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Can You Manifest Someone to Text You? 6 Things You Can Try

Wondering how to manifest someone to text you? Then this post may be what you’re looking for.

Have you ever tried to will the phone ring or use mind powers to make a text come through? No? Just me? If you’ve ever waited for a call or text, you know what I mean.

You find yourself checking and rechecking your phone, sure you’ve missed the call or text you’ve been expecting — or at least, hoping for. 

It can be a stressful experience. You’re likely to give yourself a headache focusing on the phone and wear out your heart with that surge of hope followed by disappointment every time you get a notification that isn’t the one you wanted. 

How to Manifest Someone to Text You: 6 Ways

Manifestation is a practice where you utilize visualization techniques to reach your goals. This can be a very effective and motivating way to create change in your own life. But can you actually manifest someone else to text you? Here are six ways to try!

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1. Be Specific About What You Want

You need to know what you want to manifest it. Be specific. Would you settle for any text at all, even a “wyd” or a “hey”, or do you need a response to a message or a confirmation of their feelings? Decide what you want before you do anything else. 

To know what you want, you need to look at the bigger picture. If you get the message you want, what will it mean for you? If it’s not the confirmation you were expecting, what will you do?

You’re making meaning from these messages, and you need to decide if that meaning suits the life you want to be living.

2. Write It Down

You need to write it down. There are many ways to do this. You can journal it or simply write it in as much detail as possible on a piece of paper. 

There’s a trick to doing this. Write it in the present tense. Change I want Sally to text me to Sally texts me today. This is one way of reinforcing your belief that this will happen. 

3. Visualize It

Visualize what it would be like if this person texts you. Imagine yourself hearing the notification, reading the text, taking it in, and responding to it. Imagine the response you would like to receive. Picture the text coming in and how you might feel.

Like with the writing exercise, picture it as if it is happening, not as if it will happen. You can do this exercise once or do it daily until it manifests. Allow yourself to picture what it’s like to get the text.

4. Use Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations can help reinforce your beliefs and keep you optimistic about your goals. You can write positive affirmations about your worthiness of receiving the text you want, your belief that you deserve good things, or even your faith in the Universe working to your advantage. 

Put your positive affirmations somewhere you’ll see them throughout the day. You can repeat them silently or even say them out loud periodically. This will help reinforce your intention to manifest that text. 

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5. Address Limiting Beliefs

It’s important to address the limiting beliefs you may have that could be self-sabotaging your manifestation practice. You’ll need to challenge your fears, doubts, and insecurities. To manifest what you desire, you need to believe that you deserve it. 

You may not even realize that you’ve been sabotaging yourself until you start paying attention to the negative statements you’re making and the doubts you’re feeding. If you want to manifest that text, you may want to address the belief that it’s not ever coming.

6. Trust the Universe

This is one of the hardest steps you’ll take. Can you fully trust the Universe? You may think “absolutely yes”. But can you trust it enough to sit back and wait for the text to come if it’s meant to?

Can you trust it enough to accept if the text you want doesn’t come in because it’s not what you need? 

To fully trust the Universe, you can know what you want, write it down, visualize it, practice positive affirmations, and address your limiting beliefs — and then relax knowing you’ve done everything you can possibly do.

The rest isn’t up to you. Developing that level of trust can be the final step in a powerful manifestation practice.

Manifest Your Destiny

Can you make someone text you? Probably not. But it doesn’t hurt to focus on what you want and believe it can happen. 

Once you’ve done that and put it in the hands of the Universe, you’ll need to be able to let go and trust what happens next. But don’t think there’s nothing else you can do. You can still create and manifest your destiny.

For instance, why are you waiting for a text? Is it a reply to a message you’ve sent that you’re waiting for, or are you hoping they make the first move? Have you considered being the one to reach out, or do you need to learn to respect their boundaries?

The choices you make create the life you’re living, and waiting around for a text might not be the best use of your time. Here are some other things you can do when you’ve done what you can and put it in the hands of the Universe.

  • Do something productive. Tackle a task you’ve been meaning to get to so that you don’t feel like you’re sitting around waiting.
  • Practice self-care. This is something that’s important every day. You can take a long bath, go outside and take a walk, or even just take the time to rest. Self-care can mean a luxury spa day, but it can also be as simple as a healthy, satisfying meal.
  • Avoid assumptions. Try to keep your brain from coming up with a million explanations, excuses, and assumptions about the lack of texting and what it means. Instead, focusing on your own intentions and not anyone else’s.
  • Put down your phone. If you want someone to text you, stop staring at the phone. Remember that a watched pot never boils. At least, that’s how the saying goes. Step away from your phone, make yourself busy, and enjoy your life. 

Final Thoughts

Waiting for a text can be about as exciting as waiting for paint to dry, but depending on the nature of the text, it can also be overwhelmingly stressful.

If you’re waiting for news, good or bad, it can feel like your whole life is narrowed down to that tiny screen and its contents. Breathe. Trust the process. Release your need to control it.

Manifestation isn’t just a wish. It’s an intention that directs your time, energy, talents, and resources into a specific desire and direction. It’s not magic. It may not even end with the ping of a text message arriving on your phone.

But it does help you find clarity and purpose. You can manifest the text you want to receive, but then you’ve got to step back and let everything fall into place exactly as it’s meant to be.

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