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17 Signs a Libra Man Likes You

Other than the fact that Libras love being in love, what do you know about the Libra man? Libras are born between September 22nd and October 23rd.

They are the seventh sign of the 12 astrological Zodiac sings. Libras are cardinal air signs symbolized by the scales of justice and ruled by Venus.

Libras are all about balance and relationships, but do you know how to tell if a Libra man likes you or if he’s just being his normal flirtatious self?

17 Signs a Libra Man Really Likes You

You might have a hard time determining if the charming Libra man is into you, or if he’s just dispensing his natural amount of flirtation and affection. It’s understandable that this could lead to confusion.

Pay attention, and you’re very likely to see the following signs when a Libra man truly likes you.

1. He Stops Flirting with Everyone Else

Libras are naturally flirtatious. It’s a part of their charm. You’ll know that a Libra man likes you when he flirts exclusively with you and stops flirting with everyone else.

While he’ll be no less charming in general, you’ll find that his flirtatious ways are now aimed solely in your direction.

2. He Makes Time for You

When a Libra man likes you, he’ll make time for you. Most Libras have a fairly active social calendar. Their warm, friendly nature attracts many friends. Yet, he’s never too busy for you.

He doesn’t just make time to text you. He’ll make sure you have quality time together where he can give you his undivided attention.

You matter to him, and he’ll crave that time with you. He doesn’t clear his schedule for just anyone.

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3. He Introduces You to His Friends

One of the signs a Libra man truly likes you is he will want to show you off to all his friends. He’ll want you to meet the ones he loves best with the sincere hope that you hit it off with his favorite people.

While most Libras are known for making friends easily, that doesn’t mean that they bring everyone into their inner circle.

The fact that he wants you to meet them says a lot about the way he feels about you. It hints at wanting a future with you.

4. He Makes an Effort to Win Over Your Friends

Another way you’ll notice that a Libra man shows he likes you is when he makes an effort to win over your friends. He wants all your people to love him and support his chances at being with you.

He will turn up the charm and weave a spell on your friends. He has the diplomacy to get along with most people, so even if your friends are nothing like his friends, he’ll likely be able to win them over.

5. He Tries to Find Solutions for Your Problems

Libras are notorious for their desire to be balanced and find justice. If you have a problem, the Libra man who likes you is going to try to find solutions.

While it’s in his nature to avoid conflict, he’s actually great at solving other people’s problems.

He’ll listen and try to pinpoint the heart of the matter. Then, he’ll do whatever he can to help you find a solution for your problem. You don’t even have to ask. This is his natural inclination when he sees you struggling.

This might present a problem for fiercely independent people, but the Libra man only wants to help you out. If you aren’t crazy about his solutions, you’ll want to tell him straight out.

He’s a great listener, after all. He’s just not the type of person to sit back and watch you struggle if it’s in his capacity to help out.

6. He Lights Up When He Sees You

Watch the face of a Libra man when he sees you. If he likes you, he’ll light up like a firefly. It’s unmistakable.

He might be trying to play it cool, but the look on his face any time you walk in a room gives away that he really likes you and thinks you’re special.

He’s even happy to see you when he’s having a bad day. You just make everything better. That’s a clear tell that the Libra man likes you.

7. He Gives Major Eye Contact

Libras are an open book when it comes to love and infatuation. They really love love.

When they have a crush, they’re going to do more than just light up like the Fourth of July when you enter a room. They’ll also be giving major eye contact.

Expect him to gaze into your eyes, to track your movements across the room even when he’s talking to someone else, and to generally have his eyes on you whenever possible.

I should clarify that this is in his romantic nature. He’s not trying to be creepy. If you’re not into him, this could be unsettling, but if you’ve got a crush on him, too, he won’t be able to hide it.

It’ll be there in his eyes every time he looks at you.

8. He Wants to Know Everything About You

The Libra man loves to connect with people in general, but when he likes you, he wants to know everything about you. He doesn’t just want the details anyone can find from a little light social media stalking. He wants to know the you that you don’t show to everyone.

He wants to know how you feel and what you think about. He wants to know your hopes and dreams. He wants your funny stories and even your sad ones because it makes you the person he admires so much.

The good thing about Libra is that he’s fair-minded. He’ll hear your stories and not automatically judge them. Generally, he’s a safe person to talk to unless your values are the complete opposite of his own.

If he already likes you, he’ll automatically extend the benefit of the doubt, but if your views are too far apart, he might struggle with your relationship potential.

