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8 Signs She Wants to Move in With You

In today’s post we are going to talk about some signs a woman wants to move in with you and what you should do.

Cohabitation isn’t for everyone. In fact, for a long time, I assumed I was one of those people it didn’t suit. I had been married, and it was not an experience I’d recommend.

Yet, after a friend became a roommate for a little while, I found my assumptions about cohabitation challenged. 

It turns out that I enjoy the companionship. I even found that doing housework and yardwork together could be enjoyable.

I had based all my assumptions on an unhealthy relationship and hadn’t considered the benefits of living with a healthy partner who actually helped out. Now, I realize that it’s possible to live with someone and it be a positive experience.

I share this to say that sometimes our attitudes are based in an idea of how things are and not the reality. If you’re in a relationship, you might be seeing some signs that your partner would like to move in with you.

Perhaps you think you’ve been living alone too long and can’t make that work, or maybe — like me — you’ve had prior experiences that make you hestitant to take the leap.

I can’t tell you what you should do, but I can tell you how to know when she wants to move in with you.

Why listen to me? I’m Crystal Jackson and I was a master’s level licensed therapist. I worked with couples and families and specialized in trauma recovery and empowerment. I now write content about relationships and psychology. My work has been featured on Elite Daily, Your Tango, Positively Positive, Mamamia, and The Good Men Project.

8 Signs She Wants to Move in with You

First of all, keep in mind that you can always misinterpret the signals and think she wants to move in with you when she doesn’t.

The best way to find out is to ask if that’s what she’s hinting at when she makes the following comments or does the following things.

It’s the only way to clear things up and bring them out in the open. If you’re looking for signs before you initiate that conversation, here’s what you’ll look for.

1. She Keeps Leaving More Possessions at Your Place

Her toothbrush is likely spooning yours or lined up right beside it like it belongs there. In fact, she keeps leaving so many possessions at your place that it’s like her stuff lives there even if she doesn’t (yet).

She might have things hanging in your closet, makeup on your counter, or food in your kitchen. Take a look around your place. How many items of hers can you spot? 

She might be leaving a few things around out of convenience. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s trying to low-key move in with you.

However, if you’re noticing more of her things living at your home, you might want to talk about it — especially if you don’t want to share space or to keep her possessions in your home. It’s perfectly natural for a partner to keep a few things around, but if she’s slowly taking over the rooms of your house, you have the right to say that you’re not comfortable with that. 

2. She Mentions Her Lease is Nearly Up

A pretty significant clue that she wants to move in with you happens when she either complains about a landlord or mentions her lease is nearly up. She might even complain about the cost of rent.

If she’s drawing attention to her living situation being unstable, she might be looking for an opportunity to share space with you.

If she’s looking at new apartment or house listings, this might not be a hint she wants to move in with you. She might just be sharing what’s happening in her life.

But if she comes out and says that the two of you could just live together since she’s over there all the time anyway, this isn’t as much a clue as an obvious indicator that she’s ready. Are you? 

3. She Talks About the Convenience of Joint Finances

It’s also possible that she’ll lead into the conversation with a mention of how sharing the rent and joining finances could help you both out. In a recession, shared rent may sound ideal, but is your relationship ready for that step?

Mentioning joined finances is certainly a hint that she’s ready to move in with you. 

It’s possible she goes beyond mentioning rent and talks about sharing utilities, streaming services, and more.

She might have more groceries at your place than she buys for her own. If she’s interested in combining your finances, she might be ready to move in with you. 

4. She Spends More Time at Your Place Than Her Own

You might already feel like you have a roommate when she spends more time at your place than her own. This is another key sign that she wants to move in with you.

Maybe your home is more comfortable or convenient, but it’s going to make you wonder when she never seems to want to go home.

Most of us like the comfort of our own places. I know I do. If she’s at your place more than her own, it does show she’s comfortable in your space, which is a good sign.

But she might just be comfortable enough that she’d like to move in, which is going to require your consent. 

5. She Mentions Redecorating Your Home

Another sign that she wants to move in with you is when she talks about redecorating your home. This isn’t something a visitor generally does unless they have poor boundaries.

If she’s commenting on what she would do differently to enhance your space, she might be thinking about what it would be like to live with you.

She could be envisioning herself in your home and noting how she’d make herself more comfortable in it. If she just loves to organize and decorate, it might not mean she wants to move in.

She just might be trying to help you out. But if you’re concerned she’s hinting about packing her bags and moving in with you, it’s okay to initiate that conversation to see if you could be misunderstanding. 

6. She Points Out Friends who Happily Cohabitate

A sign that she thinks is subtle happens when she points out people who happily cohabitate. If she really hypes up their joy, she might think she’s being subtle, but this couldn’t be more obvious.

She wants you to see the possible parallels. 

It’s a positive sign that she’s considering cohabitation when she starts noticing the couples who live together and love it.

At the same time, if she’s observing all the couples who live together and hate it, that’s a sign that she likely has strong reservations about living together and what it might do to your relationship.

Talking out your thoughts on cohabitation could be helpful to gauge how you both feel about it. 

7. She Talks More About Sharing Your Daily Life

It’s natural that she might want to share more of your daily life. If she mentions wanting to be a part of your daily routine like regularly waking up together or sharing dinner after a long day, it’s likely that she wants to move in with you.

She could be rehearsing the idea of it by mentioning it to you, and she could also be trying to see if you’re open to the idea.

She might just want to reassure you that she misses you when you’re not around. This could be part of her infatuation for you, or it could be a sign she wants to move in.

Talking over how sharing your life would look could help you both discover if this would even work for you.

8. She Comments on Your Space Often

If she criticizes aspects of your home like alluding to small closets or cramped showers, she might be suggesting that the two of you couldn’t live comfortably in your small space and might want to look for a bigger place.

It’s definitely an indicator that she thinks the two of you should live together. Her criticism of your space is just weird otherwise.

If you’re happy with your space and have no interest in moving, make that clear.

She might not love where you live, but unless you’ve both agreed to cohabitate, it’s really not her business. You might want to have a talk about boundaries if these conversations begin getting under your skin. 

So, She Wants to Move In. What Now? 

Just because she wants to move in with you doesn’t mean you have to agree to cohabitate.

This is something that needs to be a mutual decision.

There are so many questions you need to ask each other before you decide if this is the right move for your relationship. 

If you don’t want her to move in, you can say that you’re not ready. A healthy partner won’t continue to apply pressure once you’ve stated your boundary.

It’s important that you both feel comfortable with the pace of your relationship. Just be sure that you’re addressing your own biases about cohabitating before you make a decision.

The reality is that you could move in together, and it could damage your relationship. You could find out that you’re not as compatible as you thought.

While you might be afraid of that, the truth is that you were going to find out one way or another.

If you love each other and want to share your daily lives, there are ways to do this living together or not living together.

Talk with your partner about what you both want and if living together could be the right move for you. 

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