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Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility: Everything You Need to Know

Zodiac compatibility is fascinating. It doesn’t matter if you religiously read your horoscope every day or if you take astrology as a whole with a grain of salt and a splash of tequila.

At the end of the day, there’s a lot you can learn about yourself and others by looking at star compatibility. 

Scorpio and Aquarius are an interesting pairing. Scorpios are fixed water signs ruled by Pluto. Aquarians are fixed air signs ruled by Uranus.

On the surface, this seems like a bit of an odd couple, but if you look a little deeper…

You’ll see that this match is even odder than you think.

What a Scorpio Likes in an Aquarius

Although Scorpio and Aquarius have very different personalities and temperaments, they actually find much to admire in each other.

Even when they clash, which they inevitably do, they still have an innate respect for the other person. Here’s what a Scorpio likes about an Aquarius. 

Independent Nature

Scorpio really admires Aquarius’s independence. Even though Scorpio can be a clingy and emotional sign, they adore the fact that Aquarius is an independent person with a full, interesting life.

This may be the initial attraction for Scorpio. Aquarius is confident enough to live life on their own terms, and Scorpio respects that attitude.

While the independence of the Water-Bearer may be a point of contention later in the relationship, it is one of the initial attractions for the celestial Scorpion. 

scorpio and aquarius couple hugging in front of a bonfire
Photo by Ermia Ramez on Unsplash

Sense of Adventure

If there’s anything that Scorpio likes best in an Aquarius, it might be their sense of adventure. They share that love of novelty and daring exploration.

These two can have an amazing time together just checking off bucket list items. Whatever their differences in personality, these two on an adventure go together like peanut butter and jelly. 


Another trait that Scorpio frequently admires in Aquarius is their intelligence. Scorpio loves having deep, profound conversations, and Aquarius can vibe with them at that level.

In fact, Aquarius will likely take the conversation in interesting and sometimes strange directions. Scorpio will love those deep dives into subjects they might not have ever considered before. These two can talk for hours without running out of fascinating things to say.


Scorpio appreciates Aquarius’s determination, too. It’s yet another quality to admire in Aquarius. Scorpio likes that Aquarius will set their sights on a goal and then relentlessly pursue it.

Even though Scorpio isn’t the idealist that Aquarius is, they admire their perseverance in trying to make the world a better place. 

Free Spirit

What’s interesting about opposites attracting one another is that they frequently love the things about the other person that make them different.

Scorpio loves that an Aquarius is a free spirit who doesn’t care what other people think. This will be a quality that can drive the water sign crazy at times, but it’s also something that intrigues them. In an ideal pairing, this quality can draw Scorpio out and help them to connect with their own inner rebel. 

Communication Skills

Scorpio is a big fan of deep conversations and can appreciate how well Aquarius communicates. Even when these two don’t see eye-to-eye, they still try to talk it out.

Misunderstandings might happen, but these two are unlikely to give up on trying to figure each other out.

Scorpio’s emotional depth truly vibes with Aquarius’s love of words and conversation. The only point of contention is that Scorpio might long for more words of love and affection while Aquarius tends to traffic in ideals and ideas. 


Scorpio might not be the most naturally trusting of the 12 Zodiac signs. It’s understandable that they like that Aquarius is so honest. It’s certainly part of the appeal.

Even though they are very different people, Scorpio knows that Aquarius is unlikely to lie — mostly because Aquarius doesn’t care what people think and see no reason for subterfuge.

While this honesty can rub people the wrong way, Scorpio enjoys the brutal truth over a white lie any day of the week. 

There are likely other, more individual qualities that Scorpio likes in an Aquarius, but let’s talk about what Aquarius sees in Scorpio.

These two are the ultimate “opposites attract” duo — but do these opposites later repel each other? 

What an Aquarius Likes in a Scorpio

Aquarius doesn’t always understand Scorpio, but they find much to appreciate in this stubborn, emotional water sign.

For one thing, they’re both fixed signs — prone to stubbornness and routine.

They can turn a rut into a nice cozy nook and make it work for them. Here are just a few of the other qualities Aquarius appreciates in Scorpio.

Deep Conversations

Aquarius will find Scorpio’s ability to have deep conversations very attractive. Aquarius thinks a lot of big thoughts, and it’s a relief to finally have someone to talk them out to who will listen.

These two can go in all kinds of zany directions with their conversations, but what they are unlikely to do is to stay on the surface with shallow topics.

They might share a little celebrity hot gossip before immediately moving on to deeper, more enticing topics. 

Shared Love of Risk-Taking

Aquarius likes a lot about Scorpio, but they particularly enjoy the shared love of risk-taking. Scorpio doesn’t shy away from adventure, and they tend to be up for a challenge.