9. He Wants Exclusivity and a Label

A Libra man who truly admires you is going to want two things very quickly: exclusivity and a label. He’ll want to date you and only you, and he’s going to want you to commit to the same. He’ll also want to label the relationship sooner rather than later. Libras are natural romantics who want to be in relationships.

Because he likes you so much, he’s going to want this far sooner than you might expect. If he’s dating you, he’s going to want to turn those casual dates into a serious relationship at some point. If you need to move a little slower, you’ll want to be clear but kind.

Libras are sensitive souls, but they’re also fair-minded enough to realize that pressuring you for commitment isn’t the right way to begin a relationship. He’ll want you to want the relationship as much as he does even if it takes you a little more time to be ready for it.

10. He Compliments You Often

You might notice that a Libra man who likes you compliments you often. He’s just always noticing things he likes about you, and he loves nothing better than making you smile and feel good.

If you’re used to the run-of-the-mill “hey, beautiful” messages, his compliments might seem insincere at first. But pay attention. A Libra man dispenses compliments in part because of his natural charm but also because he genuinely notices and appreciates you.

11. He Tries to Impress You

Libra men will absolutely try to impress you if they like you. It doesn’t matter if they juggle in their spare time. Expect them to start juggling oranges if they think that will get your attention and admiration. It’s part of their charm that they’ll do whatever it takes to look good around you.

You’ll notice that this is particularly true when it comes to hygiene and personal appearance. He’s going to make an effort around you. He’ll be well-groomed in an attempt to impress you.

He’s not going to show up unshowered in old clothes. He’ll try to look his best because your opinion matters to him. This is just another clue that he really likes you.

12. He Shows Up for You When You Need Him

Libra men are loyal, and if the Libra man in question truly admires you, he’ll show up for you when you need him. He doesn’t want to ever let you down.

It doesn’t matter what problem you’re having. If he can be there for you, he will. It’s that simple. Got a flat tire? He’ll show up and replace it himself. If he can’t, he’ll send someone who can. He’s just dependable like that.

13. He Asks for Your Opinion

In the interest of full disclosure, the Libra man is notoriously indecisive. He’s so fair-minded and balanced that he struggles to make decisions.

You’ll know that he likes you when your opinion is the one he seeks out when he’s not sure which is the right path. He doesn’t just ask anyone what he should do or what they think. He wants to hear your perspective. It’s another hint that he has feelings for you.

14. He’s Not Shy About PDAs

Ah, public displays of affection — better known as PDAs. You either love them or hate them. If a Libra man likes you, he’s not going to be shy about his affection in public.

If the two of you are flirty, he’s going to touch you. It might be casual, but he’s going to be openly affectionate even if other people are around. He can’t hide his feelings, and you’ll know he likes you when he’s just not shy about showing them.

15. He Talks About Wanting a Future Together

The Libra man is a big fan of connection — particularly the romantic variety. He’s an idealist who probably has an idea in his head of how things will work out.

When he talks about wanting a future with you, you know you’ve got him wrapped around your little finger. He likes you, and he’d really like to be planning that future with you.

16. He Showers You with Romance

As I’ve mentioned before, Libras are natural romantics. Expect to be showered with that romance if one likes you. He’s going to look for thoughtful ways to show he cares.

He might not always get the romance exactly right, but he’ll try. He wants you to know that you mean a lot to him, and he’ll do whatever he can to communicate that with action.

17. He Initiates Contact and Dates

The Libra man isn’t going to sit back and wait around to see if you’ll message him. He’s going to initiate contact. He’ll likely even ask you out on a date. When he likes you, he’s going to make the move.

Even though he’s normally indecisive, he might overcome it long enough to ask you out. If you’re not into him in that way, let him down gently because it was likely hard for him to summon the nerve to do it.

If you do like him, you won’t have to worry that he’ll play games and avoid texting you until you text first. It’s just not in his nature to do.

When a Libra Man Likes You

Writing about when a Libra man likes you wasn’t the easiest thing for me to do. I married — and later divorced — a Libra man.

In the beginning, he did many of these things (with the exception of the famed romance, which never did show up). But later, I had to contend with the indecisiveness and lack of independence.

So, how did I get to a point where I could write this, you ask? I happen to be raising a Libra son.

It’s impossible for me to write off this sun sign because I can see all of its good qualities, even in one so young. There’s the idealism and the underlying need for justice.

There’s a charm that’s difficult to resist and a sweetness when you’re the one they like best.

If a Libra likes you, you’ll know it. All the signs are there. You just have to be looking for them.

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