his relationships. He doesn’t just want a lover; he wants that lover to be his best friend. He’s fun to be around but also takes his relationships seriously. He wants to know that you can be his closest confidant and not just his plus-one.

The Aquarius man is likely to stay friends with his exes because he builds relationships on a strong foundation of friendship. He’ll likely try to stay amicable with former partners.

This is good news for you. You already know that he won’t turn into a crazy ex should the relationship end, and if the relationship survives, you’ll get to be best friends and lovers for life.

2. Open-Mindedness

The Aquarius man is the freethinker of the Zodiac, and he will not partner someone with a closed-mind and rigid way of thinking. It’s counterintuitive to his nature. He would much rather build a romantic partnership with someone who isn’t judgmental. He looks for an empathetic outlook from the people he partners.

The Aquarian man marches to the beat of his own drummer, and the last thing he’s going to want is a partner who judges him for it — or judges other people for being different. He’s going to find out upfront if you have an open mind or if all your opinions are set for life. Open-minded people will enjoy the rich dialogue with an Aquarius. Closed-minded people will likely feel uncomfortable and weed themselves out.

3. Intelligence

The Aquarius man is also incredibly intelligent. His intellect is likely to impress you, but know that he’ll be equally impressed by yours, too.

The Aquarius man wants a partner who is smart, too. Keep in mind that Aquarians are freethinkers, so he isn’t necessarily looking for someone with undergraduate and graduate degrees. He’s looking for someone who is a critical thinker.

He is likely to be unimpressed by people who have opinions but nothing solid to back them up. He wants an intelligent partner who does their own research and makes informed decisions based on their inquiries. The Aquarius man finds brainy beauties to be his top pick for partners.

4. Independence

An Aquarius man has no interest in babysitting his romantic partner. He wants someone in his life who is independent and self-reliant. He wants to know that he can do his thing and his partner will be out there doing theirs without waiting around for him.

The Aquarius man needs space in relationships, and he’ll enjoy having a partner who understands, respects, and needs this, too. A clingy partner who is always around for him won’t keep his interest. He’ll quickly become frustrated by the lack of mutual independence within the relationship.

5. Humor

The Aquarius man loves to laugh and has a great sense of humor. He’ll want to know that you’re comfortable goofing around with him. He’s happiest with partners who don’t take themselves too seriously and are willing to be a little silly for a laugh.

6. Curiosity

Another key trait the Aquarius man will look for in a romantic partner is curiosity. His strong intelligence and open-mindedness will mesh beautifully with a person who is naturally curious. He’ll want to see that you don’t just idly wonder about things because you also go looking for answers.

He finds curiosity a major turn on. He wants to know that you think about life and are interested in more than cheap gossip or trending topics. And he’s strongly attracted to people who have an insatiable lust for knowledge.

7. Eccentricity

The Aquarius man has a unique streak you’ll notice from the start, and it’s not really surprising that he prefers eccentricity in partners as well.

Let’s face it: eccentric people are always going to be more accepting of unique or downright weird qualities in others. It’s natural that the Aquarius man would choose a fellow oddball to share his life.

This is a man who is going to love your quirks. He’ll think they’re the best things about you. He’s not going to judge you for that weird snack you eat or that odd hobby you adore. He’ll be curious, possibly amused, and definitely turned on that you are as eccentric as he is.

8. Passion

Because the Aquarian man is passionate and purposeful, he usually looks for these traits in a lover. Someone who is content with the routine humdrum of life is not going to capture his attention. Instead, he loves to be around passionate people who are driven to find their purpose.

He’ll be enthusiastic about your passion in the bedroom, but he also wants to see passion in your career, in your friendships, and even in your hobbies. He loves to partner someone who gets excited about life and their interests. It appeals to his passions to know you have some, too.

9. Confidence

The Aquarius man is not going to constantly stroke another person’s ego. He wants a bold partner who possess self-worth and confidence.

While everyone finds confidence attractive in general, the Aquarius man is unlikely to partner someone who doesn’t have it. He’s not going to be patient with someone who doesn’t build their own self-esteem and discover their own confidence.

As a confident person himself, he just won’t understand it. He’s going to be on the lookout for people who know who they are and what they want and go out and get it. He’ll quickly lose interest in people who suffer from a lack of confidence.

10. Sense of Adventure

The Aquarius man likes to be spontaneous and walk on the wild side. He wants a partner who also possesses a sense of adventure, he wants someone who can travel with him.

He doesn’t just want someone who can enjoy a trip to the beach or to a luxury resort, he wants a relationship with someone who can even make going to the grocery store an adventure.

It’s not about luxury or being able to afford adventures on a grand scale. It’s an outlook on life that he’s looking for. He wants someone who isn’t afraid to try and fail even if they look silly doing it. He wants someone who faces new experiences with a good attitude.

11. Honesty

One key trait of the Aquarius man is that he has high standards and is purpose driven. He has his own code of ethics, and he will not partner with dishonest people if he can avoid it. If he catches you in a lie, you can kiss the relationship goodbye.

Honesty is a key value an Aquarian man looks for in a relationship. He wants to know that he can trust you. He also finds deception to be offensive. While he might live by his own rules, he has a strong core code of ethics, and he won’t be remotely interested in dating someone who behaves unethically.

12. Ambition

The purpose driven Aquarius man is often successful, and he loves to be in relationships with people who are equally successful in their lives.

Of course, the Aquarius man may have his own definition for what qualifies as a successful life, but he does tend to enjoy being around ambitious people who are working toward goals of some kind.

His charisma often clears the way to his success, and he’s happiest when he can partner someone who is equally following their dreams. Partners who lack any ambition even at a personal growth level will not appeal to the Aquarius man.

13. Loyalty

Because the Aquarius man brings best friend energy to his romantic relationships, he’s going to be loyal, and one thing he will never tolerate is disloyalty. He wants to know that his partner is his partner.

Infidelity will offend his personal moral code, and even failing to defend him when given the chance could be experienced as a massive betrayal. The Aquarian man doesn’t just want a loyal partner — he needs it.

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14. Assertiveness

The Aquarius man knows who he is, and he’s unaffected by how other people think of him. He’s living his best life, and not everyone will get that. He’ll enjoy having a partner who is just as assertive without stepping over the line into aggression. He wants bold partners who speak up for themselves.

If you’re unable to stand up for yourself or assert an opinion, you might not be the best match for the Aquarius man who values both. He’s going to want a partner who is capable of self-advocacy.

The Aquarius Man — In Summary

The Aquarius man is fun to be around, loyal, loving, and open-minded. He’s the one you can talk to about anything. He loves deep conversations with intelligent people, and he doesn’t judge eccentricities. He flaunts his own.

When it comes to what an Aquarius man needs in a woman, he has some nonnegotiables that are near and dear to his heart.

He might like a challenge, but he wants it in a relationship with someone whose energy is a beautiful complement to his own. He’s seeking a weirdo he can love who loves him back, and it’s a beautiful thing.

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