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Here Are 9 Clear Signs She Makes You a Better Man

If you are looking for the signs she makes you a better man, the following sections may help you find some answers.

If you’re fortunate, at some point in your life you will encounter a relationship that simply makes you better.

It doesn’t change who you are, but it enhances your good qualities and helps mitigate the challenging ones. This person makes you love yourself more while making you a better person. 

I had a relationship like that once. While it didn’t work out in the end, I can honestly say that it made me a better me. I have so much gratitude for all the ways that connection enhanced my life and contributed to my growth. 

If you’re paying attention, you might see signs like this in your own relationship. 

Signs a Woman Makes You a Better Man

Healthy relationships should make you better.

There are many reasons this happens. It’s easy to be a better person when you feel happy, safe, and fulfilled. Healthy people also tend to bring out your best. The following signs are indicators that she’s making you a better man.

1. You Communicate Better with Her

Many relationships fall apart because of miscommunication. Conflict is swept under the rug or allowed to undermine the relationship. Someone who makes you better tends to make you a better communicator, too. 

You find that she’s easy to talk to, and arguments don’t turn toxic. In other words, you finally have a safe space to talk things out without fearing how your partner is going to react.

You might even have noticed you communicate better with her than any previous partner. Her clarity, kindness, and ability to talk about the hard stuff helps you improve your communication skills.

2. You Consider Different Points of View

You’ll also know that she makes you a better man when you consider points of view you never considered before.

A partner who makes you think is invaluable. Listening to new perspectives can make you a kinder, more compassionate person. If she’s introducing you to new ways of thinking, you’re likely growing in ways you never anticipated. 

Even if you already share values and interests with this person, her life experience might differ from your own. Learning about her lived experience is an important part of building intimacy in the relationship. Consider the #metoo movement.

Many men didn’t realize that the lived experience of women involves so much turmoil and violation.

From listening to women, many men learned about how the system impacts women. It turned many men into stronger allies — and better human beings.

3. You Begin Truly Healing

One sign that she makes you a better man is that you begin doing the deep inner work of healing. Past relationship wounds begin to heal.

You might even feel safe to explore childhood trauma or take the time to address other baggage in your life.

The relationship’s loving, drama-free atmosphere creates the perfect conditions for dealing with the problems you never addressed before. 

To be clear, your partner is not responsible for healing your wounds. The fact that you begin focusing on healing them yourself is a byproduct of a healthy relationship.

You’ll have the space and safety to address the things you haven’t resolved before. 

4. She Challenges You

A partner who challenges you in a healthy way is one who is making you a better man. She confronts you when needed and lets you know how your actions impact others.

She doesn’t just expand the way you think and encourage you to heal; she also shows up in a way that’s so authentic that you cannot maintain illusions in front of her. You become your truest self but also feel challenged to become your best self, too. 

She’s a strong partner who elevates you. Whether or not the relationship goes the distance, the woman who makes you a better man is invaluable.

She doesn’t just agree with you or let you get away with quietly quitting the relationship. She sees you for who you are and who you’re capable of being, and you rise to that challenge.

You’re not competing with her, but you want to be the strong partner she deserves.

5. Your Friends and Family See It

A clear sign that she makes you a better man is when other people in your life see it — and mention it.

If your friends and family keep telling you how much you’ve grown and how much happier you’ve become, they’ve likely noticed that you’re in a healthy relationship that makes you the best version of yourself.

Of course, the reverse is also true — if your friends and family comment that your relationship isn’t good for you, you would do well to listen. 

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6. You’re More in Touch with Your Feelings

If she makes you a better man, you’ll notice that you’re more in touch with your feelings. A healthy relationship will give you space to feel them and won’t make you feel like you have to be strong all the time.

You’ll have a place where you can be sad or get angry, and you might even find that your anger often has a deep core of sadness beneath it.

This might not make you feel better as in happier, but it does make you a better person to be able to understand your emotions and better regulate them. 

7. You Desire to Be Better

The greatest sign that she makes you a better man is that you simply want to be better from knowing her. Your desire for improvement is a good sign — but only if you’re being your best self rather than trying to be a different person.

A healthy relationship doesn’t always equate to a compatible one. It’s great if she makes you want to live up to your full potential, but you can’t make the relationship work out by trying to turn into someone you’re not. 

If you find yourself doing this, your desire to be better might be missing the mark. You’re not meant to try to become someone else — not for any relationship. You’re meant to be your most authentic self — just the one that lives up to the potential you already possess.

A good partner will make you want to be better, but don’t ever mistake being “better” for meaning that you’re supposed to become someone else.

You’re not a fixer upper. You’re a person who already has unlimited potential, and you get to choose what aspects of that you want to explore. 

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8. You’ve Changed Past Relationship Patterns

 You’ll likely notice that you’ve changed your past relationship patterns. The things that you used to do in relationships that never worked out for you have been discarded in favor of healthier behaviors.

The woman who makes you a better man is the one who highlights all the things that were wrong in your previous relationships. If you’re paying attention, you become more accountable for how you treated past partners, and you endeavor to treat the current partner better.

You’re breaking the cycle. You might even notice that this relationship is the healthiest one yet.

You’ve stopped doing some of those things that have hurt past partners or sabotaged past relationships and start doing new things that make the relationship stronger.

Maybe you neglected past partners and you shower this new one with thoughtful gifts to let her know you appreciate her.

Perhaps you weren’t much of a help around the house to a previous partner but have finally learned to pull your weight and become an equal member in your household.

Whatever you used to do that didn’t really work, you’ve changed. And you’ve done it because this relationship just makes you want to be better. 

9. You Like Yourself More

Here’s a universal truth: You are the one person you’ll spend the rest of your life with. Do you like the person that you are?

If she’s making you a better man, you’ll find that you like yourself more.

You’ve accepted you aren’t perfect, but you actually like the person you are because you see your good qualities, too. In part, because she points them out but also because there are more good qualities on display lately.

Whether or not this is your soulmate relationship is inconsequential. The partner who makes you a better person will naturally make you like yourself better, which will make you a happier and healthier person.

It’s a beautiful thing when you meet someone who truly makes you love yourself more than you did before. 

You’re a Better Person: What To Do Next

These signs are clear indicators that she’s making you a better man because you want to be better. I hope you can appreciate her and the value she adds to your life. If you haven’t thanked her lately, consider this your reminder. 

I also hope you understand that you were always capable of being this best version of yourself. It’s not dependent on the relationship.

In fact, it might be helpful to think about what aspects of this person draw out your desire to be better.

This can be helpful to understand the kind of people who bring out the best in you. As your growth game strengthens, you’ll find that you want to be around more people like that — and spend less time around people who don’t bring that out in you. 

Some relationships simply grow you into a better human being — kinder, more compassionate, a bigger dreamer, and a better lover. If you’ve found someone like that, it’s precious. If you are someone like that, thank you.

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