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6 Signs of Physical Attraction Between Two People

In this article we will talk about the main signs of physical attraction between two people.

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What happens when you find someone attractive? 

You feel the butterflies in your stomach and you can’t take your eyes off them in a room full of people. 

You have shivers running down your spine. 

It gives you both a rush of excitement and an awkward feeling every time you’re in their company. 

Physical attraction means you find someone appealing, says Clinical Psychologist Dr. Sabrina Romanoff. 

As she mentions, it’s physical energy that’s the outcome of the chemistry between two people. 

Physical attraction is one of the key elements in a romantic relationship. 

It helps you feel more connected and “in love” with your partner. This was true in my case when I started dating Jai.

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How My Love Life Started

A few years ago, when I first started texting with Jai, I was still in college.

After a few months of getting to know each other, we planned a date in a popular café inside the college campus. 

The café had it all: exotic furniture, aesthetic decoration, a jaw-dropping menu and top-notch service. 

Another detail was a gorgeous band with some handsome lads presenting music at the corner stage. Despite all these things, my eyes kept on going back to Jai.

I wanted to notice all of his movements.

When we went back to our respective hostels, he texted me, “Thanks for today; I had a great evening. I just couldn’t take my eyes off you.”

This was the first step towards our relationship. 

Of course, physical attraction isn’t the only element that keeps us happy today. Both of us are emotionally connected and deeply bonded with each other. 

But it was that chemistry on that day that triggered our emotions.

Signs of Physical Attraction

What follows are some common signs of physical attraction between two people. 

All the points are backed by scientific theories, research, expert opinion, and real-life examples.

Check these out to understand if you are physically attracted to someone — or if they’re attracted to you.

1. You Find Their Smell Spellbinding

Feeling drawn towards a person with a pleasant smell is normal. 

But when you continue to notice and feel their fragrance it’s a different thing. Jai would always apply lovely perfumes that would attract me. 

However, in the end, we were allured by each other’s natural body smell. 

Even today, I like to put on his shirt when he’s not in the house because it smells like him.

According to Dr. Joanne Frederick, a licensed mental health counselor:

  • The perception of a partner’s body smell can subconsciously help someone decide if they’re attracted to them or not.
  • When you’re attracted to someone, you’re likely to be drawn to their smell.
  • The attraction results from the release of oxytocin or love hormones that causes one to be attracted to someone’s smell.

Do you feel turned on by your potential partner’s natural smell? If yes, it mainly indicates you feel physically attracted to them.

2. The Thought of Seeing Them Makes You Ecstatic

I remember how I’d get super happy at the thought of meeting Jai. 

I would be so excited that I even used to start planning for the date much before it was supposed to happen. 

And I would make silly plans for the outfit that looked best on me. With time I found out the same happened to Jai as well. 

He would also start arranging things in his mind much before the date.

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Sabrina Romanoff says when you’re physically attracted to someone, the thought of meeting them will make you ecstatic and nervous simultaneously. 

You’ll spend hours thinking about how you would spend the day with them, with optimistic hopes they reciprocate that attraction.

Do you feel joyous and nervous at the same time at the thought of meeting them? 

Are you always willing to make plans to meet them and gather ideas in your mind about the date? 

If yes, this is a good sign you feel physically attracted to them.

3. You Love to Have a Prolonged Eye-Contact With Them

Whenever I was with Jai, I’d be looking for ways to have prolonged eye contact with him. 

I just couldn’t take my eyes off him. 

Jai would often compliment me about my eyes, too, and always said how he loved it when I stared at him. 

Even after a few years of relationship, this hasn’t changed. Whether it’s a movie date with him or having dinner at home, we throw each other long, romantic stares and share warm smiles.

An eye-tracking study on love and sexual desire suggests that maintaining extended eye contact with your partner is often one of the common signs of physical attraction. 

Extended eye contact is among the most potent gestures to communicate romantic feelings. It usually indicates both of you feel interested in each other or feel aroused.

Do you relate this scenario? Do you often look for ways to have a long romantic gaze with your partner? 

If yes, these signs indicate that you feel physically drawn to them.

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4. You Lean Towards Each Other

Leaning toward each other is my favorite gesture to tell my partner I’m into him. 

Not only before but even today, I love leaning toward Jai and being closer to him, whether in a café, movie theatre, or our bedroom. 

Leaning towards your partner is a genuine sign to communicate them you feel close to them and feel romantically interested in them.

Body language can often indicate if you feel physically attracted to a person.

Couple therapist Terri Obruch says leaning towards your partner or putting your arms around their shoulder are among the most beautiful and positive gestures to tell them that you’re comfortable being closer to them.

These signals trigger an element of supportiveness and trust.

If your potential partner feels physically attracted to you as well, you’ll find them leaning torward you

It’s their way of letting you know they want to get closer to you. 


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5. You Will Start Mirroring Each Other’s Behavior

It still makes me feel ecstatic remembering the days when Jai would often mimic my gestures subconsciously. 

He would mirror my posture when holding a coffee mug or a fork while eating pasta. 

Sometimes, I even used to mimic his pronunciation or his way of saying a particular word. Things haven’t changed today, as we still joke about who mimics better.

Sex and relationship therapist Courtney Geter explains that people start to mirror each other when they are comfortable being together.

When someone finds you attractive, mimicking you will be their way of telling you they love to interact with you.

When your partner tries to mimic your body language, it usually means they feel connected to you and have their complete focus on you.

How often do you mimic the stance of your partner? Do you find them mirroring your postures? If you affirm these questions, it could indicate a strong physical attraction between the two of you. 

Count it as your partner’s indication to build a rapport with you.

6. You Are in a Constant Flirtatious Zone While With Each Other

Constant flirtation is one of the biggest signs of physical attraction. 

I never stop flirting with my man. 

Whether complimenting him for the 100th time on his black shirt or about how tasty the new dish he cooked for me was, I love seeing him blushing at me. 

He never steps back from flirting either, and keeps on telling me how he enjoys seeing me pressing my fingers in nervousness when he did that. 

Even today, we never miss out on a chance to flirt with each other.

Psychologists suggest that flirting has a strong correlation with romantic interest and attraction. It might happen in various forms and at different levels.

  • It could also be how they blush while being with you or when you pass them a compliment.
  • It would often be how they twist their fingers or twirl their hair out of excitement or nervousness.

Do you often see your partner blushing when you give them a compliment?

Are you guys in a constant flirtatious zone when with each other? If yes, it could be a sign of intense physical attraction.

Wrapping Up: 6 Signs of Physical Attraction

Let’s quickly summarize the points we read in this article. 

Willing to know the top signs of physical attraction? Here we go:

  • You love their smell: You find it different from others and want to have more of it.
  • You feel happy and excited at the thought of meeting them: The thought of meeting them lightens your mood, and you start planning things early.
  • You love to have prolonged eye contact with them: You love to stare at them in their eyes and wish eye contact lasted even longer.
  • You lean towards each other: You start communicating your interest through romantic body gestures to your partner. You lean towards them or keep your hands on their shoulder while spending time with them.
  • You mirror them without even realizing it: You tend to mimic their body gestures and their way of speaking.
  • You are in a constant flirtatious zone: While with them, you are constantly flirting and see them blush and smile.

These are the top indicators of physical attraction between two people. 

It is a crucial aspect of any romantic relationship and helps make the bond stronger. Yet, emotional connection is essential for your relationship to thrive.

Do you relate to any of the above points? If yes, you now know what it indicates.

Photo by Rafaella Mendes Diniz on Unsplash

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