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9 Signs from the Universe Someone May Be Thinking of You

In this post we are going to cover a few signs from the Universe that someone is thinking of you.

When I was a little girl and the clasp of my necklace would drift around to the front, I was told that it meant someone was thinking of me.

It was tradition to kiss the clasp, make a wish, and then adjust it to go back where it belonged. I don’t know the origin of this idea.

Was it superstition, folklore, or just a local legend? 

I didn’t ask those questions. I would just kiss, wish, and turn, and it would make me smile to think someone was thinking about me.

If it was a superstition, it was innocent enough. It made me feel special any time it happened, as if someone special — a secret admirer even — cared about me. 

If you believe that the Universe sends you signs, you’re likely to see them everywhere.

Even if you’re a skeptic, you might question if signs exist when there are simply too many coincidences happening around you.

Whether you believe or don’t, here are nine of the most commonly accepted signs someone is thinking of you. 

Signs from the Universe Someone is Thinking of You

1. You Experience Sensory Immersion

You’re walking down the street and a strong scent suddenly catapults you back into the past with this person.

It’s the fragrance of a cologne from someone passing by or the aroma of chocolate chip cookies from a nearby bakery.

Suddenly, a certain person comes to mind as if they just tapped you on the shoulder. Well, via the Universe’s subtle hint at any rate.

If you find yourself suddenly immersed in memory based on a sensory experience, it’s possible that person is thinking of you. The world is a mysterious place.

Perhaps the Universe is giving you a sign that you’re on their mind. 

2. You Dream About Them

One of the most common signs from the Universe that someone is thinking of you is you dream about them.

Sometimes, you’ll dream about someone who has been on your mind. You’re thinking of them, and your subconscious places them in your dreams.

It’s also said that dreaming of someone means they’re thinking of you. 

Who says it? That’s the problem. This is a commonly accepted sign, but the origin is murky. 

Still, if you’re dreaming of someone, it’s possible that you’re sensing a deeper spiritual connection.

The connection could simply be that you need closure in your relationship with this person.

It could also be that there’s something else unresolved. Some even believe it’s a sign to reach out to them. 

3. Someone Mentions Them Out of the Blue

Have you ever had the experience where a person you weren’t thinking of gets mentioned out of the blue? It happens.

And it’s often one of the signs from the Universe someone is thinking of you.

Maybe a family member brings up a friend you haven’t seen since you were children, or a friend asks about someone you once dated. 

Could it be coincidence? Absolutely. It could also be a sign from the Universe that they’re thinking of you.

4. You Hear a Song That Reminds You of Them

You’re doing your grocery shopping at the market, and suddenly, a song that immediately makes you think of them begins to play. The experience feels visceral. You are catapulted into the memory. 

Or, conversely, you think of them but continue to serenely shop without another thought to your shared history.

Either way, hearing a song that reminds you of them could be a sign from the Universe that they’re thinking of you.

Whether it’s a song that had significance to the two of you or one that just makes you think of them, it likely has some type of emotional resonance with you — positive or negative.

5. You See Their Doppelganger 

Are you out on your lunch break and suddenly swear you see them — only to find out you were gawking at a stranger? It happens.

In fact, it could be a sign that they were thinking of you.

Those thoughts might have been strong enough to suddenly convince you that they were right there only to discover their doppelganger instead. 

6. A Butterfly Lands on You

Another generally accepted sign that the Universe is nudging you because someone has you on their mind is when a butterfly lands on you.

It’s often a powerful experience simply because it’s so rare. You might even suspect that the someone who is thinking of you is someone who has died. 

When a butterfly lands on you, you might call a certain someone to mind. They could have passed away and are communicating from the spirit world.

It could even be a person who is very much alive and involved in your life. Whatever name came to mind, that’s said to be the person who is thinking of you. 

While the butterfly is the more commonly accepted sign, you might see a bird, bee, cat, or other symbol that’s specific to that person or your relationship.

Maybe there’s no significance at all, but a ladybug lands beside you and you suddenly think of that person. It could be a coincidence — but it just might be a sign that this person came to mind. 

7. You See Their Name Everywhere

If the Universe synchronizes so that you see and hear their name everywhere, you might be getting a little wink that this person is thinking of you.

You might not know if this is a positive or negative thought, only that you’re on their mind. 

Some names are more common than others. If you keep seeing very common names in places you fully expect to see them, it might not be a sign.

In this day and age where unique names have become more commonplace than ever before, you might find it more surprising when a name that’s rare just keeps popping up. 

8. Physical Manifestations

Someone might be thinking of you if you have any of the following physical manifestations for no apparent reason:

  • Constant sneezing
  • Eye twitches
  • Hiccups
  • Burning cheeks
  • Burning ears
  • Goosebumps

While I could have covered these separately, physical manifestations that someone is thinking of you aren’t backed by science. There’s no way to prove them.

They are unexplained happenings. 

You’ll want to rule out physical issues first.

Sneezing could be related to allergies, eye twitches to stress, and burning cheeks and ears could be indicative of a fever. However, if you can’t find a cause, it’s possible that someone has thought of you, and the Universe is letting you know.

9. They Get in Contact

This is probably one of the clearest signs someone is thinking of you.

In fact, if someone reaches out to you, they’ve likely been thinking of you. Just the effort of contact is a good indicator.

Whether or not you answer the call or respond to the text depends on your relationship, but this is an obvious sign you’re on their mind. Could they be on yours, too?

What To Do About It

When someone thinks about you, it’s not your problem; it’s theirs. You don’t actually have to do anything about it. But what if you want to or think you should?

If the relationship was toxic and the person is likely still toxic, your best option might be to block them from making contact and then make an appointment with your therapist.

If, however, it’s someone you want to talk to, it might be time to reach out with a text, email, or phone call to get in touch.

Sometimes, the underlying urge to contact someone is a sign in itself that they are thinking of you, too.

However, if you keep getting signs from the Universe that make you think of one particular person, it might be time to do a gut check. 

Ask your self these questions

  • How does it make you feel? 
  • What thoughts and memories are coming up for you? 
  • Does it feel in any way unresolved?
  • What need is present here? Is it for resolution, peace, forgiveness, or even connection? 

Think of what you may need

If the person has passed on, you might not be able to respond to the message short of a medium, prayer, or another form of spiritual communication.

Yet, you can allow the experience to make you feel connected, protected, and remembered. It can also help you keep their memory alive. 

If the person is living, the thing you might need to do is to make contact, or maybe you just need to make peace.

It’s also possible that the only thing required of you at the moment is to think of that person, have gratitude for their role in your life or (in the case of bad feelings) the lessons they brought to you, send them silent well wishes, and get back to what you were doing. 

What you do with the signs you notice is up to you. The Universe isn’t actually telling you what to do. You always have a choice. 

For some, ignoring the signs is the course of action they choose. They have their reasons.

Others will follow the signs, hoping they lead to the desired outcome. Others still will note them and then decide the best course of action based on the relationship. 

Whether you choose to act or simply acknowledge the sign and keep moving, the Universe accepts your free will.

It doesn’t mean it won’t keep trying to tell you something, but even the Universe knows you’ll only receive the message when you’re ready.

The signs are everywhere. But the interpretation and action you take is completely up to you.

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