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When He Has Strong Feelings For You: 17 Clear Signs

In today’s post we are going to discuss some important signs he has strong feelings for you.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man with a crush will sometimes hide it if he’s not sure if you feel the same way.

No one relishes the experience of rejection, and there are other good reasons someone might hide how they really feel. He could have a partner, or maybe you do.

He could be healing from a past relationship or feel like you’re out of his league. And he could even wonder if it will mess up the friendship or might suspect that you want different things.

How can you tell if he’s harboring strong feelings for you?

17 Signs He Has Strong Feelings for You, According to a Former Therapist

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His feelings might be revealing themselves regularly — if you’re paying attention. The following list isn’t all-inclusive, but these are common signs you might notice if your “friend” would like to be more than friends.

Why listen to me? I’m Crystal Jackson and I was a master’s level licensed therapist. I worked with couples and individuals and specialized in trauma recovery and empowerment. I now write content about relationships, self-improvement, and psychology. My work has been featured in large publications such as Elite Daily, Your Tango, Positively Positive, and Mamamia.

1. He Makes Time for You

A man who has strong feelings for you will make time for you. You don’t have to beg him to spend time with you because he’s always initiating it.

Even when he’s overwhelmed with work and life in general, he’s still got time for you and makes sure you know it. You feel like a priority and not an option with him.

2. He Shows Up Whenever You Need Him

Who you gonna call? Well, if you’re smart, you’ll call him. After all, he consistently shows up for you.

He’s dependable and consistent when it comes to white knighting you — even if you’re a strong, independent person who doesn’t “need” to be saved.

He still likes to be there to help you out, and he has no problem riding to the rescue if there’s a crisis. He’s your shoulder to lean on, but he’s also just happy to lend a hand with whatever you need him to do.

3. He’s Consistent with Contact

If this man has strong feelings for you, he’ll be consistent with contact. He texts back, and he doesn’t make you wait and wonder if he’s planning to respond. He’s also consistent in other ways.

If he says he’ll call, he calls. If he says he’ll show up, he’ll be there. He’s going to check in on you regularly just to remind you he’s still around.

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4. He’s the First to Pick Up on Your Moods

Does it seem like he has a special radar that picks up on all your moods before you have to say a word? Is he the first to ask if you’re okay if you get quiet or seem a little off?

A man with strong feelings is paying close attention to you, and he just might notice the subtle mood changes others overlook.

5. He Always Seems Like He Wants to Say More

Does he always seem like he’s on the verge of confessing his feelings? Does it seem like he gets the courage up and then decides to wait instead?

It could seem like he’d like to say more but is holding back for some reason. You might know the reason.

Maybe you’re not available, or he’s not.

Maybe it’s bad timing or the HR policy about dating colleagues. There could be a good reason, but you often sense he’s holding back how he really feels and would say more if he could.

6. He’s Vulnerable with You

One of the signs he has strong feelings for you is he lets his guard down with you. While he wants to impress you, he’s also willing to show his softer side.

He opens up about his personal life and shows you a side of himself that you know everyone else doesn’t get to see.

He’s letting you in even though vulnerability puts him at risk of judgment and rejection. You mean that much to him.

7. The People He Loves Know About You

The people he loves know all about you. His family; his friends; his neighbor. Anyone he deems important has heard your name once or twice — and not just in passing.

Everyone else seems to know that you’re special to him even if you haven’t let fully realized it.

8. He Tries to Make You Smile and Laugh

The guy with big feelings for you might make it his life’s mission to make you smile and laugh. He just wants to make you happy and hates to see you angry or sad.

He might be a goofball at times, but he only does it to entertain you.

9. He Doesn’t Think Anyone Else is Good Enough for You

Is anyone you date good enough for you? Not in his eyes! He’s quick to let you know that the people you partner with just don’t deserve you.

He’s quick to criticize them and to remind you that you deserve every good thing. You’re worth it, and he doesn’t want you to forget it.

He wants to see you treated right, and anyone who can’t do that won’t pass the vibe check with him.

10. He Remembers the Little Things

Does it seem like he remembers every little thing you’ve said? It’s possible that he does because he’s tuned into you.

