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13 Signs She’s Falling in Love with You

Getting to understand what’s inside the mind of a woman can be challenging. Seeing the signs she’s falling in love with you can be even harder.

Whether you’re longing for a little bit of intimacy or having conversations with your future life partner, learning to read these clues you is crucial to know whether to walk away or stay. 

Regardless of the phase of your relationship (first texts or already living together), there are some signs that can reveal whether she’s into you as much as you expect.

These signs can be noticed in the way she speaks, behaves, or looks at you. So without further ado, let’s talk about these signs she’s falling in love with you.

1. She gets shy in your presence

If she’s falling in love with you, it will be hard for her to act all serious in your presence. Emotions are difficult to suppress. You’ll notice that she blushes quickly when you’re around and finds it hard to look into your eyes.

We tend to link avoidance of eye contact with distrust. The reality is that in many cases, if she’s falling for you, she feels a gush of emotions when staring into your eyes, which makes it hard to maintain eye contact.

Instead of waiting for verbal affirmations of her love, be more attentive to simple cues like this one.

If you notice this simple gesture, then she may be falling in love with you.

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2. She’s always ready to listen to you

Have you noticed that she stops speaking or whatever else she is doing to focus on what you have to say? When a girl is in love she always puts her partner before her.

If she always puts you first, gives you attention, and rarely interrupts you, then this indicates not only that she respects you, but that you’re special to her.

Even though you might be talking about trivialities, such as your favorite team winning a  match, a friend losing his bet with another friend, or merely the weather.

Don’t take her willingness to listen to you for granted, because it’s an important sign she may be falling in love with you. Make sure you appreciate her efforts and attention if you want to nurture this relationship.

3. She gets you gifts without any reason

What happens when you’re falling in love? Well, you’re filled with joy and a deep appreciation for life and everything around you. In particular, you feel grateful for having your partner by your side.

Consequently, you want to find ways to express this feeling of gratitude.

Gifts are a symbolic means of expressing love and affection towards those we appreciate and love. If she doesn’t wait for holidays, birthdays, or Valentine’s Day to give you a gift, then it means she truly values you.

Therefore, she’ll try to pack this love into whatever she can, starting with kisses, hugs, and gifts out of nowhere.

4. She prefers your company

Did her friends invite her to their trip but she decided to meet with you instead? Is she neglecting others only to spend more time with you, even doing mundane things, like working together on a project or helping you clean?

It’s easy to spend time with someone if you’re meeting them only for a date, but if she enjoys spending time with you even when you’re doing boring things, then it means she’s probably falling for you.

Keep nurturing that relationship with affection, love, and deep conversations.

5. She behaves spontaneously around you

All of us have an inner child we keep suppressing in our everyday life. Dealing with different people on a daily basis often means putting on a mask, put emotions aside, and listen to our mind more than our heart.

However, that inner child often remains hidden there, waiting for the right people who make us feel comfortable to bring it out.

If she starts behaving spontaneously in your presence, showing her most authentic self, revealing what she truly feels, then it means that you make her feel comfortable and loved. And this is one of the most important signs she’s falling in love with you.

6. She’s happier when she’s with you

We’re faced with challenges on a daily basis, and it’s more than normal for us to have bad days. Things get tough and emotions may trap us into losing our self-confidence, and appreciation for ourselves.

In these moments we seek someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on.

Having someone we can share our feelings with alleviates these heavy emotions. If she’s in love with you, then you’ll probably notice she feels better when she’s in your company. Even if she’s had a bad day.

7. She’s conscious of your needs

What did you eat for lunch today? Have you prepared the project presentation for next week? Did you call the dentist?

When she feels close to you it’s not uncommon for her to be over caring. A woman who’s falling in love with you will also start worrying for you.

Loving someone means worrying about their wellbeing – even more than yours – and if you notice her doing this, then chances are she’s truly falling for you.

8. She wants to know you more

Remember those childhood days when we fell in love with songs or movies and wanted to know everything about them? I mean, this happens now as well but back then it was pure love.

The same thing happens when you’re falling in love with someone. You want to know everything about that person. What do they like to do in their spare time? What’s their favorite movie, food, or hobby?

We’re usually interested in knowing more because we want to find the things we have in common, but also to surprise them with gifts related to what they like.

So, if she’s falling for you, she might start asking you frequently about your hobbies, preferences, and so on.

That usually means that she’s falling in love and doesn’t want a superficial relationship but a stronger bond.

9. You would notice a change in her appearance

If she loves you or is starting to fall in love with you, it’s in her feminine nature to seek to be the center of your attention.

She will start improving her look for three main reasons: to impress you as a partner, make you feel proud of having her, and make sure you’re not looking at other women.

See, whenever there’s love, jealousy will arise because we want to be the only ones for our partner. Also, when a woman is falling in love, she feels motivated to take care of herself.

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10. She’s always concerned about you

We first experience love with our parents.

They want the best for us and tend to be concerned about our needs and relationships with other people. Then, when we grow up and fall in love, we’re likely to do the same for our partners.

We project that love we received when we were kids onto our relationships.

Attention is the very first thing we give to those we love. In the first stages of a relationship – but even later – a woman who is into you might text often to check how you’re doing.

Notice if she keeps doing this even after you’ve spent a long time together.

If she’s falling for you, then she’ll ask about trivial stuff like your dinner with friends, if you got home from work, or how your trip went.

The interest in discussing details that are often not related to your relationship, but more to your wellbeing and daily tasks, shows that she may be truly into you.

11. She shows signs of jealousy

Even though jealousy might turn a relationship into a toxic one and it’s often a sign of possessiveness rather than love, a woman who’s falling in love with you doesn’t want to lose you.

Since she’s afraid of losing you, it’s normal for her to feel a bit jealous from time to time. That doesn’t necessarily mean she’s clingy or toxic. It may simply mean she can’t stand the idea of you being with someone else – instead of her.

And that’s one of the clearest signs she’s falling for you.

12. Does she remember every tiny detail about you?

When someone is truly into us, they remember a lot about us.

Does she remember with ease the name of your favorite actor or how you used to spend time after school during your childhood? Does she ask you how a meeting with a friend went?

If yes, don’t ignore these signs. One of the signs she’s falling in love with you is she can store more information about you than all your digital devices combined!

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13. She is honest and faithful

Two people in love will share the deepest secrets with each other, as well as the dumbest ideas that roam their minds.

When she tells you things that she has never shared with anyone else before, it means you’re probably special to her.

Besides sharing intimate details with you, she will also be honest about the things you might be doing wrong.

And this concludes our list of the thirteen main signs she is falling in love with you.

Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya from Pexels

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