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How Does a Gemini Man Test a Woman? 11 Signs

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How does a Gemini man test a woman?

In this article we are going to give you a detailed answer to this question and we are going to explore the signs a Gemini man is trying to test you.

Of all the men in the Zodiac, the Gemini man is often the hardest to truly know. Born between May 21st and June 21st, Gemini is the third astrological sign in the Zodiac calendar. On the surface, Geminis are intelligent, charming, and easygoing, but there are other sides to the Gemini man. 

If you choose to date or partner with a Gemini man, you need to be aware that he will test you. It’s not a question of if. Will you pass his test? 

11 Signs a Gemini Man Is Testing You

If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice that the Gemini man tests you often but especially at the start of a relationship. He’s known for his mind games, which is interesting when you consider that he values honesty above all.

How he goes about finding your truth is another matter altogether. He won’t always ask directly. Instead, he’ll figure out ways to get the information without having to ask. Here are 11 signs you’re being tested by the Gemini man. 

1. He Takes Conversations Out of Shallow Waters

The Gemini man excels at small talk, but it’s not particularly meaningful for him. He can socialize with the best of them, but what he truly wants is to have deep, meaningful, intellectual conversations with someone on his level.

When he moves the conversation outside of shallow waters, he’s testing you to see if you can handle it.

Will you head back toward the small talk, or are you capable of diving deeper into the topic of his choosing? Are you immediately agreeing with his opinions, or do you openly state your own?

The Gemini man is confident, and he doesn’t want someone who readily agrees with everything he says. He wants a partner who is strong enough to express her own opinions openly and yet can still explore a weightier topic with ease. 

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2. He Plays Devil’s Advocate

The Gemini man is notorious for playing devil’s advocate. He can’t help himself. In Latin, Gemini means “twins”, and in Greek mythology, this sign is represented by the twins Castor and Pollux.

This history of astrology is particularly significant because Geminis are said to have a dual nature. They see both sides of any given topic. 

When you consider that, it’s not so strange that the Gemini man will test you by playing devil’s advocate. He’ll pose an opinion that might even be contrary to his own beliefs — to get a rise out of you and to see how you’ll handle it.

He’s curious if you can handle opposition and debate — and more importantly, how you’ll handle it. If you can’t respectfully debate him, you probably shouldn’t partner a Gemini.

While this trait can annoy others, it’s one way that the Gemini man figures out how you think, how you handle yourself when there’s dissent, and how well you can dissect a topic and see different perspectives.

As a mutable sign, Geminis are constantly changing everything — including their minds. They want to know if you are flexible, too. A rigid way of thinking will not sit well with ever-changing Gems. 

3. He Invites You on a New Adventure

The Gemini man is fun-loving and adventurous. If he invites you on an adventure, you can bet your buttons that you’re being tested.

He wants to see if you’re willing to try something new and what kind of attitude you’ll have doing it. He’s very likely to push you outside your comfort zone to see if you’re the right partner for him.

There are multiple reasons he does this. He genuinely wants to spend time with you and introduce you to his interests. He also wants to make sure that you’re the kind of person he can share a lifetime of adventures with and that you can have an upbeat attitude doing them even when things go wrong.

If you’re a homebody who hates going out and trying new things, the Gemini man will want to know this upfront so he can find a partner that better suits his adventurous, outgoing spirit.

4. He Introduces You to His Friends

The Gemini man is going to want you to meet his friends. Don’t be surprised if he throws you into a social situation with the people in his life. He’s testing to see how you navigate socializing with the people who matter to him. 

Can you carry on a conversation yourself, or are you always looking for him to take the lead? Can you joke around and endear yourself to his friends, or are you often prickly and defensive? The Gemini man loves to socialize. He wants to see if you do, too.

It’s important for his friends to like you because he’s likely going to want to hang out in groups more often. He enjoys social stimulation, and he wants to see if you’re the type of person who is comfortable in those settings. He also values the opinions of his friends and will want their take on the relationship.

