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16 Powerful Signs of Male Attraction

People are always saying women are complicated, but the women I know are pretty straightforward. They also seem to spend time trying to understand men and male attraction.

Particularly where dating is concerned, it can be hard to determine if someone is interested or merely passing the time while throwing out the occasional breadcrumb.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. 

If you ask yourself if he’s interested, he probably isn’t. Men aren’t all that subtle most of the time.

Powerful Signs of Male Attraction

If he’s into you, there are usually some pretty clear clues. Here are 16 of them.

Why listen to me? I’m Crystal Jackson and I was a master’s level licensed therapist. I worked with couples and individuals and specialized in trauma recovery and empowerment. I now write content about relationships, self-improvement and psychology. My work has been featured on large publications such as Elite Daily, Your Tango, Positively Positive, Mamamia, and The Good Men Project.

1. He’s Using a Lot of Eye Contact

If he holds your gaze and consistently makes eye contact, it’s usually a sign that he’s attracted.

Keep in mind that many neurodivergent people struggle with eye contact as do people who are shy, so it’s not the only sign. It certainly is one of them, however.

2. He is Consistent with Contact

This is the single most important sign that a guy is attracted to you. A man who is interested will be more consistent with contact.

Whether that looks like texts, phone calls, dates, or even tagging you in memes, he’s going to go out of his way to reach out to you.

An inconsistent texter or someone who comes in and out of your life at their leisure probably isn’t all that invested even if they are somewhat attracted. 

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Photo by tabitha turner on Unsplash

3. He Mirrors Your Body Language

Pay attention to body language. A man who is attracted will probably turn his body toward yours – even if he’s shy.

He might point his toes, center his core in your direction, or even unconsciously mirror your movements. This is usually a sign he’s attracted to you.

4. He Smiles at You Often

Does he smile at you more than he smiles at other people? It could be a sign that he likes you as a friend, but more often than not it’s also a sign that he finds you attractive.

You don’t want to interpret a smile to mean more than it is, but if you’re making a list, you’ll want to add this as a sign of attraction..

5. He Tells His People About You

If the people in his life know about you, it’s a good sign. Has he mentioned you to close friends and family? Has he introduced you to them?

It’s a pretty powerful statement if he has — just like it’s a powerful one when he hasn’t.

If he can’t stop talking about you and mentioning you in conversation, he’s likely into you. 

6. He Asks for Your Opinion

If he’s seeking out your opinion, it’s a sign of attraction. If he’s seeking your opinion about the women he dates, it’s not.

This is one of those things that should seem self-explanatory, but if you want to believe he’s attracted, you might want to interpret everything he does as a sign. 

If he wants your opinion about a non-dating issue, he might be attracted.

If he wants your opinion about which engagement ring to buy his significant other, you might want to release the idea that he could be into you. Use your common sense to decide.

7. He Shares Details About His Life, Thoughts, and Feelings

Does he open up to you about his life? If he’s sharing his thoughts and feelings without you having to dig, he wants you to know him.

This is usually a strong sign he feels attracted to you and wants to develop that relationship. 

It can be hard for men in a patriarchal society to be vulnerable about their feelings. If he’s sharing important facts about his life with you, he’s taking the risk that you’ll ridicule or reject him.

Even if you don’t share the attraction, be kind with the man who opens up to you. Don’t be the reason he’s afraid to do it in the future. 

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8. He Flexes Around You

Want to know if he’s really attracted? He will absolutely flex around you. Not just muscles either. He will show off his skills, humble brag about his accomplishments, and do whatever it takes to broadcast his desirability.

It’s a big flex, and it’s an even bigger sign of attraction.

Just note that some people are insecure and need a lot of ego strokes — often from a lot of people.

This is a sign of attraction, not compatibility or relationship interest. He might want to get your attention because he thinks you’re attractive, but you’ll need more information to know if he’s really into you in a serious way.

9. He Leans In

Ah, leaning! This classic technique loudly broadcasts his attraction.

In fact, this clip perfectly summarizes how leaning conveys attraction in relationships.

If he’s leaning toward you, he’s interested. In fact, it’s usually a powerful sign he’s attracted to you.

10. He Wants to Spend Time Alone with You

This is one of the most powerful signs of male attraction.

If he only ever hangs out with you among friends, it’s hard to tell if he’s attracted or not.

A strong sign he has a genuine interest in getting to know you better is when he wants to spend time alone with you and makes the effort to arrange it. 

11. He Tries to Make You Laugh

Is he always making you laugh? Assuming his teasing is good natured and not mean, you can go ahead and put this in the plus column when it comes to decoding his attraction.

His efforts to make you laugh and see you smile are just one of the ways he’s letting you know he thinks you’re attractive. 

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12. His Voice Gets Deeper

His voice dropping an octave or two when he speaks to you could also be a sign of attraction.

It’s likely unintentional, but if you notice it, it’s a clear sign he likes you. 

13. His Pupils Dilate

It’s also possible that his pupils will dilate. 

As explained in an article published in Healthline, oxytocin and dopamine, also called the love hormones, may have an effect on pupil size.

This is why they say dilated pupils are a sign of attraction.

This one could be tough to judge because you might not feel comfortable yet with getting that close if it’s early days, but this is usually a key sign he feels attracted to you.

He won’t notice he’s doing it, but if you’re paying attention, you might see his attraction in his literal eyes. 

14. He Touches You Often

If he casually touches you and he does that often, it’s not a subtle clue that he’s attracted. It’s pretty obvious. He might put a hand on your lower back when you walk through a door in front of him.

He might sit close or not move away when you sit down and are close enough to touch. Even the most casual touches could be an indication of attraction, especially when they’re frequent.

15. He’s Protective of You

Is he quick to rush to defend you or ask that you text him when you get home? Caring about your safety isn’t just hot. It’s a sign of attraction.

While even men who aren’t attracted but are friends will care about your well-being, his protective instincts could be another sign he’s into you.

16. He Makes an Effort with His Appearance Around You

Does he make an effort to look especially good when you’re around? All that personal grooming could be a clue that he cares how you see him.

If he wants to be attractive around you, it could be because he feels in fact attracted. A man who is regularly unkempt in your presence probably doesn’t really care how you view him. 

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Final Thoughts

Sometimes, it’s hard to decipher attraction simply because your own feelings get in the way.

If you’re into him, you might be looking for proof that he’s into you — but you might equally search for proof that he isn’t. You just want to know, but you might feel scared to ask and risk rejection. 

Even if he’s genuinely interested, there are other considerations. Is it idle attraction? Is he involved with anyone else? Most importantly, is he even compatible with you?

Attraction could lead to an intimate relationship — casual or otherwise.

It could also lead to nothing. Figuring out what kind of attraction could take list-making and super sleuthing, but it could be a matter of asking them out for coffee and seeing if they’re into it. 

If you want to really know, you could always ask. Just don’t overlook these powerful and often obvious signs he feels attracted. If you decide he is, you can wait for him to make a move or choose to make one of your own.

Photo by tabitha turner on Unsplash

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