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What Does a Sigma Male Look For in a Woman?

“What does a sigma male look for in a woman?”

In this post we are going to discuss this topic in detail.

The sigma guy has swept through pop culture and displaced the alpha as the top dog in the social hierarchy.

Previously unknown, the sigma male is the lone wolf of society. He’s an excellent leader who doesn’t crave power. He’s a social creature who still prefers his own company.

He often rises to positions of leadership simply by virtue of his work ethic and charisma. Although he plays by no one’s rules but his own, he still manages to be a highly valued member of society.

It’s important to note that social hierarchies are considered pseudoscience. They aren’t backed up by academic research, but they are seen as categories that can help us understand ourselves and others.

Understanding our place in the social hierarchy can help us develop our strengths and identify weaknesses we need to work on, but the reality is that they do not define who we are, who we’re meant to be, or what we’re capable of.

There’s no psychological test that determines where you fit into the hierarchy. It’s based purely on self-diagnosis.

The true sigma male doesn’t see himself as better than others because he isn’t focused on what other people think, nor does he see life as a competition. Let’s talk about the ideal partner for the sigma male. 

17 Things the Sigma Male Looks for in a Woman

When it comes to relationships, the sigma male is independent and happy in his own company. He doesn’t often look for relationships, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have an ideal partner.

Here are the traits the sigma male looks for in a woman or romantic partner.

1. Independence

The sigma male requires an independent partner. Independent himself, the sigma male will not tolerate a partner who lacks a full life and interests of her own.

He needs someone as independent as he is to share his life. Otherwise, he’s quite happy alone.

2. Critical Thinking

The sigma male also looks for a woman who is capable of critical thinking. He doesn’t want a relationship with someone who cannot think for themselves.

He prefers someone capable of forming their own opinions after considering all the available facts. He’ll lose interest quickly if a partner parrots back all his opinions without asserting her own.

3. Intelligence

Another key trait the sigma male will look for in a woman is intelligence. He wants to be able to talk to the one he’s with and share insights.

He needs a partner he can rely on to bounce ideas off of or go to for advice when necessary. And he wants someone capable of conversing on a wide array of topics in an intelligent manner. Otherwise, he’s likely to lose interest fast.

4. Curiosity

The sigma male has plenty of curiosity, and he admires this trait in a potential partner.

He wants to know that a person he dates is curious about life and interested in learning new things. He’ll get bored quickly with someone who lacks curiosity. 

5. Personal Integrity

Another trait the sigma male looks for in a woman is personal integrity. The sigma male is driven by an internal compass. He doesn’t care about society’s rules; he makes his own.

He’ll be attracted to a partner who has a personal moral code and ethics they follow.

This is especially true when the integrity isn’t about what other people think; it’s based on what they feel is right or wrong. 

6. Honesty

The sigma male is a walking, talking lie detector. He abhors dishonesty. He looks for a partner who speaks the truth — and lives it.

He’s watching to make sure her actions align with her words. If he ever catches her in a lie, he’ll lose all interest. Honesty is hugely important to sigma males.

7. Authenticity

Because the sigma male is so much himself, he wants a partner who can be herself, too. He’d rather have her fly the biggest freak flag than to agree with everyone else to avoid making waves.

He doesn’t mind if his partner is weird, he just wants his partner to be real.

He loves seeing the side of a romantic interest that she doesn’t show to everyone else. 

8. Confidence

The sigma male is looking for a woman with confidence. He’s comfortable in his own skin and looks for the same in a partner.

He can easily partner an introvert or an extrovert because he’s so adaptable, but he needs a partner who knows who they are and what they like.

He’ll be wildly attracted to confidence and tend to shy away from people who broadcast low self-worth.

9. Tenacity

The sigma male doesn’t want a partner who is a doormat. He wants someone who can hold their own. He admires tenacity.

While he’s not power hungry, he is ambitious, and he likes to see that kind of determination reflected in his partner.

He usually ends up in a leadership position, and he’s not looking for someone who is submissive to stand at his side.