5. He Puts Space in the Relationship

The Gemini man will sometimes test a woman by putting space into the relationship. He’s independent and enjoys having plenty of freedom within a romantic partnership.

If he takes more time on his own or goes out more with friends, it could be because he’s testing you to see how you handle a little more space in the relationship.

Needy and clingy partners are a huge turn off for the Gemini man. He wants a partner who is as independent as he is, and he’s hoping that you indulge your own interests while he is rather than waiting for him to call.

There should be healthy space in any relationship, and the Gemini man will make sure there can be before he proceeds. 

6. He’s Flirtatious with Others

You might have noticed already that Gemini men are incorrigible flirts. It’s a part of their personality to flirt with anyone and everyone. It could also be a test if he gets a little flirty with other people in front of you. 

The Gemini man cannot abide jealous partners. He wants to know that you understand his nature and don’t take it personally if he’s flirtatious with other people.

He wants to know that you trust him and won’t get angry if his communication style tends to flirt, flatter, and have fun with other people. 

7. He Shows You New Sides of Himself

The Gemini man may seem fun and outgoing on the surface, but his personality also has shadows that not everyone sees. At some point, he’s going to show them to you to see how you handle it.

He might even show you that he’s different in different settings. It’s not because he’s inauthentic. He just has many sides, and you’ll never fully know him because he’ll keep a part of himself secret.

When he gives you a glimpse at another side of his personality, he is testing your reaction. Do you only love his outgoing social side, or can you embrace his other moods as easily?

The Gemini man doesn’t trust easily, and he’s trying to see if you’re a person who can be trusted to truly see, know, accept, and love him for his truest self. 

8. He Tries Your Patience

You should know that the Gemini man will try your patience — many times. He just can’t help it. If you’re looking for commitment, you might be in for a long wait because the Gemini man tends to check all the boxes before settling down.

He wants to make sure that you’re the right fit for his life, and you may have to be patient if you want the relationship to last. 

He also tries your patience by changing up plans. A mutable sign of the Zodiac, the Gemini man is always changing. He wants to know that you can be similarly flexible or at least have a good attitude when last-minute changes happen.

9. He Tests Your Loyalty

The Gemini man is testing your loyalty even if you don’t realize it. When he shares something important with you, he’ll want to see who you tell and how you handle it. He wants to know that he can trust you even when he’s not around. 

He values loyalty above almost all else. Do you have his back in arguments? Do you take his side or automatically give the benefit of the doubt to his adversaries? The Gemini man is going to want to know where you stand and how loyal you can be. 

10. He Takes You to a Party

A party may not seem like a test, but anything can be a test for the fun-loving Gemini man. A party isn’t just a party. It’s an opportunity to see how you handle social situations and his personality in social situations.

You might think there is no one right way to attend a party, but he wouldn’t agree. The Gemini man wants to see you socialize, not be a wallflower in the corner of the room waiting for him to hurry back. He also wants to make sure that you’re the type of person who enjoys the things he does.

11. He Makes Health and Fitness a Competition

The Gemini man takes great care of himself and is usually a big fan of health and fitness. He might even make this into a competition. He’s not trying to best you — most of the time. He’s just trying to see if you’re on board with living a healthy, active lifestyle.

When you take good care of yourself, the Gemini man notices, and he appreciates it. It makes him feel like you value yourself and value the relationship. He wants you to be healthy and happy, and he loves it when you share his passions — or at least indulge them graciously. 

Final Thoughts on the Gemini Man

The Gemini man may not be the easiest to know, but his tests are a way for him to know you. He’s not trying to trip you up. He just wants to see if you’re a good fit for his lifestyle.

If he tests you and just can’t see a future, he’s not going to want to keep investing time in a relationship that likely won’t work out.

At the same time, if you vibe at the same level, he’ll likely be excited to spend more time with you.

The Gemini man with his dual personality could try your patience, but he can also bring wit, charm, deep conversation, and great adventure into your life.

He’s going to put you to the test. Here’s to you passing with flying colors!

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