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7 Signs She Regrets Rejecting You & You May Still Have a Shot

You might be wondering why a woman who rejected you for a romantic or physical relationship might stay in your life. Oftentimes, it’s because she values your friendship and enjoys your company; she just doesn’t see you in any other light. But there are times when someone who rejected you might have regrets that she did. 

A word of caution: You might be tempted to read into her actions what you want to believe, but it’s advisable to watch for the following signs before you make any attempt at interpreting them. 

7 Signs She Regrets Rejecting You

The following signs could indicate that she regrets rejecting you and has become interested in you over the course of getting to know you. Take note of these behaviors and if they apply to your relationship.

Why listen to me? I’m Crystal Jackson and I was a master’s level licensed therapist. I worked with couples and individuals and specialized in trauma recovery and empowerment. I now write content about relationships, self-improvement, and psychology. My work has been featured in large publications such as Elite Daily, Your Tango, Positively Positive, and Mamamia.

1. She Texts You Often

A woman who regrets rejecting you may text you often. She might reach out to connect with you in hopes that you’ll shoot your shot one more time.

She might be too embarrassed about her earlier rejection to be the one to make a move. 

On the other hand, if she texts you often, you might want to consider that it could be a part of her friendship style.

It’s also possible that your interest in her is an ego stroke, and she keeps you around because it makes her feel good about herself. While this can be a sign that she regrets rejecting you, you’ll need to ask to be sure. 

2. She Gets Jealous of Your Love Interests

One of the signs she regrets rejecting you is she may become jealous of your love interests. She might wish that she hadn’t been so quick to judge and reject you.

It’s possible that this could be an indicator that you still have a shot. 

What’s important here is the kind of jealousy she’s showing. It’s possible for a platonic friend to experience jealousy simply because of the time you’re spending with a new romantic partner.

That may not mean she’s into you; it could just mean that she misses your friendship. It’s also possible that even though she may not want you, she’s also uncomfortable seeing you transfer your affections to someone new. 

The only true way to find out what her jealousy means is to ask. You may not want to risk rejection again, but you could inquire why she’s displaying jealousy when she expressed disinterest in dating you.

This gives her the opportunity to explain her motives before a misunderstanding can occur.

3. She Seems Comfortable with Physical Contact

Close physical proximity can be a sign of interest according to research. If she seems comfortable with close physical contact, it’s possible that she regrets rejecting you and is signaling it by being closer to you.

Frequent, casual touches could indicate that she’s flirting with you. If she’s like this with anyone, take it with a grain of salt because it likely doesn’t mean anything. If she’s only like this with dating prospects, it could mean she’s rethinking her decision.

It’s also possible that she’s just physically comfortable with you because she considers you a friend.

Because she rejected you, she may feel certain that you understand her boundaries and the platonic nature of the relationship.

If this is confusing for you, it’s important to let her know. She may not realize she’s sending mixed signals. Talking about it could clear up any confusion and let you know if she wants to date you or just be a close friend. 

4. She Lets You Know When She’s Single

If she rejected you because she was in a relationship, she’s likely to let you know when she’s single. If she simply regrets rejecting you, she might do the same thing.

And if she points out her relationship status, it might be a sign that she wants you to try again and risk rejection to discover her feelings. 

This likely seems confusing. People aren’t as uncomplicated as they often like to believe.

Her previous rejection could cause her embarrassment, or she may assume that you’ve moved on and no longer feel the same.

Hinting at her single status could be a way to test the waters to see if you might still be interested. There’s only one way to find out. 

5. She Hints That She Likes You as More Than a Friend

Does she take it a step further? Does she let you know that she’s single and then hint that she likes you as more than a friend?

It’s not direct, but that doesn’t mean it’s subtle either. If she jokes about dating you, she might be attempting to figure out your feelings. It’s possible she’ll make a move, but she’ll want to see signs that you’re still into her before she risks the rejection she caused you.

Also, it’s possible that she has had time to get to know you and has changed her opinion of your compatibility as a couple.

And it’s possible that something changed in her personal life that has made her more emotionally available to you — like grieving and letting go of an ex. And it’s also possible that she simply changed her mind and would like another chance. 

6. She Flirts with You Frequently

One of the signs she regrets rejecting you is she flirts with you – a lot.

Now, some people are naturally flirtatious. If she’s one of them, you can’t assume flirtation means anything. However, if she isn’t innately flirty or isn’t like that with everyone, you can assume it means something if she’s that way with you. 

If she has increased her flirtatious energy, it could be because she wants you to see her as a romantic option again.

She might not confront her earlier rejection directly. Instead, she might try to make it obvious that she’s into you. This gives you the opportunity to decide if you still feel interested in her.

7. She Interacts with You Often on Social Media

A woman who has no interest in you is unlikely to comment or interact with your social media frequently. She could be bringing big friend energy — or she could be hinting at girlfriend energy.

Putting hearts on your latest selfie or commenting on most of your status updates could indicate a romantic interest.

Of course, if the interactions are negative, this isn’t a sign of her affections. If she argues on your political posts, it’s unlikely to be an indication that she wants you to ask her out again.

Be aware of the quality of the interaction and whether it reads as friendly or flirty.

What To Do

If you suspect that she regrets rejecting you, you might want to prepare yourself for what could potentially be an awkward conversation.

You could point out that she didn’t seem to want to date you and yet is consistently flirtatious. You can let her know that it’s confusing for you. This gives her the chance to clear up any misunderstanding.

It’s possible that she’s immature and has poor boundaries. She might not be intentionally leading you on. If you talk to her about it, it gives her a chance to course correct and stop confusing the nature of the relationship. 

If this is the case, you’ll need to respect what she’s telling you no matter how much her behavior may contradict her words. No always means no, no matter what.

Respect what she’s telling you.

If her actions make you uncomfortable in light of the fact that she really doesn’t want to date you, you may need to be the one who pulls away and initiates a change in the relationship.

It can feel challenging to stay friends with someone like, and you can be the one to set the boundaries to protect your feelings. 

It’s also possible that she’s been waiting for the chance to tell you that she wishes she hadn’t been so hasty. If you open up the door to the conversation, it’s possible you’ll find out that she only wants your friendship. It happens. But it’s equally possible that she might just be waiting for her second chance. 

Of course, you might have moved on already. If your feelings have changed, that’s important to clarify. Just be kind.

Even though she rejected you and hurt your feelings, it doesn’t mean you can’t reject her with kindness and consideration.

Let her know that you no longer feel that way about her — if you’re sure of it and won’t be having any regrets of your own. 

You’re going to need to ask her about her actions and how you should interpret them. It might be uncomfortable. It might even risk a second rejection.

But it could also create an opportunity for the romantic relationship you’ve been hoping to share with her. If you no longer want that kind of relationship with her, you’ll have the chance to make that clear and return the relationship to a friendship status. 

You were probably hoping you could figure out the clues without having to talk about it directly. But mature, healthy relationships involve clear communication.

Get used to asking. You’ll spend less time wondering what’s going on and more time getting to decide how you feel about it. She might regret rejecting you. Are you brave enough to find out? 

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