He might show up with your favorite childhood candy you mentioned once or remember a special date anyone else would have forgotten.

He’s showing his strong feelings by prioritizing information about you to show he cares.

11. He Includes You in His Plans

When he makes plans, does he automatically assume you’re included? He doesn’t ever leave you out or treat you like an afterthought.

In fact, he’s always making plans that include you and might even seem bummed if you can’t make it because he looks forward to spending time with you.

12. He Flirts with You Often

Some men are just flirty. The man who has strong feelings for you might be even more flirty than usual. You might even notice that he’s different with you than with others.

He might be testing the waters, or he just might like you so much he can’t resist.

13. He Respects Your Opinion and Asks for It

One of the signs he has strong feelings for you is he likely respects your opinion and even asks for your advice. He cares what you think.

While all men should be respectful, this guy seems to pay particular attention to what you have to say and carefully considers it even when he disagrees.

14. He Compliments You Often

His strong feelings for you might just come out in compliments. He may go out of his way to let you know that he thinks you look great, but his compliments aren’t just limited to how you look.

He loves your smile, your laugh, the way you do the things you do. And he’s always lifting you up and making you feel good.

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15. He Teases You — In a Sweet Way

This lovable goofball might just tease you — in a sweet way. If he gives you a hard time, he’ll do it playfully and in the spirit of flirty play.

His teasing is meant to draw you out and make you laugh, and he doesn’t mind being teased in return.

In fact, your banter together might be one of the things you love best about your time with him.

16. He’s Always Gazing at You

A man with a crush on you is always sneaking a peek in your direction. He might be aiming for discreet, but you might catch him watching.

The soulful gaze might not be meant to be seen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel it on you. If eyes are windows to the soul, his are giving you a clue.

17. He Thinks Even You’re Annoying Quirks are Cute

Even the most annoying things about you are deemed cute by a man with strong feelings. Your loud laugh, the way you chew, and even your worst habits are considered endearing.

He’s decided he likes everything about you — even the things other people might consider to be flaws.

Once You’ve Decoded His Crush, Do This

This man has seriously feelings for you. So, what should you do about it?

Don’t Lead Him On if You’re Not Interested

If you don’t feel interested, let him down gently. Don’t lead him on or make him think there’s a chance. It might stroke your ego, but it’s unkind to him.

If you sense he has bigger feelings than he’s confessed, be sure to let him know that you appreciate his friendship but don’t have romantic feelings for him.

You might be afraid to lose the friendship, but good friends are honest. It might hurt his feelings, but it might also set him free to heal and move on in his dating life.

It could even clear the air so you can enjoy the friendship without wondering if you’re accidentally sending mixed signals.

Let Him Know if You Return His Feelings

If you feel the same way, you might need to be the one who makes the first move. He might be waiting for a sign.

Unless one or both of you have existing partners — in that case, don’t make a move until you’ve exited your current relationships fully.

If you feel strongly about him, let him know. Don’t waste another minute on the will-we-or-won’t-we dynamic.

You might be afraid to lose the friendship, but remember that the best romantic relationships are built on strong friendships.

Let Him Know If He’s Making You Uncomfortable

If he has strong feelings but you don’t, let him know if his flirty behavior makes you uncomfortable. You might have to ask for more boundaries if you feel like he sometimes crosses a line.

If you’ve made it clear you’re not into him that way and he continues to reference romantic feelings, you might need to remind him that it’s not being a good friend to constantly make you feel uncomfortable.

He’s responsible for dealing with his feelings, and you shouldn’t have to be constantly put in the hot seat for not returning them.

Let Him Know What You Want

If you like him as much as he likes you, clarify what kind of relationship you want with him. If you just want something casual, be honest.

Also, if you think he’s your soulmate, share that. Be clear about what you want, and listen to what he wants, too. If you’re not on the same page, it’s better to know that upfront.

You might already have an inkling that he has strong feelings for you. You’ve seen the signs, but you’ve been doubting them.

Now that you know, you simply have to decide what you want — and what you want to do. You can keep ignoring it if you choose, but the truth, as they say, will out.

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