Aquarius will adore being able to push their limits with a Scorpio at their side. It doesn’t matter which adventure they choose, they’ll both approach it with enthusiasm and curiosity. 


Although Aquarius and Scorpio are more different than alike, Aquarius is drawn to Scorpio’s passion. They share that quality.

They might be passionate about different things, but Aquarius admires that particular Scorpio intensity. These two might often disagree, but when they find themselves on the same side of an issue, this pair is unstoppable. 


Aquarius can be blunt at times and truly appreciates Scorpio’s innate honesty. Neither of them tolerates deception well. Both can hold grudges.

Aquarius likes that they can trust Scorpio to be direct. They know that the Scorpio star sign is unlikely to ever be intentionally deceptive. 


Another quality that Aquarius truly likes in Scorpio is their strength. They admire how strong, bold, and confident Scorpios are in life.

Aquarius has a strong personality, too, and loves that Scorpio can step up and match them.

While Scorpios are often physically strong, it’s their emotional strength that really draws Aquarius closer and brings a depth and intimacy into their relationship.

Mysterious Nature

One of Aquarius’s favorite things about Scorpio is their trademark mysterious nature. There’s a lot going on beneath the surface, and Aquarius wants to dig in and find out what it is.

They can’t resist the allure of not ever completely knowing Scorpio fully. They’ll want to uncover those deeper layers and might find it fascinating that they never quite do. 

Emotional Depth

Aquarius really loves that Scorpio has great emotional depth — even when they can’t fully relate to it.

Scorpio tends to be more of an inward problem-solver while Aquarius directs their attention outward, so these two come at issues from opposite ends.

Yet, Aquarius still admires the emotional capacity that Scorpio possesses and how vulnerable they’re willing to be to share that. 

Scorpio and Aquarius Love Compatibility

When it comes to love, Scorpio and Aquarius are a truly odd couple. Most of the people around them might wonder how that match happened.

Honestly, it’s not the easiest pairing of the Zodiac signs. There are a lot better celestial sign matches in the world.

But … and there always is one … if these two are able to commit to one another and put their passion and stubbornness into maintaining the relationship, they can actually be a strong pairing.

Let’s be real. Scorpio will always be jealous and demand more commitment than Aquarius likes. Aquarius will always wonder why Scorpio cares what other people think.

These two can clash in a million little ways, and neither likes to yield. While it’s not the most comfortable match, there are some fascinating possibilities for these two if they can figure out how to make it work. It’ll surely be entertaining if nothing else. 

Scorpio and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

When it comes to more intimate activities, Scorpio and Aquarius are either the hottest pairing or the most painfully awkward disaster. It’s going to be one or the other. These two will either have the most intimate, free, and adventurous sex ever, or they’ll clash on everything and absolutely hate it. 

There’s a lot of potential, and this pair can certainly heat up the sheets for a hot one-night stand. It’s when relationships enter the picture that their differences might come out and frustrate each other.

The Scorpio wants the intimacy to have deep emotional connection. Aquarius prefers intimacy that feels wild and free. 

In the course of a relationship, Scorpio might long for more deeply connected intimacy while Aquarius craves a kinkier, less-restrictive dynamic. Scorpio desires commitment and has a real problem with jealousy. Aquarius is more of a free spirit who might be more comfortable with ethical non-monogamy than a committed relationship. 

Scorpio and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

As far as friendship is concerned, this opposites-attract dynamic can really work for them. They don’t always agree, and they can have some spirited arguments in the course of their relationship.

At the same time, they love having wild adventures and staying up all night talking.

They want to have deep conversations and connections, and they want to be challenged to think about things in a way they never have before.

In this respect, both Aquarius and Scorpio can have strong friendship compatibility.

Where this relationship breaks down is in the differences. Scorpios can be jealous with friends as well as lovers, which Aquarius simply won’t tolerate. Aquarius can want more space that Scorpio.

While Aquarius feels smothered, Scorpio might feel neglected. None of these have to be friendship deal breakers, but it’s not unusual for these two to have a strong friendship at first and then grow apart over time. 

A Summary of Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility

People always say that opposites attract, but polarities repel each other, too. These two aren’t the best compatibility match, but that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for a relationship between them.

Zodiac compatibility doesn’t tell us whether we should marry someone or dump them immediately. It’s just another way of understanding each other. If you can identify your strengths and challenges, it’s easier to work through them. 

These two might be the oddest couple you’ll ever encounter, but that’s what makes them so fascinating. They challenge the perception that only people who agree on everything can be happy together.

This couple might bicker at times, but if they commit, they’ll be just as stubborn making it work as they are about everything else. 

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