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9 Clear Signs a Sagittarius Man is Testing You

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There are a few things you should know about dating a Sagittarius man. Sagittarius is the 9th Zodiac sign of the 12 celestial star signs in astrology.

His sun sign is Sagittarius if he were born between November 22nd and December 21st. Symbolized by the archer and ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is considered a mutable fire sign, which means he’s both adaptable and passionate. 

Astrology can be quite useful and give you insights into the way the archer works. While horoscope signs can’t predict the future, they can certainly help you navigate relationships when you use them to understand similarities and differences in personality and temperament. It’s a useful tool, used correctly.

How to Know If a Sagittarius Man is Testing You

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If you’re dating a Sagittarius man, you should go ahead and count on them testing you at some point. These tests are usually Pass/Fail, and you may not have the option to retake them at a later date.

You might not even realize you’re being tested unless you’re paying close attention. 

1. The Sagittarius Man Tests You by Suggesting a Spontaneous Adventure

The Sagittarius man will test you by suggesting a spontaneous adventure. As a mutable sign, Sagittarians tend to be extremely adaptable. They don’t dread change. They even enjoy it.

He’s going to be testing you to see if you can cope with spontaneous, last-minute plans or off-the-cuff detours.

He needs to see if you’re the type of person who will enjoy these adventures as much as he does, or if you’ll be so set on the original plan that you ruin his attempt to change things up by being a poor sport or resistant to any change.

Sagittarians are free-spirited wanderers. An adventurous suggestion for a date might not be a suggestion alone. It’s likely to be a test of how you handle the change up.

If you share his lust for life and desire to explore, you’ll definitely pass this test with flying colors.

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2. He Tests You by Making Travel Plans for the Two of You

You might think that the Sagittarius man making travel plans is simply a sweet gesture — and it might be. It’s also a test. He wants to know if you can travel well together. Everyone has different traveling styles.

He’ll want to figure out if you’re a person who makes a detailed itinerary and follows it to the letter or if you prefer to explore and make things up as you go.

Maybe your style is somewhere in between. He’s going to want to figure out if your styles are compatible.

He might also want to see how you handle a little culture shock. He loves exploring new cuisine, meeting new people, and immersing himself in other cultures.

He’s testing you to see if you’re the same or if you prefer to be surrounded with people just like you. It’s definitely a test, and he wants to see how you handle it. He can’t really stay with someone who is unwilling to expand their worldview. It’s one of his favorite things. 

3. He Tests You by Taking Time Replying to Your Messages

One of the main signs a Sagittarius man is testing you is he takes his sweet time replying to your messages. He wants to make sure you’re not the possessive type who needs to constantly keep tabs on him.

He values his freedom above all things, and he won’t tolerate a possessive, controlling partner. He’ll want to see how you handle a little space between messages.

You might see this as game-playing, but the Sagittarius man doesn’t want to be attached to his phone. He doesn’t want to feel like he has no choice but to respond immediately or you’ll feel insecure.

He enjoys having space and independence in a relationship, and he’s looking for a partner who feels the same way. 

4. He Tests You by Making Plans Without You

Sometimes, the Sagittarius man will make plans that simply don’t include you. How will you handle that? He might go off on a solo retreat or book a night out with his closest friends. You’re not invited.

Will you try to invite yourself along, or are you happy having a night free to yourself or with your friends?

You see, the Sagittarius man wants to know if you’re independent or not. He wants to see if you have interests and friends of your own and if you’re capable of enjoying your own company.

If you absolutely cannot be alone, you’re not an ideal match for the independent, free-spirited archer.

This is definitely a Pass or Fail moment in the relationship. If he wants to go off on his own or spend time with his friends, he’ll want to know that you enthusiastically support that and won’t get bent out of shape about it. 

5. He Tests You by Playing Devil’s Advocate

One of the more annoying traits of the otherwise beloved archer is that he’s a big fan of playing the devil’s advocate. Honestly, this just might aggravate you to distraction, but it’s clearly a test.

The Sagittarius man is testing you to see if you agree with everything he says or if you’re capable of a little friendly debate. He wants to know that you have your own thoughts and opinions. He’s not interested in hearing his own parroted back to him. 

He’ll pick a fight just to see how you deal with an opposing opinion. Will you immediately change your mind to go along to get along? Will you be able to stand up to his arguments with a few clever arguments of your own?

Can you hold your ground when he’s trying to convince you he’s right? Sagittarians prefer a strong partner with plenty of opinions to match their own, but they don’t want a romantic partner who agrees all the time. 

6. He Tests You by Asking You Thought-Provoking Questions

Another way that the Sagittarius man in your life will test you is by asking thought-provoking questions. He really loves a deep, intellectual discussion. He’ll want to see if you’re capable of conversing on various topics or if you try to keep the connection and conversation shallow.

He’ll get bored of a partner who only ever talks about work and the weather. He wants someone who can talk about nearly any subject and have something intelligent to say.

It’s not that the Sagittarius man feels superior to others. He just wants to make sure you are both capable of deeper intimacy. His mind travels in all kinds of interesting directions, and he’s happiest when his partner is capable of following those thoughts and expressing their own. 

7. He Tests You by Introducing You to His Circle

Another test that might not seem like a test is when a Sagittarius man introduces you to his inner circle. He makes friends wherever he goes, so his circle can be a large one.

When he invites you to meet them, he’s going to be observing how you interact with his closest friends and family. He wants to make sure that you like them, and they like you. After all, the way he sees it, you’ll all be spending a lot of time together if the relationship moves forward.

If you’re rude to his friends, it’s an automatic fail. You’ll be unlikely to get a second chance. To be perfectly clear, he’s also paying attention to how you treat people in the service industry.

He values a partner who is kind and respectful to everyone, and he’s going to especially watch how you treat the people he loves best. If you endear yourself to them, you’ll likely pass this test and move on to the next level of the relationship.

8. He Tests You by Getting Vulnerable with You

Don’t expect the Sagittarius man to be vulnerable with just anyone. If he gets that way with you, it’s a test to see if you deserve his loyalty. Will you share what he tells you with others? Will you use what he shares against him? This is a test of trust and loyalty, and you might only get one chance to ace it. 

He’ll also want to see if you try to deflect his vulnerability and head to safer ground. If he doesn’t feel like he can be his truest self with you, the relationship just won’t last. He needs to be vulnerable sometimes, and he needs a partner secure enough to allow him space to do it. 

9. He Tests You by Flirting with Other People

Another common sign a Sagittarius man is testing you is you see him flirting with other people. Let’s face it — Sagittarians are just flirtatious by nature. They’ll want to make sure you can handle that side of them without feeling threatened.

They’ll flirt with others and see if you get offended, or if you can accept that it’s just in their nature. They cannot be with jealous or possessive partners.

They’ll feel smothered and stifled, and they’ll want to immediately end the relationship. If you can’t handle them at their most flirtatious, you don’t deserve them at their most loyal. 


The Sagittarius man won’t settle down quickly or easily, but with the right person, he’ll be loyal for life. He’s going to test you to make sure that you’re the person who can be his companion through life.

He needs someone capable of handling the ups and downs — someone who is adaptable as he is and passionate about living a life of novelty and adventure. If you fit the bill, you don’t have to worry about any of these tests because you’ll pass them with ease.

If you’re more of his opposite, you might have to work a little harder to show that you can hang with his sense of adventure even through your many differences. 

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