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Aries and Taurus Relationship Compatibility Uncovered

Wondering if there is compatibility between Aries and Taurus? In this article we are going to discuss this topic in detail.

What happens when you take an assertive and strong-willed Aries and pair them with a tenacious Taurus? It sounds like the setup for a joke, doesn’t it?

But the reality is that these too stubborn star signs actually have a lot in common. This could be a match made in heaven — or one forged in the fires of hell. 

The truth is that these two signs aren’t the most intuitive match. That doesn’t mean they can’t find common ground and go the distance.

In fact, there are many qualities that these celestial signs admire in each other. 

What a Taurus Likes in an Aries

Taurus is a fixed Earth sign ruled by Venus and symbolized by the Bull. They are known for being sensuous and stubborn in equal measure. Here are a few qualities that Taurus admires in Aries.

1. Confidence

Aries exudes confidence, which helps them secure and maintain leadership roles. Taurus finds this appealing and will marvel at how comfortable Aries can be in their own skin.

Because they are both ambitious Zodiac signs, this pairing has the potential to thrive. Taurus’s determined ambition will pair well with the Aries self-assurance. 

2. Passion

Another quality that Taurus admires in Aries is their passion. Both of these signs are passionate, and this can make the relationship exciting.

While there’s certainly potential for these two to heat up the sheets, this can be a strong astrological pairing outside the bedroom. 

A word of caution, however. Both of these signs share a heightened sense of passion, which also means that disagreements can escalate quickly. For these two to go the distance, they’ll need to learn to fight fair and communicate respectfully when they disagree. 

3. Charm

If you ask Taurus, Aries’ charm was probably the first thing they noticed. The Cardinal Fire sign is known for being a charmer, and Taurus is not immune to it.

Because Taurus enjoys being around high-quality individuals, they’ll see Aries’ easy charm and sociability as green flags to a potential relationship.

4. Assertiveness

Taurus loves the assertiveness of Aries. Sometimes, Taurus can get stuck in routine, and they love that Aries has no problem instigating an adventure. It’s what keeps this relationship fresh.

While Taurus provides stability, Aries is forging new paths for this pairing. 

5. Drive

It must be said that Taurus is very much attracted to the drive of an Aries. Taurus is relentlessly ambitious, and this pairs well with driven and self-motivated Aries.

Both of these signs likely struggle when paired with less ambitious signs. They both need strong partners who know what they want and have a plan for how to get it. 

6. Independence

Taurus often seeks reassurance and stability in relationships, but they can appreciate the independence of Aries. In fact, when Aries is a strong, loving partner, Taurus is more likely to tap into their own independent side.

When these two find that balance, they’ll both become the most powerful version of themselves. The relationship gets stronger when they can both have independence mixed with a healthy level of interdependence. 

What an Aries Likes in a Taurus

Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign that is symbolized by the Ram and ruled by Mars. Their reputation is equal parts assertive leadership and passion. There are several qualities that an Aries will admire in a Taurus.

1. Ambition

Aries absolutely loves, admires, and respects the ambition of a Taurus. While Taurus doesn’t have the same level of leadership and assertiveness as Aries, the Ram will still love it that the Bull knows exactly what they want and are driven to make it happen. This will appeal to their innately assertive nature. 

2. Strength

If you ask Aries what they see in a Taurus, they might mention the Bull’s undeniable strength. It’s a characteristic easily recognized in this Zodiac sign. Aries needs an equally strong partner, and they know Taurus has what it takes to stand strong when life becomes challenging. Aries may be a force to be reckoned with, but they appreciate a partner who will let them lean when they need it. 

3. Stability

Aries might chase excitement and be the wide-eyed and wondrous celestial sign, but they find Taurus’s stability to be a complement to this energy.

Aries loves having a strong, stable base. Because Aries can occasionally have the wool pulled over their eyes, they appreciate Taurus’s down-to-Earth sensibilities and ability to see through bullshit. 

