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What Is a Platonic Soulmate? 17 Signs You’ve Found Yours

Ever heard of the term platonic soulmate?

So many people are out chasing soulmates without realizing that they already have one. Before you start going down your list of the ones who got away, the person you’re overlooking isn’t a former, current, or future lover.

It’s someone who is so integral to your being that you’d never want to live without them and yet still don’t realize what’s right in front of you.

This person is your platonic soulmate

Platonic Soulmate: Meaning

A platonic soulmate has all those qualities of your forever person with one key difference. There are no romantic vibes. This type of soulmate relationship is all about the friendship.

While you might be tempted to dismiss this soulmate connection and go back to looking for your forever romantic love possibilities, don’t underestimate the strengths of this platonic connection or the many benefits to having one.

In a world that focuses solely on romantic love and seems to forget any other kind, you just might overlook your person.

17 Signs You May Have Found Your Platonic Soulmate

1. You Feel Like You’ve Known Them Forever

When you meet your platonic soulmate, you feel like you’ve known them forever. The conversation flows easily from the start, and you seem to share a vibe.

It’s not a romantic one even if this is a person you might normally find attractive and be romantically interested in dating.

Instead, the feeling is all friendship — as if you’ve known them for lifetimes rather than 5 minutes.

Of course, not all platonic soulmates may start out sharing every single deep, dark secret.

It’s entirely possible that you both kept your guard up around each other for a while — until that moment when you realized you really didn’t have to because they love the real you.

You might have hung out with them in friend groups or in the school pickup line for your children before sharing that moment when you sense that deeper connection.

It just might be in that moment that you think you might have been best friends in another lifetime, too.

2. You Can Be Your Real Self with Them

You don’t need to keep a mask on with a platonic soulmate. They won’t ever require that from you. In fact, they love you at your weirdest, your most annoying, and your most authentic. 

You just relax when they’re around. You say the things you wouldn’t dare say to an acquaintance who hasn’t yet passed the vibe check.

In fact, you both probably feel more like your real selves when you’re together than any other time. 

3. You Make Each Other Better

A platonic soulmate isn’t just a person you love hanging out with or even your most enduring friendship. It’s the friendship where you make each other better.

This isn’t a friendship that will bring you down or discourage your dreams. This is the one that will call you on your bullshit while cheerleading your efforts and goals. 

The platonic soulmate relationship isn’t a friendship that always feels positive. The fact that your platonic soulmate can call you out when you’re in the wrong — and you can do the same to them — is part of what makes this friendship beautiful.

They’ll never tell you that they love the person you’re dating if they can see it’s not a healthy relationship.

At the same time, they will support and champion you like no other — and you do the same for them. This special bond encourages each of you to be better than you were before. 

4. You Love Each Other Unconditionally

Your love for each other is unconditional. It recognizes flaws but accepts them as a part of the wonderful package. There’s nothing the other person can do that will make you love them less or change how you feel about them.

That’s not to say there aren’t boundaries. In fact, if a platonic soulmate was the type of person to violate your boundaries, you’d likely love them from afar.

You’ve probably been there with a friend you love but know is toxic for you. The good news is that a platonic soulmate is unlikely to violate your boundaries.

They’ll respect you too much to do that, and if they screw up, they’ll get themselves in check, so it doesn’t happen again. The relationship means that much to both of you.

5. You Can Enjoy Comfortable Silence Together

Another subtle sign of a platonic soulmate is that you don’t have to spend every moment talking to each other. You can sit together in comfortable silence and just hang out.

You won’t be filled with anxiety simply because they’re being quiet. You can just relax in their presence.

While other friendships might rush to fill in the blanks of any pauses in conversation, the platonic soulmate knows how to sit with silence without discomfort.

You know you have the rest of your lives to share your secrets and process all your thoughts and feelings. You can enjoy the quiet together. 

6. You Intuitively Know What They’re Feeling and Thinking

One interesting sign of a platonic soulmate is that you have a sixth sense when it comes to what they’re thinking or feeling. You just know — no matter how far away they might be from you.

They could be on the other side of the globe, and you might immediately sense when they’re experiencing personal upheaval or a rush of euphoria. 

Even when you’re together, you intuitively know what’s up with them without having to ask.

You’re both on the same page so much that you have an instinct when it comes to what’s going on in their hearts and heads. You get it, and they get you.

7. You Finish Each Other’s Sentences

Do your other friends make fun of you for finishing each other’s sentences? That’s one of the fascinating parts of having a platonic soulmate.

You’re so much alike and know each other so well that you often finish each other’s sentences or say the exact same thing at the exact same time.

It’s not that you’re assuming you know what they’ll say next. You just know. They do the same thing to you all the time. Sometimes, you don’t even have to complete the thought before they’re nodding away in agreement.

8. You Share a Sense of Humor

If you’ve got a platonic soulmate in your life, you’ll notice that you share a similar sense of humor. You see the world in similar ways.

It doesn’t matter if you’re both sarcastic or enjoy gallows humor or even dad jokes. Whatever is funniest to you will also make your platonic soulmate laugh until they cry.

You won’t have a platonic soulmate who looks at you with judging eyes and doesn’t think you’re funny. They’ll think you’re hilarious.