He wants someone with the tenacity to chase their own dreams and goals as doggedly as he chases his.

Photo by Tom Pottiger on Unsplash

10. Humor

Capturing his attention and affection is easy when a woman possesses a great sense of humor.

The sigma male is highly attracted to a woman who can make him laugh.

He doesn’t care for partners who take themselves too seriously. He admires clever, witty people, but he might think less of a partner who uses humor to bully others. 

11. Kindness

The sigma male is attracted to kindness. He sees it as a personal strength rather than a weakness.

He wants a partner who has strength and tenacity mixed with an equal measure of kindness.

This is particuarly important in social situations. He doesn’t want someone to bring drama to his life or his circle. He wants someone friendly and kind who can hang out with his people with ease.

12. Healthy Boundaries

The sigma male is looking for a woman with healthy boundaries. He often needs space, and he needs a partner who can understand and respect that.

He’s also happy to respect his partner’s boundaries. He can get along well in a relationship where expectations are clearly stated.

A partner who crosses his boundaries and has none of their own will mystify him — and often make him lose interest.

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13. Sense of Adventure

The sigma male appreciates a partner who has a sense of adventure. While he’s a happy introvert, he also loves novelty and stepping out of his comfort zone.

Someone who is reluctant to try anything new will endlessly frustrate the curious and adventurous sigma male. He isn’t cliche enough to request “a partner in crime”, but he does want someone who is down for an adventure.

Photo by Karsten Winegeart en Unsplash

14. Maturity

It’s unsurprising that the sigma male looks for a mature partner. Because he’s self-confident and strong, he looks for those traits in a romantic interest.

He wants a partner with the maturity to navigate an adult relationship without unnecessary drama. He needs someone who communicates respectfully and clearly states their needs.

Immature behavior is a major turn-off for him.

15. Adaptable

Another characteristic the sigma male looks for in a woman is adaptability. He’s the lone wolf who often goes his own way, and he wants a partner who is good with changing things up.

Sometimes, he’s great being a hermit at home, and other times, he wants to go out and socialize. A partner who is adaptable enough to do both makes an ideal partner for the sigma male.

16. Active

The sigma male is usually not a couch potato. He’s too lively and curious to sit around while life passes him by. He’d much rather get out and be active.

He’s often physically active and fitness-focused, but he also likes to explore the world around him. He prefers an active partner who is motivated to work out or simply explore the world with him. 

17. Affectionate

The sigma male doesn’t just date anyone. While he’s a highly desirable partner, he needs certain traits to truly commit. Affectionate people will attract him.

He doesn’t want to beg for someone’s affection or attention. He loves people who are comfortable enough in themselves to show affection and care.

Some sigmas like physical closeness and others don’t, but the sigma male does appreciate an affectionate partner who can communicate clearly that they care about him. 

The Sigma Male’s Ideal Partner — In Conclusion

The sigma male isn’t looking to babysit a partner; he doesn’t want someone who is clingy or easily influenced by society.

He needs a fellow weirdo who wants to join him on his adventures — and likely suggest some adventures of her own.

He wants a relationship that has both space and intimacy in it, and he doesn’t want to have to constantly manage his partner’s emotions because they refuse to do it. 

The ideal partner for a sigma man is someone who knows herself, knows what she wants, and is happy with the life she’s living. She doesn’t need a partner, but she wants one.

She’s strong, confident, independent, and capable of kindness, love, and support. She’ll be his biggest cheerleader — and fully expects him to do the same for her.

The sigma male doesn’t want to be dominant in the relationship; he wants a full and equal partner to share his life. 

The sigma male’s relationship is often the envy of others. It’s intentionally cultivated, and he doesn’t typically settle for someone who doesn’t vibe at his level.

He’s looking for more, and he often attracts strong partners who are looking for the same thing. 

The truth is that the sigma male doesn’t always want a partner. He’s happy on his own. But if he does look for love, he’s going to want it in a strong partner who knows what it takes to build a lasting relationship.

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Photo by Tom Pottiger on Unsplash

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