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How Does a Virgo Man Test You? 8 Things He’ll Do

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In this article we will talk about how a virgo man will test you.

Too often, relationships can feel like pass/fail tests. Grading on a curve only happens when past partners were far worse than we could ever imagine being.

Some of the time, dating feels more like a stress test to see how much we can take before we break down, settle, settle down, or bow out of the whole thing. 

When it comes to tests, Virgos tend to be straight A students. They’re the quiet, studious ones who naturally excel in this area.

But what happens when the Virgo in your life starts testing you? 

About the Virgo Man

Virgo men are men born between August 23 and September 22. This astrological sign is symbolized by the virgin or maiden. A mutable Earth sign, Virgo tends to be grounded but flexible.

If you know a Virgo, you’ve probably noticed a few of their strongest characteristics. Virgos tend to be smart, thoughtful, empathic, and helpful.

They can also be insecure perfectionists who are their own worst enemy. It’s a mixed bag — but aren’t we all?

How Does a Virgo Man Test You

Virgo men might ace tests, but they’re also likely to test you — particularly if you partner them.

Let’s take a look at the grading criteria and the areas where you’ll most likely see a pop quiz or two.

He’ll Establish If He Can Talk to You

The Virgo man is intelligent, and he wants to be able to have thought-provoking conversations with the people in his life.

He might test you to see if you’re capable of holding your own in a conversation. If he asks all the questions and your only response is a short answer with little to add, he’s not going to keep doing all the work to communicate with you.

The Virgo man needs to be with someone capable of communicating effectively.

He’s not checking out your vocabulary — just your ability to have a conversation about something more than work and the weather.

He’s unlikely to stick around when even the small talk is unbearably boring. 

He’ll Establish if He Can Trust You

The Virgo man is a big fan of trust and honesty. While that’s not unusual, you may find that he tests you to see if you can be trusted.

He wants to know about your background and past behavior to see if you have a pattern he should be concerned about — like ghosting past partners. He’s figuring out who you were to better predict who you are now.

He’ll also start sharing a little more with you. He wants to see if you can be a safe and open space for him to share anything he needs to with you.

He’s also checking to see if you’ll be loyal even when life isn’t ideal. His trust tests will likely be subtle, but he’s constantly observing if you say what you mean, mean what you say, and follow through when you say you’ll do something. 

He’ll Establish if the Two of You are Compatible

One of the first things the Virgo man will test you on is compatibility. This is not a Zodiac sign who will waste his own time.

He wants to make sure you share similar values and interests. Do your lives fit, or do one or both of you have to keep adjusting to make it work? 

Compatibility is important to Virgo. He’s likely looking for a life partner at some point, and he is going to want someone who can share his life, not wreck it.

He also understands that relationships take work and being compatible with one another will make the work easier.

He’s going to be listening to what you value, watching how you treat people, and assessing if what you say you value lines up with how you act in real life.

He’ll Assess Your Strengths and Weaknesses

The Virgo man, ever a perfectionist, will surely assess you, his partner, for your strengths and weaknesses.

While it’s normal to joke about how we’d behave in a zombie apocalypse, the Virgo man truly wants to know where your strong and weak points are and how that might impact him in the future.

He’s a bit of a neat freak so if you leave your underwear lying in the middle of the living room floor for days, he might see that as a dealbreaker, or he might be able to assess it as a lovable quirk he can overlook as long as your kitchen is neat.

It depends on the Virgo man in question.

He will want to know how you handle stress through. If you flip out and break down over the littlest things, he’s not likely to trust that you’ll be a strong partner when it comes to big life challenges.

He’s going to be assessing your resourcefulness, independence, and daily habits. It sounds cold and clinical, but he’s simply trying to make a good choice. He needs a strong partner with weaknesses that won’t be deal breakers. 

He’ll Check Your Plans for the Future

The Virgo man is a planner. It’s in his nature to look ahead. He’s not going to enjoy partnering someone unable to plan or to stick with a plan.

That would be stressful for the conscientious Virgo. While he’s flexible to a certain degree, he definitely has a 5- or 10-year plan in place.

He’s going to test you to see what your plans for the future look like and how they’d fit in with his plans. No plan is probably just going to frustrate him.

A plan that diverges too far from his own will be a natural deal breaker.

He’s going to be looking for plans that align with his without too many adjustments. It’s a practical consideration you might appreciate down the road.

He’s Big on Hypotheticals

The Virgo man loves posing hypothetical situations to see how you’d handle them. “What if…” is a big thing for him.

Because he’s a worrier and chronic overthinker, he’s going to want to know how his partner will react in certain situations. You might want to play along to ease his stress and show you’ve got what it takes to be a strong partner.

Consider that under all these hypothetical scenarios is a need for love, affection, and reassurance. Think about the situation he’s posing and what he’s really asking.

It might help to cut to the chase and communicate not only what you would do in that situation but the underlying feeling that might alleviate his concern.

You might tell him about your amazing kickboxing skills that can come in handy for the zombie apocalypse but also let him know that you’ll stand up for him and stand with him because you care. 

He’ll Test Your Consistency

The Virgo man will also test your consistency. He wants to know what kind of person (and partner) you are throughout the relationship.

Even a simple text could be a test. How do you respond? How promptly do you respond? Are you telegraphing neediness or disengagement?

The Virgo man can’t help but analyze and overthink. He’s not interested in a clingy partner, but he does like a responsive one.

He wants a partner who’s capable of being alone but doesn’t just check out of the relationship.

He wants to know if he can count on you — and how much you’re counting on him.

If you’re making him your everything, he’s less likely to see that as an endearing quality and more likely to see it as a waving red flag of codependence. Basically, he wants you to be consistent without overdoing it.

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He’ll Push All Your Buttons

The Virgo man can push all your buttons like no one else. Because he’s assessed your strengths and weaknesses, he knows where to push.

It can be extremely aggravating, but he’ll find it illuminating. 

Sometimes, he does it with humor just to get a reaction. Other times, he genuinely is testing your reactions.

While this can be a frustrating aspect of dating or partnering a Virgo man, his intention is to see how you handle whatever he throws at you. 

The Virgo Man – A Summary 

Don’t assume every Virgo man is the same. Find out his love language, his history, and what he’s looking for from life. Ask him questions and be willing to dive deep into conversations. Just be curious and open-minded.

The Virgo man is an earth sign. He’s strongly rooted, and his home is an important part of who he is and how he feels. He needs security, and while he often projects calm and empathy to others, he can be insecure and overthink everything. 

These tests aren’t designed to annoy. They’re designed to see if he can trust and depend on you.

Oftentimes, the underlying motivation is a need for reassurance that you’re still invested and want your relationship to go the distance.

While you might be aggravated by the Virgo man’s need to test you, remember that we can all benefit from feeling secure in our relationships.

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