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13 Signs a Cancer Man Really Likes You

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There’s a lot we know about the Cancer man. This celestial star sign was born between June 22nd and July 22nd. Symbolized by the crab and ruled by the Moon, Cancers are known for being deeply feeling and nurturing. 

But those are just the basics of this Zodiac sign. These are facts that only brush the surface. If you know a Cancer, you’ve likely realized that this astrological sign has untold depths. 

How to Tell If a Cancer Man Likes You: 13 Signs

If you want to know if a Cancer man likes you, there are signs. His friendly and loving nature might convince you that he gives everyone this level of attention and affection.

But are you really paying attention? Because the celestial Crab isn’t nearly as subtle as you think. 

1. He Brings Best Friend Energy to Your Relationship

If you want to tell if a Cancer man likes you, pay attention to the energy he brings to the relationship. The Cancer man feels things deeply, and his relationships are closely bonded.

But when he likes you, he brings best friend energy to the relationship. He listens to you, shows up for you, and completely has your back. While it might seem like he brings friend energy to all of his interactions, this is best friend energy. There’s a big difference.

2. He Introduces You to His Inner Circle

The Cancer man feels deeply about everyone in his inner circle, and nothing makes him happier than bringing the person he likes to meet the people he loves best. His heart will glow if you mesh with his people. Their approval might not mean everything to him, but it does matter.

You don’t have to ingratiate yourself with them. He’ll sense instantly if you’re being fake. What he hopes for is that you’ll sincerely like each other. 

3. He Wants to Meet Your Inner Circle

The Cancer man isn’t just satisfied to have you meet all his people. He wants to meet yours, too. Don’t be surprised if he impresses their metaphorical pants off! He’ll bring his best and brightest energy to meet the people you love best. He’s not just trying to get on your good side either.

If you care about them, he wants to care about them, too. He extends that nurturing energy outward, and the fact that you love these people is good enough for him. 

4. He Talks About the Future with You

The Cancer man is not one to dodge commitment. It’s in his nature to be a bit of a homebody, but he’s also naturally prone to enjoying committed relationships. He likes the comfort and routine of them. 

If the Cancer man likes you, he’s going to talk about the future with you. He’s going to share his hopes and dreams and want to hear yours. Most of all, he’s going to want to plan that future with you.

Let’s face it: Cancers are nesters. He’s going to want to build that nest with you and get comfy in it. It’s just one of his many charms.

5. He Wants to Spend All His Free Time with You

Cancers invest a lot of energy into their relationships. They run the risk of being codependent at times and have to manage this in their romantic relationships. When a Cancer man likes you, he’s going to want to spend all his free time with you. 

He might seem a little needy (he is) and can be sensitive to perceived rejection, so if you want some time to yourself, you’ll need to use your words and gently explain that.

He’s a sensitive guy, but he’s not entirely unreasonable. He’s just happiest when he knows he’s a priority for the person he’s made a priority. 

6. He Wants to Have In-Depth Conversation with You

The Cancer man has depths. His friendliness might come across as shallow, but it’s anything but that. If he really likes you, he’s going to want to explore in-depth topics with you. Frankly, he can talk your ear off, but he’ll also listen to what you have to say. 

He’ll get bored with small talk because his greatest passion, besides nurturing, is sharing a deep, intellectual connection with his partner. He’s a real sapiosexual, the Cancer man. In other words, your intelligence is a major turn-on.

7. He Only Flirts with You

We all know Cancer men are flirty. It’s just a part of their nature. But this Cancer man only flirts with you. He makes a special effort not to do anything that would make you jealous or make you believe that you’re not important to him.

If you’re the special recipient of all his flirty energy, it’s because he really, really likes you. 

8. He Spoils You

If you’re lucky enough to be liked by a Cancer man, prepare to be spoiled. His nurturing nature will kick into overdrive. He will want to feed you, surprise you with gifts, and generally make you feel like his number one priority.

For some signs and temperaments, this can be overwhelming, but the reality is that Cancers love hard and love well. He’s going to spoil you because he knows you deserve to be treated like royalty. 

9. He Feels Protective of You

You might notice that the Cancer man is protective of you. He’s the “text me when you get home type”, the walk you to the door type, and the bring you chicken soup when you are sick type.

He cares about your well-being. He’s going to be the first person to stand up for you, and he will absolutely not tolerate anyone treating you poorly. He’ll be fierce in your defense. Is it pretty hot? Yes. Yes, it is. 

10. He’s in Tune with Your Emotions

Caner men are known for being intuitive. The Cancer man who’s into you will be completely in tune with your emotions. If something is off, he’ll know it. 

This is both a blessing and a curse. When you fall for him, he’ll know it. Unfortunately, he also knows when someone is falling out of love with him, and he’ll feel that keenly. He senses your ups and downs and is constantly adjusting so that he can show up for you in the way you need.

The downside of this gift is that he can sometimes absorb your emotions, so if you’re constantly negative and unhappy, you’ll make him unhappy, too. 

11. He’s Vulnerable with You

The Cancer man who likes you is going to be vulnerable with you. He’s going to want to tell you how he’s feeling and to give you the backstory of his life. He’ll open up because you matter to him. He’s not this level of vulnerable with everyone — just with you, the person he likes best. 

This sensitive guy sometimes gets a lot of judgment for his feelings, but don’t be one of the people who makes him feel bad for how he feels. This is his superpower. This is a man who is in touch with his feelings and can usually communicate them. 

12. He Gets Jealous of Others in Your Life

The Cancer man isn’t perfect. Who is, right? His biggest flaw just might be his jealous nature. He’s going to have to learn to keep it in check in his romantic relationships because it’s just not healthy. 

He has a natural tendency to be possessive over his people and jealous when other people take their attention or gain their affections. So, if he seems suspicious of that one friend of yours, it’s his jealousy coming to the surface.

A reassuring partner can soothe this green-eyed monster in him, but a secretive partner will likely only make it worse. 

13. He Engages in Public Displays of Affection

The Cancer man is loving and nurturing in general, but when he likes you, he is going to be pro-PDA, or public displays of affection. Don’t be surprised if he’s kissing your forehead, hugging you, or wanting to hold your hand.

It’s not just because he wants everyone else to know you’re with him, it’s also because he’s proud to be with you. And, this one is important, because he just can’t stop himself from showing his affection. It’s an endearing quality of the Cancer man.

Cancer Men in Love and Like

As a Capricorn, I’ve always vibed well with Cancers. What’s not to love? They’re sensitive, intelligent, and clear about their feelings.

They are also nurturing and loyal, so you always know where you stand with them. Sure, they hate change and can, at times, overreact, but they’ve got good hearts. 

If you want to know if a Cancer man likes you, look for these signs. If you’re still questioning if he’s into you, try asking him directly.

He’s likely to tell you straight out if you’re reading the situation wrong, but because he’s empathetic, he’ll be kind about it. If you don’t know, ask. But really, if you don’t know, are you even paying attention?

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