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Spiritual Meaning of When a Stray Cat Chooses You

In this article we are going to talk about when a stray cat chooses you and the spiritual meaning of it.

Dogs might be known as a human’s best friend, but cats have a more persnickety reputation. Even friendly cats won’t just cozy up to anyone, and most stray cats will avoid humans entirely apart from mealtimes. But there just might be a deeper spiritual meaning behind a stray cat choosing you.

How to Know If a Cat Is Choosing You

You’ll know a cat has chosen you when you notice any of the following behaviors:

  • The cat “talks” to you in meows when you speak to it,
  • Follows you around,
  • Voluntarily spends time with you rather than hiding elsewhere,
  • Cuddles up to you and starts purring,
  • Plays with you.

If you often find that cats seem attracted to your presence, you’ve been selected. But selected as what — and for what purpose?

When a Stray Cat Choosing You: Spiritual Meaning

1. Your Feline Spirit Guide

There are several potential spiritual meanings for cats choosing you. First of all, your feline friend could be acting as a spirit guide. Note: I did not say spirit animal, a term appropriated from indigenous peoples.

If a cat comes to you, it could be a message. While you might consider it contact from a cat-loving loved one who has passed beyond the veil, it’s also possible that a cat can sense that you need them.

Are you secretly in despair? Do you find that cats can sense your mood and show up just when you need encouragement and affection?

They don’t do this for everyone, so it’s natural to feel special that they’re doing it for you. You are special. Maybe that’s the message.

2. Your Own Personal Lucky Charm

Despite cats having a long history of being associated with witchcraft and evil, a cat choosing you could be a symbol of abundance and good fortune to come. Cats can be a living symbol of good luck.

In fact, this luck can work powerfully in both directions. Beware treating cats with unkindness and disrespect. The act of treating cats poorly could open the door to bad luck.

Call it karma or the natural repercussions of irritating a fierce being capable of shredding your curtain and vomiting hairballs in your favorite shoes but it doesn’t serve you to treat them cruelly. Be kind to the cats in your life, and luck may flow your way.

3. Your Feline Familiar

Cats seem to be especially attuned to vibrational energy. If you’re in a bad mood, the feline in your life or in your environment will likely keep away.

This is one reason that people are more likely to trust someone well-liked by animals. They just might sense what we as humans don’t yet see.

Your cat could be your feline familiar — a term often associated with witchcraft. While the term “familiar” has been associated with the creature given to witches by the devil, Shaman practitioners often associate familiars as spiritual guardians.

Others believe that a familiar is simply a spiritual companion to accompany you through your life — one that is uniquely attuned to your thoughts, feelings, and needs.

4. Your Guardian Kitty

Cats were considered by ancient Egyptians to be fierce protectors. Make one mad, and you’ll watch the claws come out.

For this reason, one popular spiritual explanation of a cat choosing you is that you are being guarded and protected by spiritual beings. The cat could be the clue that the Universe is looking out for you.

This doesn’t mean you should be reckless and trust you’ll be safe. Rather, the cat who chooses you could be your reminder to make good decisions and to stay on your path.

Yes, you’re being protected, but you’ll also want to make the decisions that keep you out of harm’s way.

5. Your Bad Dream Chaser

You might also find that a cat chooses you for another protective purpose: to help guard you as you sleep and drive away negative thoughts and dreams.

When your guard is down and your subconscious runs free, you might be vulnerable to nightmares. Some people believe that a cat can help keep nightmares away.

If nothing else, they can offer comfort if you wake up from bad dreams and need a little love and reassurance that you’re safe. Cats might not chase away every single bad dream. In fact, they’ll likely leave the ones that carry a message you need to receive.

How to Make a Cat More Likely to Choose You

If cats don’t tend to befriend you, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to better attract them (and their luck) into your life.


If high vibrational energy attracts felines to humans, you might want to meditate and center your soul.

Chaotic, disorganized energy might drive cats away from you while calm, peaceful energy could broadcast that you are a safe and trusted human being.

Meditation will help you address any problematic aspects of your energy. This will help cats be drawn to you rather than repelled by you.

It’s also been scientifically proven to support your health, so there’s no real downside to beginning a meditation practice.

Respect Cues

Just like with any other living creature, don’t force your affection on cats. If they are showing signs that they don’t want you to touch them, keep your hands off. If they want you to pet their heads but leave their bodies alone, respect that boundary.

Learn to be sensitive to the messages the cats you encounter are trying to communicate.

They may not be able to speak, but they can certainly hiss, claw, and do that threatening thing with their ears to clue you in that your attention isn’t welcome.

Another thing you can do is give them a name you feel represents them, try to call them by that name several times and see how they respond.

Here’s an interesting article where you can find several cat names.

Remember They Aren’t Dogs

It also helps to remember that cats are feline animals. They aren’t dogs or any other creature.

You can’t treat all animals just the same and expect to be met with overwhelming success. Instead, learn about cats. Study them. Respect them.

Don’t try to treat them like dogs. What works for one animal might not fly with another. Educate yourself or risk angering your luck charm.

When a Stray Cat Chooses You: A Summary

It’s a pretty amazing feeling when a stray cat chooses you.

It feels powerful when you’re the one they want to be around — assuming you don’t have an allergy or a cat intolerance.

If a cat spends plenty of time around you or stray cats are drawn to you, it could be for one of these reasons:

  • They’re acting as a spiritual guide.
  • They’re a message that you’re going to have good luck.
  • They want to be your companion for life.
  • They are acting as a living embodiment of spiritual guardians.
  • They are sworn protectors of your rest time — there to drive away bad dreams.

Or maybe they just want to be fed and know that you’re the sucker to do it. Who knows?

If you’re attracting cats, the real question is this: What does it mean to you? Your interpretation of the experience is powerful.

Whether you assign meaning to it or not could turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Will you see them as good luck charms and guardians, or do you choose to see them as bad luck sent from the devil? Whichever you choose, be ready for the energy you’re inviting into your life.

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