Your comedic timing with your platonic soulmate has never been better, and you know the feeling is mutual.

9. You Don’t Judge Each Other

While you’re looking for platonic soulmate signs, you’ll need to check for judgmental tendencies.

If you have a friend who is constantly judging you for your decisions, that’s not a platonic soulmate.

It’s not even a very good friend.

You don’t judge each other. You just don’t. This doesn’t mean you always agree with their decisions.

You just know that love means letting other people live their lives. You can support them even if you disagree with their choices.

You can encourage them even when you would do life differently than what they’re doing. Judgment has no place in a platonic soulmate relationship.

10. There’s No Romantic Interest on Either Side

Let’s be clear about this one point. The platonic soulmate relationship is not the best friend that you have a little crush on.

It’s not the person you wonder if you should have dated. It’s the friend you love completely platonically with no romantic interest on either side. 

The on either side part is important. If they’re into you in a romantic way, they’re not your platonic soulmate even if the friendship is strong.

If they’re someone you typically would date and might even be your type, others may wonder why you’re not together in a romantic relationship. You just don’t feel that way about each other, and yet your connection is strong, real, and deeply loving. 

11. You Have a Drama-Free Connection

One clear sign of a platonic soulmate is that you enjoy a drama-free connection.

You might disagree every once in a while, but you don’t have huge arguments and constant drama all the time. This isn’t your on-again-off-again friendship. 

Platonic soulmates have no interest in drama. You’re so much on the same frequency that there’s no need for constant conflict.

With so much love and so little judgment, you’re both content in the relationship. You have no desire to stir the pot and make issues of every little thing because you deeply value this relationship.

12. You Can Talk About Anything with Each Other

Your most cringe-worthy moment. Your deepest fear. Your darkest secret. The crush you don’t tell anyone else about. You can tell it all to your platonic soulmate.

There’s literally no subject you can’t cover with a platonic soulmate, no areas of your life you feel are no-fly zones.

You can say whatever you want and know that the relationship is safe for sharing. In fact, you never run out of things to talk about when you’re with them. 

13. You Miss Them When They’re Not Around

If you’re separated from your platonic soulmate for any reason, you miss them. In fact, it’s rare for you to go any length of time without contact.

They aren’t the friend you can stop thinking about for months and then reconnect with later. They’re the friend who is always on your mind.

If you’ve ever had a platonic soulmate like this, you’ll know what I mean. It’s a strong feeling of having a missing piece in your life when they’re absent from it.

Even if they’ve just gone on vacation and haven’t gotten in touch, you miss them when you don’t get to touch base with them. 

14. You’d Do Anything for Them

Another sign of a platonic soulmate is that you would do anything for each other. They’re the person you’d call if you needed an alibi or help to hide a body.

While hopefully neither of these conditions ever present, they’re also the person you’ll willingly loan your favorite books to or volunteer to help them move even though you can think of at least fifty other things you’d rather be doing.

You really would do anything for each other, and you also know they would never ask you to do something that goes against your moral compass or violates your boundaries.

While you might spend your life looking for a romantic soulmate, the platonic soulmate is right there ready to help with whatever you need.

15. You Can’t Imagine Your Life Without Them

Picture your life in the future. The platonic soulmate will appear somewhere in your daydream. In fact, you can’t picture your life without them.

This isn’t a codependent relationship where you can’t survive without the other person. You just wouldn’t want to survive without them.

They aren’t some side character in your life story. They have main character energy in your life — just as you do in theirs. 

16. You Have a Lot of Inside Jokes

If you have a platonic soulmate in your life, you likely share a number of inside jokes. It’s not just one thing.

You have so many interwoven into your dialogue that other people just don’t get it.

While this can make other friends feel left out at times, it’s a natural part of a platonic soulmate connection that you just develop a friendship shorthand where you don’t have to say everything to know what the other person is thinking.

A simple phrase or a shared look could have both of you rolling on the floor in laughter while other people look on in confusion.

17. You Trust Them Absolutely

With a platonic soulmate, you trust them completely. It’s more than just trusting them with your secrets. You don’t worry about or doubt the relationship.

You don’t fear it’s coming to an end. You trust them to love you. You trust their support. You trust them to stay.

They trust you in exactly the same way. There are no doubts about the relationship. It’s strong, and you don’t worry and wonder all the time.

Never Take Them for Granted

The rest of the world might tell you all the ways to recognize your romantic soulmate in the world.

To have all these qualities in a romantic relationship is a gift, but that doesn’t mean you should discount your platonic soulmate.

Of course, it’s not the same as a romantic relationship. It isn’t meant to be either. Your life has room for more than one special soulmate.

You can enjoy a deeply connected romantic relationship and still value your platonic soulmate for all that they are to you. 

Don’t get so caught up looking for the romantic soulmate that you take for granted the person who has always been there for you from the moment you met and will never stop loving you.

Platonic love isn’t less important than romantic love. It just can be easily overlooked if you’re not paying attention to the signs. 

This relationship is like no other. The relationship just doesn’t break. You aren’t platonic soulmates one moment and then strangers the next.

They are your person — and you are theirs. While romantic partners might come and go, the platonic soulmate is for life — some might even say it’s for lifetimes.

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