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10 Signs He’s Falling in Love With You

In this article we will discuss the signs a man is falling in love with you.

When you first start dating a man, you always have doubts.

Is he the right person? Is he genuinely interested in me? Is he falling in love with me?

Many questions start to pop into your head.

The same happened to me when I first met the man of my dreams, Jai. 

Back then, I wasn’t sure where our relationship would take us. But that’s how it all started and how I found out he also had feelings for me.

Being a science student, I started looking for answers in various studies that had been conducted on relationships. 

I read many expert reviews and watched interviews that helped me find the answers I was looking for. And today, Jai and I’ve been together in a happy and healthy relationship for almost five years.

If you also want to move ahead in your relationship but are somewhat doubtful about your man’s feelings, then this post might be what you need. 

I’ll be walking you through some research-backed signs that will help you find out if he’s falling in love with you.

Clear Signs He’s Falling in Love With You

I’ve compiled a list of ten common signs you can easily notice in a man who is starting to develop strong feelings for you.

1. He loves to spend quality time with you

Everyone is busy in this modern world, but when a man is falling in love, he craves quality time with the woman he likes.

You can easily sense it if he likes your company.

You can identify this through his effort to meeting you even if he has a busy schedule.

Falling in love doesn’t mean clinging to each other all day long and leaving behind work or family commitments.

However, if a man is regularly scheduling time just to see you, it shows he’s genuinely interested in forming a deeper bond with you.

Therapist Lauran Guilbeault, LMHC also confirms if his interest to be with you persists over time, it’s a sign that he wants you in his life.

He loves to talk with you about various topics and genuinely shows interest in spending quality time with you.

When a man goes out of his way to nurture a relationship, it’s usually a sign he’s falling in love with you.

2. He does everything to see you happy

When a man is falling in love, he tries everything he can to make his partner happy.

He’ll just step out of his comfort zone to make you smile.

This shows your value in his eyes. If his happiness lies in putting in efforts to make you happy, then he’s probably in love with you.

In a 2017 study, researchers proved that compassionate love is scientifically associated with deeper levels of romantic love.

If a man is in love with you, he takes care of every small detail about you and tries his best to see you happy.

There are various gestures that a man displays when he’s romantically involved with his partner.

For example, he surprises you with gifts, compliments you, and shows his love by helping you solve your problems.

3. He prioritizes your needs

Another sign that your man is falling in love with you is he starts putting your needs first.

This also shows how much he cares for you and doesn’t expect you to do the same in return.

It becomes almost natural for him to fulfill your needs before his own.

Men’s lifestyle writer, Tobias Handke agrees that selflessly putting the woman’s needs first signifies a man’s love for her.

When a man is falling in love with you, he loves to make your life easier.

You’ll see him ready to help you in every possible situation. T

Which also means he makes sure to avoid those things you don’t like.

4. He finds you unique and accepts you unconditionally

If you have some weird habits and your man finds them adorable, it’s a clear sign that he’s probably falling in love with you.

He would never judge you for your unusual ways of dealing with different things.

Instead, he’ll find your little flaws cute and love you for your uniqueness.

Marriage and family therapist, Kane confirms that when a person is falling in love, everything their partner does seems delightful to them.

Not only do your quirks, but your flaws also somehow become fascinating to him – sometimes just tolerable.

This shows he’s ready to accept you wholeheartedly.

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5. He wants you to meet the important people in his life

If he isn’t hesitant to introduce you to his family and friends, he’s serious about you.

And he wants to know what they think about you as his partner.

If he’s genuinely interested in you, his friends will probably already know about you.

He would want the important people in his life to like you because he sees a future with you.

This also indicates that you’ve become a significant part of his life and he’s developing deeper feelings for you, writes Dr. Brenda Shoshanna.

6. He does everything in his power to protect you

One of the triggers that makes a man fall in love is his “hero instinct.”

It signals him to be your protector. Even if he knows you’re capable enough, he remains concerned about your safety.

This is because he wants you to trust and rely on him for your needs.

Professional counselor, Chelli Pumphrey agrees that a man’s brain is wired to ensure his lover’s safety.

So, he always tries his best to protect you from any possible danger.

If you find the man you like showing protective gestures, it’s a sign he’s truly into you.

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7. He sees his future with you

Does he often mention you in his future plans?

Or does he consider your opinion on his future moves?

If yes, you can rest assured that he’s there to stay. His love gives him the courage to see a well-settled future with you.

This is because “when someone is truly in love, they feel certain”, says relationship expert, Matthew Hussey

If he’s falling in love with you, he’ll find ways to have you in his future and fit himself into yours.

Most importantly, he’ll keep your comfort and availability in mind before taking major steps in his life and career.

8. His sentences describe the two of you as a team

When a man is in love, it reflects in his language.

His statements often begin with “we”, which refers to you and him.

This shows a sense of belongingness that he shares with you.

Involvement of the “we” pronoun to describe the togetherness between you two is considered a relationship milestone.

The best part is you can observe this sign of true love in his statements verbally, told Marisa T. Cohen, Ph.D. to BESTLIFE.

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9. He talks about you even when you’re not around

If he’s deeply involved in a relationship with you, he keeps talking about you.

His friends and close people know all about you and how precious you’re to him.

Most importantly, he always mentions you respectfully and with pride, even in your absence.

This is one of the early signs he’s falling in love with you, writes Lachlan Brown, Editor-HackSpirit.

10. He’s willing to listen to you attentively

It’s hard to find someone who actively listens to other people these days.

But if a man is always all ears to what you’re saying and consistently remembers the small stuff, it’s a sure sign he has feelings for you.

He often expresses he’s willing to listen to your dreams, aspirations, and issues.

Instead of just nodding or agreeing, he actively talks with you to develop a deeper understanding of your point of view and issues.

This shows he pays attention while talking to you because his feelings are far beyond mere attraction.

When a man loves you, he takes an active interest in what you have to say and how you feel about certain things or people, agrees Editor Crystal Raypole.

Signs He’s Falling in Love With You: Final Words

It’s normal to reassure your feelings before taking any further steps in a relationship. But finding out whether your love interest is on the same page or not is even more important.

Making such a life-transforming decision could be confusing if you don’t know how to analyze your partner’s interest.

All the above-mentioned signs are research-backed and reliable.

More than anything else, your comfort level matters the most in any relationship.

If you both are comfortable around each other, there are higher chances of sustaining a steady romantic relationship.

Here’s a summarized view of the signs he’s falling in love with you.

They’ll also help you avoid wasting your time being romantically involved with a guy who’s not interested in a similar way.

  • He loves spending time with you
  • He does everything to keep you happy
  • He prioritizes your needs
  • He finds you unique and accepts you wholeheartedly
  • He wants you to meet the important people in his life
  • He does everything in his power to protect you
  • He picturizes his future with you
  • His sentences describe the two of you as a team
  • He talks about you even when you’re not around
  • He’s willing to listen to you attentively

Romantic relationships are complicated and may vary depending on the couple involved.

So, if any of these signs won’t match your partner’s gesture, it doesn’t mean you’re in the wrong relationship.

You must always follow your internal instincts to judge your situation better.

Besides these tell-tale signs that your guy is falling for you, life remains unpredictable.

Don’t hesitate to seek relationship counseling from experts if you still find it difficult to understand if he’s the one for you or not.

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