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7 Surprising Ways a Leo Man Tests a Woman

“How does a Leo man test a woman?”

This question is not so uncommon, so in this article we’re going to reveal how to tell if he’s actually testing you.

Here’s what we know about the Leo man. He’s brave. He’s a romantic. He likes to be the center of attention, and he’s got a passionate personality. He’s generous and fun-loving, but he can really bring the drama. Like anyone else, he’s got good points and a few, perhaps, undesirable ones. But do you know how the Leo man is in a relationship?

How Does a Leo Man Test a Woman?

It might surprise you to know that the ultimate romantic will still sometimes test the one he’s with. This might seem out of character with his passionate, generous heart. But let me offer a shift in perspective.

The Leo man is unlikely to try to trip you up. It’s not that kind of test. Instead, these tests are his way of figuring out if you can be the strong partner he needs. He needs to know that you can match his power and complement his energy.

If you don’t pass his tests, this could lead to resentment, but remember that he’s only trying to find out if you’re right for each other. Don’t take it personally.

If you pass all the tests, you just might find it reassuring that he put so much effort into making sure the relationship would be healthy. 

7 Signs a Leo Man Is Testing You

You might question his testing methods and wonder what’s a test and what’s just a quirk of his personality. Here are seven signs he’s putting you to the test. 

1. He Suggests a Competition

The Leo man is competitive. At some point, he’s likely to engage you in a little friendly competition. Why? He wants to know how you play, win, and lose. Can you get into the spirit of the competition and have fun with it? Are you a sore loser — or a sore winner? What’s your sportsmanship like? 

The Leo man is passionate about everything — including games. He wants to make sure his partner can play hard, too. He doesn’t want you to lose to stroke his ego. He wants you to play to win but have fun even if you don’t. He’s looking for an energy match that meets his level of enthusiasm. 

He’s looking for a good sport with a fun-loving attitude to partner up with him. He wants a strong teammate but also a worthy opponent if you happen to find yourself on opposing teams. If your attitude sours when you’re losing, he’s likely taking notes — metaphorical ones anyway. 

2. He Plans a Daring Date

Don’t be shocked if the Leo man plans a daring date. He might be trying to test out your bravery and sense of adventure. It’s not that he can’t partner a total scaredy-cat, but he might want to see how you handle his devil-may-care style. 

If he signs you up for skydiving, you can opt out, but he’ll be impressed if you’re game for trying something new. If whatever he suggests is extra-outrageous or taps into a fear you haven’t yet shared with him, suggest another daring activity as an alternative. He’ll be impressed that you’ve come prepared with another idea rather than just turning his down flat. 

If, for whatever reason, you’re just not that brave, sit on the sidelines and cheer him on. Don’t try to talk him out of whatever he’s doing — unless whatever he’s doing truly is reckless.

Be the strong cheerleader on the sidelines if that’s where you’re strongest. While he might prefer someone by his side for his daring feats, he could still appreciate a partner who’s waiting with open arms for him when he’s done testing his limits. 

3. He Waits to Text Back

One of the most annoying signs a Leo man is testing you is when he waits to text back. Now, you know he has his phone in his hand. You’re sure he’s seen your message. Waiting for a response is annoying, but how will you handle it? Will you bring the drama?

Double or triple text until he responds? Start blowing up his phone with — GASP! — actual calls?

Or will you simply go on living your best life and wait for him to reach out? He wants to know that you can be independent and not the type of person to sit around and wait for his call to make plans.

In fact, when he doesn’t keep hearing from you as a response to his non-response, he might reach out to see what you’re up to it. His curiosity might be peaked when he realizes you made other plans in the interim. 

This might feel like game-playing, but a good rule of thumb is not to put your life on hold for anyone else no matter how much you like them. It’s not about making them jealous or punishing them for not responding in a timely manner. It’s about living your life without waiting around for someone else to live it with you. 

Maybe he calls later, and you tell him you’re heading out to see a movie. You can ask if he wants to come along or make a plan with him for after, but he’ll know you weren’t just waiting and hoping he’d call. His refusal to immediately text back is a power move you can meet with your own when you just keep living and refuse to take it personally or get an attitude about it. 

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4. He Tries to Make You Jealous

One of the ways a leo man tests a woman is that, at some point, he will try to make her jealous.

For one thing, he wants to know that he can make you jealous because you like him that much and feel a little possessive toward him. For another, he really likes attention. When you get jealous, it strokes his ego and makes him feel wanted.

Of course, he could just ask outright how you feel about him, but as brave as he is, the Leo man still loves his drama. It might feel easier for him to get a rise out of you with a little jealousy than to ask you directly if you find him irresistible. He might mention an old flame or mention someone flirting with him.

The question is: how do you handle jealousy? He’s not necessarily trying to start a fight. He’s trying to connect with you. It might not be the healthiest way to go about it, but he’ll like to see that flare of jealousy, and he might even use it to segue into a conversation about your relationship status and exclusivity. 

5. He Introduces You to His Friends and Family

The Leo man typically has a broad network of close friends and family. His attention-loving ways demand it. He’s sociable and charming and tends to be the person who other people just want to get to know. Just know that it’s a test when he takes you to meet his inner circle.

He doesn’t just take anyone around his inner circle people. While every person he dates might meet up with the wider network of people he knows, you’ll get invited into the inner sanctum. He wants to make sure you mesh well with them, that you can navigate a social situation, and that you’re a good complement to his social energy. 

If you’re an introvert, this might not be where you’re most likely to shine. Even if you know you’re being tested, make sure to put boundaries into place to avoid potential feelings of overwhelm. You’ll probably be fine as long as you’re nice to the people you meet.

If you’re extroverted, you’ll likely have more comfort with this test. Your biggest obstacle will be meshing well with the people he hangs out with. This is a chance for you to see if you like the person he is around his family and friends and if you could see yourself hanging out with all of them in the future. He’s testing you, but that doesn’t mean he can’t fail his own test in your books. The test works both ways.

6. He Jokes Around with You

The Leo man can be a big lovable goofball. He is likely to tease you and try to make you laugh. His fun-loving energy can bring a lightness to any situation, and he’s likely happiest when you’re doing little more than enjoying flirty banter in your downtime. 

He can be passionate and serious, but a Leo won’t pair well with someone who takes everything too seriously. He wants to be able to joke around and have a good time with someone who doesn’t judge him for it. 

7. He Makes Plans Without You

One of the more subtle ways the Leo man tests you is to make plans without you. He’s not scheduling his whole life around you. He might still make plans to go hang out with his friends and not extend an invitation to you.

Before you get offended, this is normal. It’s even healthy. He’s an independent, strong person. He wants to know that you are, too. Are you going to sit home by the phone and hope he regularly updates you on his night out, or are you going to have fun with your alone time? Will you go hang out with your friends or make it a cozy night in? 

He wants to know that you can be okay with him taking space when he needs it. While he might enjoy other people’s drama a little more than is seemly, he’s not going to want drama of his own every time he suggests time to himself, or time spent with other people in his life. He needs to know that you have an identity separate from the relationship.


The Leo man isn’t trying to make you fail. If he’s doing all this, he likely hopes you succeed. He wants to verify that you’re the strong partner he thinks you are. Instead of looking at the tests as games he’s playing, consider looking at them as an opportunity to see how well you two vibe when it comes to life. 

If you’re dating a Leo, you likely want a strong partner, too. So, go ahead. Take his test. Whether you pass or fail, you’ll have an answer about whether this Leo man is right for you.

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