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Zodiac Relationships: Cancer and Leo Love Compatibility

When it comes to Zodiac compatibility, there tend to be two camps. There’s the one that completely denies that your date of birth has anything whatsoever to do with your compatibility in relationships, and there’s the one that absolutely swears by the stars aligning (or failing to do so).

In the first camp, they’ll likely scoff if you bring up your sun sign at all. In the second camp, they’re very likely to swear that they will never date a particular Zodiac sign again — and then illustrate the many reasons why based on their past dating history.

Of course, there are always those campers who choose not to fit into either camp and just find reading about the celestial signs and their love compatibility to be highly entertaining but not to be taken completely seriously. That camp is pretty lighthearted most of the time.

No matter which camp you personally fall into, there are benefits to reading about star sign compatibility. The truth is that we all have differences.

Everything from our geographic location to our attachment styles to our religion can impact the way we behave in relationships. Zodiac signs are just one small piece of a large and confusing puzzle.

I don’t really like puzzles, which is also how I often feel about dating. But I do like looking at potential compatibility and pointing out the possible risks and benefits of Zodiac pairings. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Cancer and Leo Love Compatibility: Opposites Attract

Cancer and Leo are a fascinating pairing. They’re basically the prom king and queen of the celestial signs. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and Leo is ruled by the Sun. They are total opposites, but as with magnets, we all know that opposites attract.

Let’s talk first about what attracts Cancer and Leo to one another beyond their differences. Both Cancer and Leo are loving and loyal Zodiac signs. They’re known for it. Cancer is a caretaker, always happiest when they can nurture others.

Leo is a big softie with a hopeless romantic heart who is known for grand romantic gestures (as well as small, thoughtful ones). This couple will likely be found loved up in yet another selfie because they can’t get enough of each other.

Plus, they’re loyal, so this isn’t a couple likely to betray each other. They’ll be fierce in defense of their partner and will be more likely to see each other’s strengths and show compassion for any weaknesses.

Because their love, loyalty, and love of romance mesh well together, this couple could truly embody relationship goals if they’re careful to navigate the many differences.

This couple could go the distance simply because they are both interested in long-term commitment. Generally, both Cancers and Leos are relationship people.

They want to be loved up with a special someone. They’re not usually commitment-phobes. So, if they partner up, they have the potential to truly commit to working through any problems that may present — and there will be some.

Cancer and Leo Love: Kings, Queens, and Stranger Things

Ruled by the Moon and Sun, the Cancer and Leo love match are a royal pairing. While they might be the king and queen of hearts when it comes to astrology, they aren’t naturally compatible.

They are literally night and day when it comes to their celestial rulers. Night and day typically coexist — just not at the same time in the same place.

While a Cancer and Leo love pairing isn’t the most blessed in terms of Zodiac love compatibility, it isn’t the worst either. One of the challenges of this relationship is that Leos tend to be dramatic while Cancers tend to be more sincere.

To be fair, Leos are sincerely dramatic, but Cancer may long for less grand gestures and more straightforward affection.

Plus, Leo loves the limelight and going out to socialize and may tire of Cancer’s homebody tendencies. Both are emotional and sensitive, which can be a bad combination in a relationship if left unchecked. Leo tends to live love out loud — as well as all of their feelings.

Cancer tends to be more reserved when it comes to sharing how they feel. Cancers want that deep connection and intimacy, and Leos want that but also want power couple status on social media.

While this might make Leos seem shallow and Cancers seem deep, that’s not at all the case. Both are intelligent, and Leo’s bravery can actually be good for Cancer’s tendency to stay wrapped up in the comfort zone.

Cancer’s love of security and nesting into home can be great for Leo to come home to after a fun party. They can complement one another, but these many differences can make it difficult for a relationship to truly last.

When this couple breaks up, it will likely be in spectacular fashion. Leo’s love of drama and Cancer’s deep sensitivity could meet for an epic end. The love that started strong could get turned upside down before it’s over.

They may even wonder later what it was they saw in each other when they were so different at the start. Like the sun and the moon, they could decide that living apart is a far happier conclusion than working so hard to be together.

Cancer and Leo Compatibility: A Summary

Does that mean a Cancer and Leo love is doomed? Of course not. That’s not how Zodiac compatibility works. If you want to know if your relationship has what it takes to go the distance, you might want to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Are both of you fully engaged and invested in the relationship equally?
  • Have you talked about what you both want for yourselves in the future — both individually and as a couple?
  • Do you share similar values or interests?
  • Are you both willing to learn to communicate and resolve conflict better to keep the relationship healthy and make it even healthier?
  • Are you both respectful and kind when addressing relationship problems?
  • Are you both working to resolve issues in the relationship, or is one person doing all the heavy lifting?

Doing a little relationship checkup can quickly tell you if your relationship is healthy or if it needs a little more attention to get that way. You can’t do it all.

Whether you’re a Leo or a Cancer, you can’t make a relationship with the other work if they don’t want it to or aren’t willing to tackle the problems that will inevitably come from your differences.

Every relationship has differences. There are always going to be things you don’t like, and it’s equally certain there will be things they don’t always like about you. Perfection isn’t the goal. A perfect love doesn’t exist. But two imperfect people doing their best to be healthy and love each other well? That’s totally possible.

If you’re a Leo in love with a Cancer or a Cancer in love with a Leo, don’t get discouraged. Leo’s got the drive and bravery to overcome the differences, and Cancer’s sensitivity could help them navigate the changing currents of pairing dramatic Leo.

Cancer’s more reserved nature is happy to point the spotlight at Leo, and Leo’s loving-out-loud policy could make Cancer feel more secure within the relationship. These two can make it work — if, of course, they’re willing to work at it.

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