4. Honesty

Of all the Taurus qualities, Aries truly appreciates their honesty. Aries is a straight shooter. In fact, both of these signs have occasionally hurt other people’s feelings by dropping the straight truth without a chaser.

But this quality is something they’ll admire in each other. Aries can have trust issues, and Taurus’s transparency will be strongly appreciated. 

5. Loyalty

Aries wants to lead and look for the whimsy in the every day. They need a strong, stable partner they can count on. This is just one reason why the Aries will appreciate Taurus’s loyalty.

Aries needs a ride-or-die, not a wait-and-see. They want a partner who infuses the relationship with as much love, loyalty, and passion as they do. 

6. Sensuality

While Aries might prefer to rush into things, Taurus wants to slow down and take their time. This might annoy Ram at times, but it can also help them understand that slowing down can be a good thing.

Aries will appreciate the sensuality Taurus brings to the relationship — not just in the bedroom but in all aspects of life. 

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Compatibility Between Aries and Taurus

The Ram and the Bull could often butt heads, but these two also have a few interesting compatibility markers. Let’s take a look at how they manage love, physical intimacy, and friendship.

Love Compatibility

Aries and Taurus are not the most natural pairing. This relationship will take work to go the distance. Both star signs possess passion, ambition, and the ability to create a beautiful romance. The problem is that they both also possess a sense of stubbornness that could undermine their relationship. 

The Taurus can stubbornly hold onto ideas even when new information becomes available, making it challenging for Aries to understand.

What Taurus may struggle to accept is how Aries’ leadership abilities can tip over into trying to control the relationship. These two will need strong boundaries and good communication to avoid a clash of the titans. 

The truth is that this pairing has much to recommend each other. Aries can help Taurus embrace spontaneity. Taurus can help Aries avoid impulsive decisions.

Taurus can help Aries learn about romance while Aries can bring a quality of honesty to a relationship that Taurus will appreciate.

Sure, these two have their differences. This love pairing can quickly turn from lovers to enemies.

But there’s also plenty of complementary qualities that could help this relationship start strong and stay that way. 

Sexual Compatibility

On the other hand, this pairing has strong sexual compatibility. How could it not when Aries has so much passion to pair with Taurus’s innate sensuality?

These two will likely have strong chemistry. While the entire relationship might sizzle behind closed doors, it can fizzle out if the two cannot find a way to work out their differences. 

Friendship Compatibility

These two signs might have a tricky romantic compatibility, but they can be fast friends. They both see the world in similar ways.

Aries can find Taurus’s stability and security soothing while Taurus can find the trademark Aries assertiveness to be a thrilling change of pace.

The two can maintain a strong friendship as long as they don’t get hung up on disagreements.

These two can also rely on each other for good advice. Taurus can help keep Aries grounded while Aries can help push Taurus to expand outside of their comfort zone.

This friendship might seem like opposites attracting in some ways, but they actually offer a perfect complement to one another. They’re driven in the same ways, but they approach the world differently.

It can do them both a world of good to have a friend who helps broaden their perspective. 


I cannot say definitively that this pairing has soulmate potential. It depends on the couple in question and how willing they are to work on their relationship. But can’t that be said of any pairing regardless of Zodiac signs? 

Aries and Taurus have just enough in common to make it work — and just enough in common to repel one another. If they can focus on the relationship’s strengths, their bond will grow.

If they become too fixated on the fear of failure or on each other’s flaws, they’ll likely see the bond go up in flames. This is the kind of relationship that can truly crash and burn if both people aren’t careful. 

Whether this relationship lasts can’t be predicted by your daily horoscope reading. No one can tell you if it’s going to go the distance.

Only you and your partner can determine if this relationship is right for you. It might require a little more work, but once established, this relationship could grow stronger than it may seem likely to do on the surface. 

If they can play to their strengths and respect their differences, these two could be relationship end game. Pairing passion and sensuality, adventure with security, and tenacity with ambition?

That sounds like a powerful pairing to me.

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Photo by Alistair MacRobert on Unsplash

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